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UniverseDoll/Musen Musen

Jun 5, 2017

    1. @Lirin

      Oh good, the Etsy is going to be stocking more items. Perhaps I will take this opportunity to order some more hands...

      On another note:

      It's funny someone has revived the thread today, as I was finally able to collect my UniverseDoll order (both De'Ath heads and body). I added the body, and I think now I wish I had waited for the one with the hip joint! I may see whether I can order the parts for it later.

      The body has a distinctive look, but the hands, feet, and body are wonderfully sculpted. I'll be posting a box opening thread with more photos, but both the hand and feet joint have a locking system for the strangely-elongated s hooks to make removing hands and feet much easier.

      I didn't take pictures of the heads on the body, as they're for two different characters, but here are a couple photos. I'll link to my box opening when I post it:



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    2. @americanseamstress Wow! About how long did it take for him to arrive, what was customs like? I'm stuck between a Zacharias and a DZ Morley, but I really like the Zacharias body/head better (plus it has pointed ears).
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    3. @NekoMida

      I don't think the box stayed in customs for more than a day or so--being in the US (I see you are too (?)), I don't really notice boxes staying very long (probably because I'm not being charged!)

      It's actually worse for me if the box arrives through New Jersey (after customs) instead of New York or Chicago. I've had packages get lost there and stay a week!
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    4. @americanseamstress I see you've already made a few comments about the body, but if you're ever up for making a more extensive review, I'm sure many would appreciate it! :wiggle I'm particularly interested in the balance of the body-- does it stand well?

      And congrats on the new doll!!!
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    5. @Xila

      Sure! If you (or others) would like to list what you want to see, I'd be glad to do it. I'm not with the body right now, but I can at least get it done by Tuesday.

      I'll have to stand it again to see whether it's easy to balance, but once standing it seemed pretty sturdy.
    6. Great to hear, @americanseamstress !!! Besides standing, i'd also be interested in seeing how close the knees can be drawn up to the chest... but that's about it! Maybe someone else will chime in with other things :) Take your time, I'm just casually curious! This company has a lot of interesting stuff.
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    7. @Xila

      The photo of the contorted body above shows how far the legs can be bent toward the torso. In my box opening thread, which I linked above as well, I state that it's about a 45 degree angle from the torso. Did you want to know how much it can be forced, because that's how far it goes unaided?
    8. @Xila

      The body is a sturdy stander and can sort of just be plopped down--the legs do not need to be very far apart, but they cannot be touching. The body will not stand on one leg.

      Here's another

      I'd still be happy to show you how close the knees can be drawn up--just tell me how it's different from the photo above. The feet aren't sticky enough to force the knee any closer to the chest than 45 degrees (see above) due to their force downward on carpet.
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    9. @americanseamstress YAY thank you!!! :D Love that lotus pose-- he does it really well!!!

      I did see the photo above, and in the box opening-- now I can't remember why i asked again, haha! :? I must've forgotten that I already knew. Thank you for that, too!

      It's definitely a nice-looking body!!!
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    10. @Xila

      No problem!

      I wondered if maybe you were thinking about sueding, or forcing the leg to hold closer to the body through friction. That's why I said the force of the foot pressing on the carpet wasn't enough (but maybe with shoes?).

      The mobility joint is a hemisphere, so a kip or sueding might help too. I don't own kips, and I don't like to hot glue suede, but if I get kips I'll be sure to try it.
    11. The limited guy Blanc looks beautiful! I wonder if he's going to be available on the 3 part torso body.... I'm very tempted by this one, and there is time to save up, but. My icon guy still needs a new body. Idk. But universe doll has a special aesthetic, something that seems to set it a bit apart.
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    12. Wow! Blanc is lovely! I love the eyes and how young he looks!

      I contacted UniverseDoll recently and was told that the three-part torso is always an option--and I think they stated that it doesn't actually cost more than the 2 part torso!
    13. Musen Musen/WoodForestDoll's Etsy shop is now selling heads only and full dolls for Shock Zacharias, Lindberg (The Batman), De'Ath, and Blanc.
    14. Since it's been almost a week, I thought I'd revive this thread with a picture of my hybrid: UniverseDoll De'Ath in white skin on a FantasiaDoll muscle body in tan (the head will be airbrushed or dyed to match).

      It looks like I have another project started...


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    15. I love the deer sculpt with the cleft upper lip, it's a very unique concept, very delicate body too
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    16. I was on a dyeing kick and dye-matched all my resin that was waiting. My Dollshe Arsene/Dollstown hybrid hands from Doll Legend got dyed, and my UniverseDoll heads as well.

      Here she is:
      Petra is on the FantasiaDoll Muscle body

      I think this is the best dye job I've ever done. I'm really proud of the masked (liquid latex/masking fluid/frisket) skull/dead/zombie head:

      Some parts had dye soak through the masking fluid where it was thin, but the edges are all very sharp, and I was able to get some very narrow crags (like the crack in her forehead).
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    17. Gosh @americanseamstress yes! Your dye job is perfect! The head looks like it came with the body. Awesome! I love Friskit. I used it a lot for watercolor painting. Thank you for your experiment, because now I know it can be used on resin. I'm was hoping I could use it for face ups when I get an airbrush. I didn't see any reason it wouldn't work, but even with dye, wow.
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    18. @kurogane

      Yes! Frisket can be used on resin (just do yourself a favor and buy a color that doesn't match the resin--I chose white and it's the worst). I used this technique earlier for my Prometheus, who has a more extensive resist dyeing.

      It will hold on to the resin and prevent it from being dyed so long as it is thick enough to provide a solid barrier. Multiple layers with drying in between is essential.
    19. It looks like UniverseDoll has released another deer doll: Ampil. A sibling for Shock Zacharias, perhaps?

      I'm in the midst of determining which route to go for my De'Ath's wardrobe: Victorian or high middle ages/Islamic empire. I had this nice character planned out and now every time I look at her I see her in a lacy dress. The lace will need to be dyed darker to match the silk (which is why I'm in this mess to begin with--the variegated silk is lovely) regardless of who wears it, but I need to know who wears it in order to making clothing that fits!.
    20. Wow, De'Ath makes an amazing lady, and what a fantastic dye job! This is so great. The male body looks really good in owner photos too, I like the subtle sculpting of the torso... you know how some guy dolls have 6 to 8 rectangles carved in there and a randomly placed navel
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