Tiny Size Chart (in post #1) - What dolls are missing?

Feb 9, 2007

    1. I'll check that out - Vanilla vs Honey.

      Added Nobility Doll Dew
    2. Yes THANK YOU for compiling this spread sheet Carolyn S! I know it was a lot of work that is ongoing for you, but its so useful to all of us! I think this thead needs to be a Sticky within the Tiny Dolls Discussion area. :) I set my printer to the landscape option and was able to get the entire spread sheet on 3 pages to keep in my binder of doll sewing pattern notes. Thanks again for all your work on this! :D

      Hugs, Juli DC :daisy
    3. Just a question, I won a Sei Tenshi and I wanted to know if their the same size as a Yo Tenshi. :?
    4. Congrats and no they're not the same size they're slightly smaller
    5. You have done a wonderful job Carolyn. Thanks for everything. It's so helpful to have the sizes handy when you are considering making hybrids or clothes.

      Gothic_hydran126 : feel free to do some measuring on your little sei tenshi for the rest of of who were not lucky enough to win one please.
    6. reminder to me - add Souldoll Jandi, Dreamingdolls at Dollndoll, and Roxy Yohimbo at Notdoll
    7. I know this isn't part of it, but does anyone know how LONG banji's legs are? I have some adorable stockings but I'm afraid they are too short (they are strawberry shortcake btw)
    8. Banji's leg is about 2 inches long from crotch to sole.

      And I added the nesest dolls to the chart.

    9. Your spreadsheet has been soooo helpful to me! Thank you for your hard work maintaining it.

      Please add the Yellow SP size as well. :D
    10. Thanks carolyn :)
    11. Reminder to me - change Minoruwrold Jr. Leila eyes to 14cm
    12. Here are the measurements for the new Lati Yellow body taken from the Lati website.

      Main English Sales Site: http://www.latidoll.com/2007_en/index.htm
      Doll Model:Yellow Special body
      Genders: M,F
      Height: 20cm.
      Head size (inch)5.7/8"
      Eye size:14mm
      Foot length: 3.4 cm
      Chest: 10 cm
      Waist: 10.5 cm
      Hips: 12.3 cm
    13. Thank you for you size chart!!! It helped me find the perfect tiny doll :)
    14. sweetiemom - thanks!!! I added Yellow Special to the Lati group

      solitary_mushroom - Thanks! I'm glad the chart helped you. We used to spend a LOT of time in tinies answering size questions and coming up with lists of dolls in a particular size range for people who were looking. But there got to be so many tinies, we could not remember them all!!! I thought it would be more fun to discuss the dolls in Tinies and have a handy chart for looking up sizes. But I needed a simple spreadsheet that would host itself on the web and I had to wait until such a thing was available. As soon as Google announced their spreadsheet Beta test I signed up and tested it a bit. It seemed to do what I wanted, so when they released it for real, I started the chart. It's been pretty useful (for me too!)

      Note to me -

      Updated Jr Leila's eye size, added Lati Yellow Special
      Adde Sei-tenshi

      Need to add - Teeny Gem and Baby Soah/Ryung when measurements become available.

    15. DD-Anne big Lii - I'll have more measurements later

      height 23.5 cm
      head size (around) about 6.3 inches
      eye size 16mm
      foot length 3.5cm
    16. Thanks AreeElf.

      Added DD-ANNE Big Lii, Jaime-doll Adonis and Rosebay, and Fantasy Doll tiny.

    17. I know this must have been said many many times but thank you Carolyn for your devotion to this chart. It is invaluable and used many many times by me.
    18. Thanks Imajica!

      Just added BuddyDoll to the chart. Now have 102 different tinies!
    19. I PM'd you with the new unisex Kkotmu's measurements
    20. Reminder to me - add new Unisex measurements:

      Company : Domadoll
      Main English Sales Site : www.domadoll.com
      Doll Model : Kkotmu (Human)
      Genders : U
      Height : 28cm
      Head size : 6.5(inch)
      Eye size : 12cm
      Foot length : 4cmx1.5cm
      Chest : 12.5cm
      Waist : 12cm
      Hips : 13.5cm