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Trouble picking a doll

May 18, 2017

    1. Has anyone ever had trouble picking a doll? I only have hujoos and plastic ones right now. I have been looking through photos to pick dolls but it seems the only ones I really fall in love with are discontinued or limited edition. I go "oh she/he is pretty but I don't think I want to own it". I'm really struggling to find something that I go "oh yes! I must have it!" Maybe I just like the idea of BJDs but don't really want one? I don't know advice anyone?

      ps I did a search before hand to see if there were any threads and i didn't find anything that I was quite looking for. If there is one and I just missed it can someone please point me in the right direction!
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    2. Hello, yes! I had the same problem! I went through 6 months of searching for BJD companies before I even found 1 I liked. Now I'm obsessed with one company lol. I'm sure there's a doll for you out there. Just keep looking.

      Here's a list of all BJD companies that sell on topic dolls Dollmakers - Den of Angels BJD Wiki | Den of Angels

      Have fun hunting for your doll! :cake:
    3. right after i posted this i found one haha. All it took was this post i guess lol.
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    4. Oh yes I have a lot of trouble. Just when I think I have my main story character picked out I see another company and another doll that could be her. I've got so many possibilities in my head now and I've made it impossible to pick one. I am terribad at making decisions. -sigh-
    5. I'm waffling between two dolls right now :( It's hard because, you wanna say "well I can get this one first and order that one after", but when they're SD sized they're harder to save up for in my position so it's kind of like I need to pick the one I love the most first. Well. I'M HAVING A HARD TIMMEEE. I have them both open in different tabs in my browser, and every so often I'll look at both of them and judge the emotional reaction I feel when I see them, which one tugs at my heart more? Ultimately that will be the one I get!
    6. I have a thing too were i will go months without seeing anything that interest me and then all of a sudden there are like ten dolls that are all limited that i want all at once. There are these Souldoll limited heads that im currently having a hard time with because im new and dont know how layways work just yet.
    7. I've been having a rather hard time choosing a doll, too!

      "Oh, this one is so small and cute.. I could take her anywhere!"
      "This one is MSD, so she's manageable and has a lot of clothes and things available..."
      "This SD is so elegant and ethereal, but she's ginormous!"

      I feel as though it is a never-ending struggle until I finally just go, "THAT ONE!" and make a final decision. (This'll take a while).
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    8. Yes, definitely!
      I think everyone will end up going though that problem at some point, especially when the doll in question is quite pricey.
      When I was choosing my first doll I had a list of dolls I really liked to choose from, but I could only order one. I ended up going from doll to doll asking myself "Which one, which one?"
      It's always quite a difficult decision, and it's even harder when you have a list of dolls you love.
    9. At first I was a bit overwhelmed, and mainly hovered around the Ringdoll and Souldoll websites because they had caught my eye but I just didn't feel need to own one. Then I stumbled across a Dollshe Saint and Soom dolls and was instantly in love! While they are all BJDs, the aesthetic can be very different from company to company, and the more I researched the more I realized what I wanted and what I was content with admiring from afar :)
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    10. Usually, I have a pretty good idea of what I want, and I'm familiar with many companies so I generally have a good idea of where to start. Sometimes, I just see a doll at random and decide THAT one! Yet other times, finding that perfect doll for my character is very difficult--when I was trying to shell Justin, I went through every single company listed on the DoA Wiki and BJDCollectasy before I was 100% certain of the right doll.
    11. I am experiencing this problem for the first time. I have eight dolls, I have been in the hobby for wow, about a decade now, I have saved enough to buy a doll, but I can't find a doll that I really want. I was looking at the marketplace, and I saw a couple of DollShe, a Grant Phillippe, and a King Corey, both beautiful dolls....but not quite "IT".... I have diligently poured over the Iplehouse site, which is my usual favorite site, but though I think all their dolls are lovely, and I have really considered Bichun, Rex, and Owen....still I just haven't found ," the one". I have thought about getting a pet doll or an anthro, I have looked at Piposland bunnies and mice, Fairyland realpukis, and looked at all the new bjds listed under the news section here on DoA...and have found no joy. I guess, maybe I have enough dolls for now?! I
    12. I look for the mold on flickr and see what people have done with it.
    13. Just look around and eventually "the one" you have to have will become stuck in your head and you will know that is the doll for you. That is kind of what I do at least. I look through company and owner pics until one of them stands out to me. I had to think about the last doll that caught my eye for about a week before I knew he was going to come home! Now the little guy is on lay away! o/
    14. My problem is, I don't create a character until after I get the doll, so any decent face looks good to me. As weird as it sounds, I want the doll to "tell" me who they are. Because I'm like this, I can never decide between sculpts. My BJD head I have now was after weeks of deliberation and I finally caved towards buying her simply because of price. However, as soon as I saw her in person, I was totally in love. :)
    15. I looked at bjds on ebay for about 2 years before one finally called out to me as the take me home one. I was then on the slippery slope and have never looked back. My avatar is the second I got. Many have joined her. Too many.
    16. You betcha I had trouble picking out a doll. I had Johnny's personality all put together, but it took another seven years before I found a doll that had the right expression. This one was too serious, this one was too sad, that one was too big, another one was too small...it gets frustrating, doesn't it? Don't give up, though. It's usually worth the wait and the search to find that perfect one.
    17. I can relate!

