Tiny Size Chart (in post #1) - What dolls are missing?

Feb 9, 2007

    1. Added. You note that the sculpt is a girl, is she gendered or neuter?
    2. Company: Only-Doll
      Main English Sales Site: http://www.mintoncardinc.com/dolls/index.php
      Doll Model: Qian Dong
      Genders: M
      Height (cm): 27 cm
      Head size (circumference in inches): 6 5/16"
      Eye size (mm): 14 mm
      Foot length (cm): 4 cm
      Chest (cm): 12 cm
      Waist (cm): 12 cm[B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]
      [B]Hips (cm): [B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]14 cm
      (Most is from site because mine is still on layway. So it's best to double check to make sure.)
    3. Ahh... umm... she seems a bit gendered, but I really don't have any to compare to... she could be neutral too. However, I wrote girl because the DL boys are gendered ^^
    4. I have this as a subscribed thread and I also get email notifications when someone posts in it; that's how I keep track of it. Otherwise, yeah, it'd be totally lost.

      Not sure why they unstickied it. Perhaps we need to ask a mod about that.

    5. ah it was a news thread, i see, thanks for letting me know guys, i had only seen the decision about mouse, didn't know about the others yet.
      maybe we can get the discussion part of the flickr group more active, so we can talk about them there:
    6. Raurencio Studio Baby

      Site (http://raurencio.net)
      Model (Studio Baby)
      Genders (F and M)
      Height (26 cm)
      Head size (6.5)
      Eye Size (14 mm)
      Chest (13 cm)
      Waist (12 cm)
      Hips (14.5)
    7. Thanks, Carolyn. Long time no see :D
    8. Company: Onlydoll
      Main English Sales Site: dunno if main but Alice's collections sells 'em http://www.acbjd.com/only-doll-event-c-232.html?zenid=4936ef582439c8ff6550da194deada0d
      Doll Model: Type 1 or 2 body depending on where you're looking. It's the girl body.
      Genders: F
      Height (cm): 27
      Head size (circumference in inches) I don't know where my inches ruler is, so I converted from cm: 6.30in ish
      Eye size (mm - the Manufacturer recommeded/shipped size): 14mm (I personally find 12 better)
      Foot length (cm): 3.8

      I did these circumference, I hope that's right.
      Chest (cm): 12.5

      Waist (cm) 11.9
      Hips (cm): 13.2

      A few additional if wanted:

      Inner leg: 10.8

      Waist - ankle: 15

      Base of neck to groin: 9

    9. Added. Thanks!
    10. Measurments for Cocoriang Reh-reh

      Company: Cocoriang
      Main English Sales Site: COCORIANG
      Doll Model: Coco's Child
      Genders: F
      Height (cm): 19
      Head size: 5 inch
      Eye size: 12mm
      Foot length: 2 cm
      Chest: 8.6 cm
      Waist: 8 cm
      Hips: 11 cm
    11. I wonder if I should measure my 1/12 Ringdoll mini Julia, she has all the joints necessary but painted eyes. I know closed eye dolls are okay so should I measure her for the chart?
      [​IMG]Domi silver by SteamWitch, on Flickr
    12. This link is amazingly useful. Thank you for sharing it.
    13. You're welcome. :D
    14. You should ask the moderators. My interpretation of Rule #6 would be that she isn't allowed, since she's technically an open eyed doll, but I'm not a moderator. Rule #6 is "Open-eyed human dolls must have changeable eyes; non-human dolls will be evaluated case by case"
    15. Since I'm working on a very, very, very big spreadsheet for all lines that any company ever did (called 'the Measurement list') I stumbled upon this thread and its very useful list. I've copied nearly everything into the measurement list, since most older companies are out if business now - and their measurements are hard to find.

      In return, I've made a copy of the big list only for dolls smaller than 35cm. the 'Tinies Size Database' had around 198 bodies listed; the newer list has 525. I hope it helps anyone! I'll see that I update it with the data from the bigger list from time to time.

      To the (not so) Tiny Measurement List
    16. That is Awesome! I did note a couple missing bodies. Do you want input?
    17. Yes, always! I'm still missing a total of 467 companies that I have to check for measurements, and ~50 that I have to update (at least 138 are up to date and complete), so I'm always happy about some help :)
      (At some point it just gets complicated, because of the ~650 companies 200 are out of business x.x makes it hard to find anything about them...)
    18. OK! I will go though it again and see who I need to measure!