Unidolls UH10 & UH11

May 19, 2006

    1. Hi~~ everyone..

      * UH-10 and UH-11 now on sale.
      * UH-12 and UH-13 coming out soon.





    2. I think UH-13 is absolutely gorgeous. She's my favorite with UH-11. Reminds me a little of Kirsten Dunst.
    3. UH-13 is SO stunning . . . oh my gosh!!

      Adonis, thank you for sharing updates on these beautiful dolls with us!

      -- Andi :D
    4. Well.. I couldnt help myself.. I begged and borrowed and purchased the UH-11 yesterday... Ohh I can see more of these boys and girls coming to live with me! I even have to admit I have been looking VERY closely at my current dolls to see if I could bare to sell any off to fund these new ones! But they are safe.. I just cant do it.

    5. i was about to say the very same thing! :(
      i shouldn't be so annoyed, yet i kind of am.
      my wislist is long enough!
    6. So did any body else spring to get one of the Unidolls? When are they going to arrive? I'm excited to see owner pictures. XD
    7. I, also, am very, very curious to know when unidoll will begin shipping some of these gorgeous boys, girls and elves to their new homes!!!

      I must say that unidoll.com has the most professionally photographed dolls I've seen yet from a company! The photographs are stellar - absolutely beyond stunning and the entire website is just an artistic experience. Well done, unidoll.com!!!!! Keep the top notch photos coming!
    8. I'm waiting for a UH-06, and I can not wait to see him in person. I was really blown away by their dolls when I visited their website : )

    9. According to the site times.. my Unidoll 11 should be nearly ready to ship - says 15 days.. today is 15 days since I ordered.

      Its so hard to chose which doll - I can see at LEAST 5 dolls there that I would love to have.

      I will be rather anxious to get mine - as mentioned above - the site and the photographs are stunning - and I am just waiting, waiting, waiting to see her in person.
    10. Looking forward to you sharing LOTS of pics Meredith!!! :)
    11. Hehehe YOU Too!!!! I KNOW you are getting the 08 !!! :) :)
    12. Beautiful dolls; I didn't see a sculpt I didn't like.
    13. OK, now I'm starting to wonder if it's just me.

      95% of the time when I try to go to the Unidoll site, it says the server cannot be found. I've only managed to get into the site once. Is this a known problem, and if so, are there plans to fix it? T_T
    14. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
    15. Oh man, I really want the 08, but have absolutely no reason to get him other than he is beautiful.

      He doesnt fall under any of my characters (unless he was 1/4). He would be a hawt fachtna, but i already have a doll for fachtna :blush, and he would be too big for my little Aeri.

    16. I got my 06 boy yesterday, and omg is he beautifull : D I never paid that much attention to resin before, since quality has never been a problem and I'm more drawn to the sculpts...but I have to tell you, the unidoll resin is gorgeous. Now I know what people mean when they talk about translucent resin. He has the most wonderfull warm glow to him.

      He also came with a second set of hands and a bathrobe. I went with the company faceup, and they did a fabulous job. I'm just so impressed, and happy to have my boy home.
    17. I must stand up on my computer chair and applaud Unidoll! I second every word Taco posted! This company is phenom!!! Totally professional - the greatest packaging I've ever seen for bjds - and the doll is exquisite - mold, resin, and face-up!!!!!

      Order with confidence and let's start seeing some of these gorgeous molds in the Gallery!
    18. Pictures soon I hope!!!!
      My girl should be here Monday or Tuesday - she is in Customs in Melbourne and hopefully they have already released her back to the postal system - but they dont update online tracking over the weekend.
      I am thrilled to know about the resin - and the co. face-up - I decided to chose that option too - afer all there was no added cost - so I figured if I didnt like it I could always re-do it.. but I bet I wont have to. AND they were VERY cheap on shipping for me.. about 1/2 the price I usually pay for EMS from anywhere.

      Its a bit of a pity they are so good..LOL.... I was already tempted by other dolls they have.. now HOW can I resist????
    19. My heart beats heavily. I am attracted by UH-11. How spectacular and adorable. I almost can't describe her by words. I love her.