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Twigling Minigenue Discussion Thread

Aug 21, 2016

    1. If I were able to order now I would get teal. She would be a naiad. But I'm only hopeful I can order someday, so I should not comment further!
    2. ...ordered a girl in Vivid, and I'm super psyched about it. :)
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    3. Sweet! Anyone else get in on this preorder yet?
    4. They are such perfect dolls, if I could get a dozen I would!

      I just made an acrylic yarn wig for mine following a YouTube tutorial by Mozekyto. I really love the result.

      [​IMG]Twigling / Artifex Kindred Minigenue by t4124, on Flickr
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    5. Wow Tara, that acrylic wig looks amazing, I'll have to check out the tutorial!!
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    6. I finally got my open eye head sent off for face-ups, so in the mean time I'm using the sleepy head to make wigs. Agni's a supermodel, so she needs a few changes of wigs (also her previous one is in shambles as it needs more braids, so I need at least one wig ready for her when she gets home). I'm really really bad at straight cut wigs, but luckily silk rovings like this are easy to cut and shape, and photograph fabulously (I've not edited the white or shine in the photo a single bit).

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    7. Hello all. I was attempting to look up information on the next Minigenue pre order and every link I click from google says the site is down. Is Artifex Kindred gone now or should I be looking in a different place? Thanks a heap!
    8. I know in the past the site has gone down from traffic and would be up the next day. Artifex Kindred is definitely still going. I bet the site will be up again soon. Twigling is active on Facebook and Instagram too.
    9. Thank you. I'll just keep checking it. Good to know she's still active!
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    10. I see the site is up right now, so I hope you are/were able to get the info you need
    11. Wow! A mini Pieta may be available in the future! I'm glad I learned about that with plenty of time to start saving.
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    12. I'm eagerly awaiting the next preorder for these ladies. My health has been very poor the past year or so, and I was not able to participate in the previous orders, but now things are starting to get a bit better and I expect to have the funds to be able to get a girl the next time around.
    13. Has anyone ordered the minipieta?
    14. I did. November order. I'm getting excited.
    15. @seffy_chan Awesome, what color did you pick? How do you think you will style her?
      I chose vivid, it seems to be a very nice rich more realistic color.
    16. Pink. Also: I usually decide that after I paint them. They usually tell me who they are then.
    17. @seffy_chan Very cool, I do that often as well, but for my minipieta I do have a character in mind. Not sure if it will work, but I have in mind a Chinese swordswoman from "Water Margin" or "Outlaws of the Marsh." I can't wait to see some owner pics of her. :dance
    18. My minipieta is shipping! :XD:
      This is a bit extra, as the kids say, but I wish there was a "tears of joy" emoji. Probably I just need sleep, but it so cool!!
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    19. I completely get you!! My Minipieta arrived today after being held for ransom TWICE.... Oh my heart!! She is exquisite, sublime, delicious... just WOW. I've had to tuck her back away for now until I have a little more free time to commence customising her, but I'm in absolute awe at her details!!!
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    20. @whitewings That sucks, you had to pay fees on her twice?? I hope you will post some pictures when she's ready.

      Mine got to New York and seems to be hanging out there for a bit as the tracking hasn't updated. Estimated delivery is Thursday.