Tis the season..Buying more than what you planned

Nov 30, 2017

    1. You just get that itch, that panicky feeling that if you don't buy it now, its gonna be gone, someones gonna nab it before you do, you don't have time to decide. You'll regret it if you don- *check out button* xD
      Also I feel the same way with laying eyes on something you really like, you have to have it in your possession, its how nayuta came into my home. (....and the hybrid I just got/put together....and the rs Mei, you know what I just realized? ALL 3 of the dolls I own were damn impulse buys! I am horrible! xD)
    2. I rarely have had the disposable income for a splurge to even be possible, but I definitely took advantage of some of the holiday sales this year. Larger purchases included a Venitu head and two Dollshe bodies. I am thrilled beyond words. It is the most I have ever spent on dolls in a year, let alone a month, but the big ticket items were carefully planned, I swear.

      ... However, an Impldoll head maaaay have popped into my shopping cart during their Thanksgiving sale. ($40 shipping included for a head, even if I just mod it for fun? Who could resist?)
    3. 2016-2017 has been a BIG year for dolls for me. After going six years with only one in my possession, something lit a fire in me and motivated me to be more active on DoA (I honestly don't remember what the trigger was...). I went back to browsing doll sites for hours at a time, looking at sculpts and figuring out if any resembled my characters. I came across an Angell-Studio doll that looked like a character I hadn't planned on shelling--but he was just too perfect! So I bought him.
      Of course, he wouldn't be happy without his partner, so I had to add another doll to my wishlist. I browsed some more and found the next perfect sculpt. Her body was discontinued, but I found one in the Marketplace--snatched it! Bought her a new head. She ended up arriving before he did :)
      AND THEN, the stars aligned over me because a few months later, I found my grail doll in the Marketplace. :D There was no way I could pass him up. He arrived in August. He also needs his girlfriend. :sweat
      Now that I'm more aware of when doll companies have sales, I'm trying to time my purchases around those--a lot of which are happening now. Not sure if it's wise for me to take advantage this year. It wouldn't hurt me too much, but I really should be saving...
    4. I'm not to bother by the new dolls releases cuz my dream boy will be home soon. And I wanna focus of buying little things for my boys like, props and clothes, and making things for them. But if Atelier Momoni does a December release, I would really be in a quandary. I want her Momoni doll. She is on the top of my wish list but I want to also take time to enjoy my boys. But these doll companies don't make it easy for us, so many new pretty things out for the holidays!
    5. *sigh* yep, just did it again xD Discovered a bobobie Sprite someone was selling second hand badly broken and fell in love with how cute and gentle her expression was. Sadly she sold before I could message the seller more about her :c but after coming here and posting her image in reference to see if they could help figure out what sculpt she was (pretty spot on shes bobobie's Sprite) now poor Yi, Yang and Su have been bumped back on the wait list because I want to get her first ^^' I'm probably gonna be murdered by the other 3 dolls by the time they finally get here xD
    6. Ahaha, I won a Volks one-off, and before that I had ordered a DiaoChan from Angell-Studio. And then Granado re-released the Archangel series, so I bought a Uriel.
    7. I shouldn't be so tempted by the 10 or 15% off events during this time of year, but somehow, that seems to be enough to make me spend more money than I should...! I'm about to order a Ringdoll... and am tempted by the Granado boys again... :doh
    8. The temptation is this hobby is so bad at times :') I think I'm addicted to bjds at this point xD
    9. I
      That's why I'm parting with a number of dolls, the big hole in my wallet. Of course, it'll just empty again as I have another doll I'm lusting after. Does it never end? NOT!
    10. yeeeeep TwT it never ends, theres always a doll out there that will find a way to get you to press 'add to cart' and once its done this, it just needs to find a box to hop into to get sent home xD
    11. I keep swearing I'm done then something peeks my interest & I'm off & runing again. I did go two years without buying a new BJD but I sort of cheated & bought some antiques.
    12. Exactly! I tell myself 'alright, this shirt and your done' or 'this wig and youre good for awhile' nope xD found a bjd I wanted, I cant win xD

    13. I see so many beautiful dolls, and I'm like, I want them ALL!!!!, but I usually end up not getting them because I know in my heart that I don't need them and that they probably won't end up staying!!!!
    14. I frequently get tempted by the sales when they offer 10-15% (or more) off as it helps somewhat offset the hideous CAN$ exchange rate.

      This year, I've bought several unplanned dolls but they were also in the buy it or lose out forever because they were MP purchases. One of those purchases allowed me to finally get one of my grail dolls after wanting/hunting for him for 7 years. I regret nothing about that purchase. One purchase wasn't an MP buy but came down to a choice between 3 dolls from 3 different makers that were all limited in nature but I could only afford one of them (ah, first world dolly problems).

      I am fighting a little with myself at the moment over whether to make a purchase. The doll I want is open for purchase until the end of December and there is also a discount event going on that I could take part in if I also purchase a pair of shoes to put me over the required amount for the discount to kick in. I'm hesitating as I have some obligations related to my brother's estate that are non-negotiable and wallet painful. I do have the cash saved for the doll in my doll funds account, but I also use that account as back-up money should I need it for emergencies (like when I needed a tooth repaired) and it's almost Xmas and I've already bought... 4 full dolls and 1 body this year (again with the first world dolly problems).
    15. A couple years ago I definitely bought some limited dolls impulsively. Lost an embarrassing amount of money trying to sell them.

      I haven't really been seriously in the hobby for a few years - it's been years since I last went to a doll meet and even longer since I did a proper dolly photoshoot. I still have one doll - she's the main character in the novella that I'm almost done the first draft for (!). I had an absolute devil of a time trying to figure out what this girl looked like and have gone through I think 3 or 4 dolls trying to shell her (over the past 3 years). Then one day I just see this sculpt in the DoA gallery and it was an "I know you!" moment.

      Anyways I've had her for a year now and she still didn't have a proper in-character wig. I was meaning to send her out to get it custom-made because it's a short hairstyle and most wig makers require the doll head to make the wig on. But I kept dragging my feet because her face-up was done by a very talented but very exclusive artist on the other side of the world and I was afraid that the face-up would get damaged in the process of sending her out. Then just this week I was browsing through some favourited etsy shops and... lo and behold... just the perfect style, in exactly her weird head shape and size... and there's only one!!! So I eh... I bought it. I have given myself a budget of $300 a month for any kind of "fun" things - eating out, buying unnecessary things, going to the movies. I most definitely did not have enough left over in that budget for the wig...