[ U-noa Quluts] 50cm Brother | Zest / Xyle |

Oct 4, 2012

    1. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TO MUCH GLITTER!!! I really like the decandent plates, the face up is so nice!
      Yes, I did get him during the last sale from Unoa Alchemy ^^ So darn happy!
    2. @Dybbuk He's BEAUTIFUL and glittery! I didn't order the decadent faceplate with my boy and I have regrets... They're lovely.

      This isn't the best pic, I really need to take more--but Cael finally has some basics thanks to someone on FB. I'm pleased, ehehe. I love him...! He needs shoes though, haha.

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    3. @Idoru Awww I hope you can add the decadent face to your collection in the future. To be honest I have seen a few plates pop up 2nd hand for good prices!

      Nice to see more of Cael! He's looking well put together so far. :D
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    4. Has anyone found a place to buy clothes that fit these boys? I unfortunately can't sew and have both boys and only one pair of pats I was gifted from their previous owner between them
    5. @Whiterabbitbjd : For pants I have still yet to find a source that wasn't custom. However I did get really lucky with a Ninestyle shirt that I found at a meet that fits my boy perfectly (person said it was originally made for MSD but ran kind of big on her slim size MSD). The collar is slightly out of proportion but the rest of it fits perfectly. Granted I had the luxury of trying it on before I purchased but I might try to find some other tops to change up his look. Pants are the hardest... I got lucky with a really weird pair of MSD pants I've had forever... but every other Unoa Ani owner I've talked to has either sewn their own or ordered a custom pair >A<;

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    6. hello, I recently adopted an unoa zest, but I don't know how to work with his inner mouth/teeth piece. how does it get in there? please advise
    7. Hello!! I've received one of my grail boys--a paradise skin Zest! He's destined to be my character Gabriel, and I couldn't be more thrilled with him.

      I do have one question for the thread: when he arrived, his large chestpiece had a broken piece in the neck. I bought him in the last UnoAlchemy preorder: anyone have any experience with broken parts from them before?
    8. I like Xyle's face. I think the brothers have a strange jaw line.
    9. Really late reply, but when my Zest arrived (not from Unoalchemy I don't think - I found him on Yahoo Auctions and am unsure whether he's A or B grade), he had a crack in the neck of his large chest piece, too. Maybe there's a structural issue with that piece specifically?
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