Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. i have a really hard time finding pants for my MSD boy...hes just got too much hip orz ive sort of given up and cut slits into a pair that mostly fit. but god forbid he try to sit down or something.... he might have to be into leggings now lol.
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    2. Furniture is the worst to shop for because my boy (and other boys on the way home) are so big at 60cm+. If I had gone with smaller dolls, I could have recycled more of my old doll furniture from my childhood days of playing with Bratz. Some props still work, but furniture is a no go. It doesn't help that I find way less selection of doll furniture in SD sizes than I do in smaller doll sizes, and the things I do find cost sooo much... :shudder
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    3. camara and lens...Its been so hurt broken when i found that even if i have a camera, I'm still suck on photography:...(
    4. Wigs, eyes and shoes. I have given up on the shoes so they go around barefooted for now lol
    5. Shoes. Just, shoes. None of my dolls are close to a standard size, and if I even find something that could possibly work for my smaller dolls the styles are always cutesy toddler stuff. That won't work for a mature mini!
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    6. Shooooeeeeessssssssss

      Especially for my HID woman who has giant honking feet....... My 70cm boys next as they have giant honking feet but different sizes so they can't share......

      furniture drives me crazy because my big dolls are both tall and long-legged. Like some dog sofas are almost the right size, but many of them are too low to the ground so my dolls would sit funny in them.
    7. I like shopping so I don't hate anything in particular, but furniture and wigs for male dolls do give me some trouble. With the wigs for my girls, I get exactly what I want. It doesn't seem to go that way with my guys. It is often a hit or miss for me (emphasis on miss). I have so many wigs that are not going to be worn. :sweat It's sort of driving me to focus on getting more girls despite originally planning to have more guys. :abambi: Furniture is a bit hard to find simply because of the size and styles I would want. I find a lot of items that simply will not work because they are meant for much smaller dolls. *_* Someday, I would like to have a fancy diorama! I think that will take a while.
    8. Shoes!! They're so expensive, and it's very hard to find ones that fit in terms of both style and size, especially when your dolls have strangely sized feet.
    9. wigs because you never know until you put it on your dolls head! will it fit that is the first issue. Is the color and style fitting with the dolls eyes and feature placement, sometimes the bangs (fringe) is way too long! I just got a wig today for example size 8-9. It only fits on my hypermaniac head which is a 8.5 it fits none of my Volks girls. Happily it does look very nice on my hyper. Wigs get a bit easier when you have a lot of dolls though.
    10. As a lot of people are saying, I think shoes are the toughest thing to buy. They're rather expensive, it can be a gamble whether they'll fit or not, and it can be difficult to find a pair that suits the image you have for your doll and will go with different outfits.
    11. Eyes are frustrating. It seems like no matter how much research you do, there's still a decent chance of ordering something that has an incompatible profile in one direction or the other for the doll in question. Then there's the aesthetic/personal taste issues that crop up even when the fit is excellent, which range from wrong-size pupils, to suddenly realizing that you don't want purple (or whatever) eyes in this particular doll after all.

      On the one hand, this is a constant source of annoyance. On the other hand, I have half a drawer full of mis-ordered doll eyes in case there's ever a global shortage, so at least I've got that going for me. :roll:
    12. Shoes and clothes... for my SD DOD boys their boots are too tight on the ankles, for most of my MSDs the shoes are too big, and the clothes too... only one of my MSDs actually has shorts that are too small, but if I put them on my thinner MSDs they’d be far too big... *sigh*
    13. Male clothing that fits my one male doll. Poor love was naked for years...
    14. Trousers! Are my bane... I alternate between fantasy limbed (so avoiding this problem) and then ultra realistic (minimee) and tend to use companies such as Dollstown for the bodies which are a real pain. I finally plumped for another male DT18 body for my larger MNM heads after loving my Anubis body so much and slipped my mind over the trouser issue. Nothing I already own fits and don't want to shell out for Fortuneteller or custom. And my own sewed trousers aren't great :(
    15. I hate buying quality eyes for my dolls. For me it's hard to get it right the first time, especially when buying them for a doll that I'm waiting but I'm too impatient to wait for the doll to arrive before ordering anything. :doh
    16. I agree with shoes. How they measure vs. how you measure or sellers who dont even try to list the measurements! Just put "SD" as if all SD were the same!! Its very frustrating.
    17. I despise buying shoes because they never fit even when the measurements listed are correct. Bane of my life!
    18. I'm another person who hates buying shoes, because they don't look right no matter how many times I compare measurements. Sometimes I also hate buying wigs. Finding the right style and color just feels like such a gamble sometimes.
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    19. every pair of shoes i buy look like clown shoes despite the measurements being correct :evil:
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    20. One more to the pile. . .
      Shoes are the bane of my dolls' existence. My DDs and IOS feet are more 'standard' sizes so they are okay, however trying to buy for any of my other bjds is a pain. I have a number of dolls that are of odd sizes/proportions which I love but it makes it extremely hard to find shoes that fit properly.

      If I were to pick a second thing I hate shopping for it would be stands. I only have three stands and two of them can only be used by the specific dolls they came with. Fortunately my DDs do not have a problem standing on their own but because of their more fragile nature I really dislike my resin dolls standing without a stand for prolonged periods. Not only is it hard to find a stand I like in the size I need (or even able to convert to different sizes) but the ones I like are often priced more than I am willing to spend, so my dolls are often left sitting or laying around.
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