Tiny Notdoll

Jun 15, 2006

    1. yay! I got one. I stressed over it-- since I have a bid on the ebay one-- but I just knew I won't win and that NotDoll would be out of them.
      I ordered the "angel" one and as soon as I confirmed the site went to "sold out".

      whew!! I knew they wouldn't last long. problem is, if I win that auction... I'll have twins. :(
    2. I just placed a bid on her also. If I don't win, and you do, perhaps you will think kindly of me.
      Marti 8)
    3. whew! thanks-- it looks like you or someone knocked me out of the running, so I won't have two of them.
      I hope you win her!
    4. Awww.. I love the tanning skin one.

      However, I'd like a boy. Do you think on such a small scale, it wouldn't be so bad to sand them off and blush the area?
    5. I lost out on her. In another thread someone with a Lucy said Kish Riley's clothes were way to big on her, so I am glad I lost.

      Marti 8)
    6. I checked first thing this morning hoping that you'd won. But I think she's way thinner than Riley (I think?) -- so I'm glad it worked out for you, too, because I was feeling badly for you.
    7. I was just on the q&a and NotDoll says do not sand their tan Lucy, that it will be a different color.
    8. I don't mind if it will be another color. ;_; I just want to know if it will be a different texture or not.

    9. Oh congratulations! Angel wings! so exciting!
    10. I changed my mind again. I tried for the one on Ebay and lost out. This evening when I checked their web site they had one available. I guess someone didn't pay in time. I have loads of 8" dolls and I am sure that she will be able to wear some of their clothes.

      Does anyone know how long it takes to get them?
      Marti 8)
    11. I just ordered a My Angel Lucy. I broke down when I saw they had one available. I am going to be broke soon.

      Marti 8)
    12. I think the site says they ship in 2-3 weeks or something like that.
      I'm glad you're getting one! I think they are just the cutest size and those little faces! :love
    13. The not doll site is not working for me. Does anyone have the picture of the tan one saved they can put up here?
    14. She's so cute she's making my teeth hurt!