Tinies - variations in age? Anyone collect just tinies?

Sep 24, 2017

    1. My stories evolve as new dolls come in. I let the doll give me inspiration to their name to their personality. :D
    2. I have a few tinies. Some of my OT dolls (Ai Dolls, Obitsu) The Obitsu Crew very in age. We have the 20 year old lovers that are my first doll Haruka and her man Kaname, Haruka's younger brother Riven and his friend Yuichi. Then I have Haruka's youngest sibling Haruhi. Then I have my Ai-Doll twins. The twins are Borrowers like The Secret World of Arietty so I've never confirmed their ages.

      But my On Topic Dolls, only one of my Yo-SD's is a teenager and that is Vala. In reality her and my other Yo-SD's story intertwine because their from the same world but their circumstances are different.

      Vala is 17 years old. She's a young adult as opposed to being a little girl. She was initially meant to be a ResinSoul Mei but the Mei sculpt didn't have the same amount of fiestiness that the Bei sculpt holds. Vala when I first got her however, didn't have her story in the works so I wound up just dressing her like the other girls - girly attire, girly everything.

      Now that her story has begun and I've messed with her character, the girly girl clothes just... Don't look right on her anymore. I recently made her a skirt and it didn't go well with the shirt I made her so I grabbed some jeans I had from awhile back and it was her outfit.


      It really is all in the attire. If you want a tiny to be an adult, dress them like their age. If you want them to be a child, dress them like a child.
    3. @astromayhem - I never really thought about that, to be honest. It does make it easier to make clothes for them, though.