Uni Tiny "Cupi" Angel Edition

Mar 21, 2007

    1. [​IMG]

      Awww... you made her feel bad.

      I don't find her head to be out of proportion, but it really isn't in "human" scale compared to her body. But she's totally adorable!

      Here's a full body shot next to a Bambi.

    2. I think her big noggin is kinda cute!
    3. That comparison photo is EXTREMELY HELPFUL to me. :D Thank you so much!!!
    4. You're welcome.

      Thank you for not making fun of her head. :) (And you too, toydogz!)
    5. You're welcome! I actually think the Cupi's are incredably cute! They look like UH-17's little brothers and sisters. :) I really really want UH-17...

      I've been thinking about getting the Punky edition of the Cupi though. It is just so adorable! Alas, my doll budget just wont allow for either of them. :)
    6. Your Cupi is so cute. Bambi looks as though she wants to hold her hand.
    7. Awww... you're right, reggie. It does look like she's trying to link hands with her. Maybe she's trying to cheer her up. :lol:

      FunnyLori: There's a punky Cupi? Where??? Hey, I'm going to PM you in a bit about the BC group order. Will you take Canadian members?