      I have loved bjds ever since I knew they existed. I have spent hours studying every detail of the Marina Bychkova's "Enchanted Doll" designs - over the years I kept returning to her blog/website. But I didn't realize that there were other doll makers until about a year ago, when I stumbled on DOA. Suddenly, instead of being like "Marina's dolls are gorgeous but I will never, ever own one because they are so limited" I now had options!

      Unfortunately, I am horribly, horribly picky...

      Also, I'm already an artist, writer, embroiderer, and musician (piano/voice) and it is really hard to find time for all those hobbies (not to mention the fact that except for the writing they are all actually ways I earn my living!).

      I thought that small dolls would be more fun (I think miniatures are fascinating). So, after careful research, I bought a 1/12 and a 1/6. Both were made by small companies and both are beautiful, but neither has really inspired me. One has a faceup, one does not; neither has suitable wigs or clothes or names. Maybe their lack of unique "personalities" keeps me from really liking them?

      I feel conflicted. I thought I wanted to sew clothes, make eyes, make wigs, etc. I loved reading about making these things.

      Should I try another size? I have searched quite a bit. I don't care for Iplehouse or Raccoon Doll or Doll Chateau, etc. The dolls that appeal to me most are exquisitely sculpted, with realistic and adults proportions (no huge eyes or strange chests) and intelligent articulation.

      So far the only MSD I really like is 17" (and I really do think she's beautiful). She won't be available for a while, so (counting ordering and shipping time) it would probably be a year before I would see her in person.

      I feel like I should sell the dolls I have and just give up and enjoy bjds from afar. That would be sad, since I've always wanted to own one (and make one, but I've had to give that idea up just because of the enormous time investment needed).

      I don't want to be a collector, I just want ONE doll that inspires me, and that I can enjoy crafts with.

      Maybe the third time will be the charm? Anyone else go through several dolls before finding the right one?
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    18. Here's a thought, inspired by something an ex used to do.
      If caught between two dolls, flip a coin.
      I find that flipping the coin helps a lot. If you are satisfied with the answer, go for it! If not, then you know that the other was the right choice, and if that doesn't feel right either you know to keep looking.

      Also, I'm quite often caught in "Which one do I want more?" There are so many beautiful dolls out there in the world! But I'm so picky I usually find only one of two on a site that I would ever actually go for, it took years to build a solid wishlist.
      And Discontinued sculpts make me sad, If I ever make any dolls I would need a very good reason to discontinue a sculpt because I would hate to think of someone wanting one and not being able to love them. :C
    19. So having this problem right now.... well actually I guess it's more of a "had" this problem. I ordered a Little Monica Sophia. I adore her but the sd size is just too big for me. I now have plans for a minifee, probably Mirwen, but just have to save up the funds >w<// I've been going back and forth on her character a lot as well XP
    20. Yes! As we speak, I still have doll troubles haha! Wondering what sizes I should get, if I should dye the resin myself or wait years for them to re-release their tan resin. And usually I only like one part of the doll. For example, I hope to get a LM Sarubia head sometime in the future, but I don't like the Harmony bodies. So I'm going to hybrid her. Same with another one of my characters.

      It's a stressful process and one can only hope you like the result you get. :sweat