UniverseDoll/Musen Musen

Jun 5, 2017

    1. Ok, after letting the body sit for a bit I can pull the head S-hook a bit better and so I popped my Venitu head on the Universedoll body!


      Personally...I think it looks pretty funny. XD
      The head looks large compared to the neck width, especially once the body is dressed. But most of all, it sits low on the neck. The adam's apple is totally covered by the chin. So I don't know. Maybe it could work with some modding or a little something under the head to add height?
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    2. @Lady Ravenswood

      Darn! It does look like the neck is a bit small, even if you were to add a neck donut. Maybe a wig would help, but the head does look a bit big
    3. Yeah, the neck is really thin for the head hole. Venitu is just made for such a different style of neck on the 5th Motif body. So even though the Universe Doll body has a longer neck, it still just swallows it up completely!

      I laughed out loud once I put the head on. It just looks very odd in person.

      Also, the side view looks almost good here, but it's important to note that the adam's apple hits right about where the edge of the head is, and that the adam's apple scoops back in right above that point...so really the top of the neck is even thinner than what you can see in that photo. :/
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    4. @Lady Ravenswood @americanseamstress thank u ^^
      I planning him as a Reaper, but in modern realities. He's using film-camera instead of scythe, and likes to wear coat with a turtleneck :lol: I sent him to make-up on last week and should make the wig and clothes for him.

      By the way, you don't know if hands with eye are limit?
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    5. @jack_sea

      I don’t believe I’ve seen the eye hands referred to as limited, but I’m not 100% sure they aren’t.

      What kind of camera? For some reason, your description made me think of a two-lens waist photo camera, like a Rollei, but those aren’t particularly new cameras
    6. @americanseamstress
      Ok, hope I can buy them for the December, thanks

      Never known about this photo camera. But yes, I mean old cameras as like Leica. He's shoot rooms and walls where people died and catching they souls on the film. It's his new ritual when scythe takes a dead man lol
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    7. @jack_sea

      That’s awesome! They used to be kinda expensive a couple years ago, but maybe you could find a used toy Leica camera. (I think it was a collaboration with Minox (?)) But it actually worked. Otherwise, I think they have fake ones that are headphone jacks you might be able to cut up.
    8. I love your concept for Death, @jack_sea ^__^
      It sounds like he will be fun to put together. Hehe, there need to be more dolls with turtle necks! I love how they look. I don't see them very much though.

      Hm, yeah. I also do not know about the eye hands...they are amazing though!
    9. Has anyone else found hybrid options for Universedoll milky white resin? i'm considering order a head in that resin color and I wanted to get some body ideas.
    10. @KiwiNinamori
      Hm, my doll is in NS, but I have the eye hands in WS and I'm guessing it's the milky white? So grain of salt...but I can say that it's a pink-white on those hands. I don't have much in my collection that is that color, actually. The closest thing I have is Distant Memory's Peach Yellow, which is just slightly darker than the hands (and a much better match than the doll I actually have them on! :abambi:).

      Also, also, also...have you guys seen Alsop? :D
    11. @KiwiNinamori

      I now wish I hadn't dyed my PygmalionDoll white resin because it might actually have been closest due to its pinkiness.

      Supiadoll white is a very pinky white but you see from the picture that UniverseDoll pinky white (male torso ONLY in the image) is pinker. (I accidentally received a pink white torso instead of a snow white torso, but they're both getting dyed normal skin so it doesn't really matter.)

      The closest undyed resin that I have in intensity is OrDoll white (so Granado white skin will be like this as well--again, my granado white is very slightly dyed).

      However, although it doesn't really show in the picture, OrDoll white is a yellower white (as is Granado) and UniverseDoll pinky white is purely pink (no yellow tone at all).
    12. I know, right?! I saw him on Etsy this morning and was like, oooooooooooooh!
      I'm going to need an entire collection of heads. :sweat

      (Also, can I just say that your doll covered in crystals is amazing, @americanseamstress ! I love it so much!!)
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    13. @Lady Ravenswood

      Luckily, I think I'm safe from him (or I'm saying I'm safe from him at least :XD:) because my modded De'Ath head (with an open mouth) serves the purpose I would use the new head for (I really like UniverseDoll's somewhat deep eyes and kinda sleepy/sexy eyes--not really sure how to explain it). I think I would be in much more trouble if the horns looked less futuristic and more gnarled and organic.

      But seven of my dolls have open mouths--and I've modded many of them myself because for some reason I really like the look. So seeing a UniverseDoll with an open mouth makes me happy. :dance
    14. I'm just really on a fantasy ears kick at the moment.
      I swear I keep looking at my dolls and thinking, I should mod elf ears on there. :sweat

      I think I'm still more of a sucker for Rua. Argh, and he's limited...
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    15. @Lady Ravenswood
      That tongue is awful cute! And elf ears sound like a great idea—I have one doll (my SimplyDivine Harlequin) I want to give slightly pointed ears to—just the tiniest hint of a point at the tip. Someone I knew in grade school had just very slightly fae ears like that and I thought it was really cool!

      Edit: Autocorrect :|
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    16. I finally ordered a Shock.Zacharias beast version-head :)
      I already have the body (Universe Doll too...i really love this body XD), and with him i have something like a grail doll.
      I´m so excited to get him :D
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    17. @StillsEve

      Congrats! Zacharias looks so calm and serene, but there is an undertone of sassiness underneath that makes me smile! :lol:
    18. I ordered the Rua head from Musen in normal skin! I'm so excited. I've been staring at the website every day leading up to my payday so I can get him. His sculpt is so quirky and cool! Now to hunt down a good normal skin resin match
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    19. @KiwiNinamori

      Awesome! I look forward to seeing more owner pictures of that sculpt! Do you have plans for him that you would be willing to share--I love hearing everyone's stories! :3nodding: