[ U-noa Quluts] 50cm Brother | Zest / Xyle |

Oct 4, 2012

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    2. Man these Guys really are something. I wish i could make so good Fotos
      My one brother... who is who again? looks like a drag Queen in every Photo
      But one day he gets a great Pic i swear.
      Here's Ciaran
    3. Ahh, it's so great to see the Elder boys becoming more common. Everyone's dolls are looking so, so great.

      I love your Howell, rianne. His face-up is amazing, and the boys just look so amazing in that tan colour.
    4. @rianne : I love your Howell! Loving his suntan skin *__* I still haven't painted my Zest, but loving how you painted yours. :)

      @Froschschenkel : Lovely guy! What faceplate is he? Love his guitar.

      I'm so excited to see more of these guys. Wanted to share my Xyle that I painted a few weeks ago. I still need to work on my Zest and both of my Xyle and Zest decadent plates. X_X;

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    5. @Dybbuk
      ... looking at your awsome Boy ...your Face Up is great.
      I can't get it in my Head who is who, because i ordered them together and i gave them other Names in the begining.
      So the Redhead is Zest then. i really need better Pics of these 2.
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    6. Gawd you all make me want to toss reasons aside and get an Unoa Zest now that I have a reason for him (= twin brother for my Serenadedoll Ava)... just urgh, another size I need to commission clothes for xD
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    7. @Froschschenkel : He looked like a Zest to me, but sometimes Xyle can look really manly and handsome too. :) Would love to see more photos when you can~

      @Roterwolkenvogel : Doooo eeeet. x3 I know the clothes are a pain in the butt, but I'd love to see one of these boys styled by you! You'd make him amazing! :)
    8. Oooh Dybbuk, your boy is so gorgeous! I look forward to seeing the remaining face-plate and your Zest when you've painted them :D
    9. @WinonaFlammery : Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words. Yes I am going to try and get to work on another plate but unsure of who to paint yet. Possibly my Zest. :)
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    10. Ah you give me too much credit! Though it'd be kinda fun.. the guy is a cowboy-ish character so uh, fantasy Cowboy then? (with a red flannel shirt XD)

      And i can only second Winona, I am looking forward to seeing the other guys of yours!
    11. [​IMG]

      My boy, Rei.

      I love how everyone's guy's are so different.
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    12. He's super cool, Dr. Zed! Congrats!
    13. Thank you @Dybbuk. Your Xyle is so cute!

      Oh wow, @Dr.Zed Love that bruising!
    14. How many new beautiful guys in the topic, they are so different :D
      New suntun skin is very beautiful *__*
      But I love my freshskin boy too :lol:
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    15. Your boy is beautiful, Jane! :D
    16. Oh Jane he is gorgous!

      And omg I am getting a Zest! (in fact I am adopting Winona's :lol:)
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    17. I am so happy with this decision! <3

      @rianne : I love your beautiful Zest!!!! <3 He looks so manly! Makes me want to work on mine... o.o;
    18. Haha I am glad everyone is happy to finally see me on the dark side :lol:

      And rianne, I simply adore your guy <3
    19. @Dybbuk Oh gosh, thank you. :whee: I find it eternally funny that the manliest doll I've ever had is an Unoa.

      @Roterwolkenvogel Haha, yes! Welcome! And thank you. <3