[ U-noa Quluts] 50cm Brother | Zest / Xyle |

Oct 4, 2012

    1. @WinonaFlammery, thank you, I love him so much :blush
      @Roterwolkenvogel thank you !*__*
      Now I'm in search a body for Zest faceplates. I wanted to buy a defolt body for him, but UnoAlchemy do not respond to this question by e-mail :atremblin
    2. Hello, Unoa Ani owners...
      I don't know why but I forgot this Brother only discussion for a long time.
      These are my boys. Reiichi(Xyle) and Natsuki(Zest). I bought them from an ebay dealer before the UnoAlchemy opened.
      Xyle came first and then Zest arrived after few months. Even though it is a struggle to make their own outfits but they are
      so attractive dolls. The shape of body is so beautiful as well as their face. Which guy do you prefer? Xyle? Zest? or Both?

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    3. @ridel Your boys are too cute! It's hard to pick a favorite between the two of them, isn't it? I like them both, though perhaps Zest is my favorite since he's the one I ended up with hahaha
    4. Thank you! Yes, it was impossible to have one Unoa brother...So I had two. haha.
    5. ; - ; All the beautiful pictures of these cuties are making me want to sell one of my kidneys to take the plunge and own one
    6. I just finished paying off mine and can't wait to get him! As far as organs go, he wasn't expensive enough to need to sell my kidney thankfully :lol:
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    7. [​IMG]

      HE'S HERE :D His name is Tyr and he is not a poet - however the frilly shirt is leagues better than the flannel shirt that made him look like an emo boy so uh, I guess I need to see what he can wear :lol:
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    8. Those eyebrows are to die for! Congrats on the arrival!
    9. @Roterwolkenvogel : YOU GOT ONE! YAAAY! He looks so handsome, and I love his masculine faceup. :) I hope to see more of him around!
    10. If this has been asked before or if there's another thread for it, please direct me there, but what size clothes/shoes do these boys fit in best?
      I've seen some in SD clothing but would like to see if MSD or SD fits better, or what brands fit well :)
    11. meep I love the zest he's got such brooding look about him
    12. I just got my elder bro kit in the mp and he was assembled with his buff chest and I'm trying to switch it out but I'm having trouble restringing him. The elastic is pretty thick and I'm having a hard time getting it through his little elbow peanut thing. I don't remember my elder sis being so troublesome. Any advice for me or links to resources? Or am I just dumb? :p
    13. [​IMG]

      Tyr is back! With his canon outfit :D (/all the Johnny Cash songs play)
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    14. He's absolutely glorious. What an amazing look!
    15. I'm hoping with the clearance sale some people have taken the plunge for these guys~ I finally painted my Zest and wanted to share. This guy was originally what I bought the doll for, but surprisingly I painted my Xyle first~ so poor Zest was ignored.

      Now he's all done. :)

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    16. Everyone's boys are so cute! It's so tempting to get another one~

      Here's my Zest, Rei, with a Souldoll Vito~
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    17. I've had luck with some SD girl items (a little baggy, but I don't mind so much), and some MSD tee shirts as long as they're longer in the waist.
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    18. [​IMG]

      I finally got my Xyle! I love the sculpt to much, now to think out a character for this doll :D
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    19. @Evshie : Congratulations on getting a Xyle!!! Interested to see how you paint him~ :) Did you get him during this last discounted sale from Unoa Alchemy?

      I wanted to share my decadent Xyle at some point too because I haven't seen many around... seems a lot of people sell off teh decadent plates. He looks extra glittery... I got too excited with my pearl powder... ^_^ ;

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