Unoa Rowan Discussion

Jan 18, 2018

    1. She’s beautiful

      Most bjd are from Asia but i feel not too many look Asian i like that she looks Japanese but not really realistic like iplehouse

      I think metia is very cool and interesting because she has a nice poker face but prim have that “I’m pretty i know” face which is also nice. I really like the subtle blue blushing on her face makes her more alive for me

      I want to ask why is only selling b grade or you will also sell a grade? I tried google but i still I’m not understanding. Is b grade the naked doll and a grade full set?
    2. Well, the true story is that Alchemic Labo has a deal with another company to sell internationally, but they don't, really. So we get around that by selling B-grades only so as not to interfere with that contract. B-grade technically means a doll that has some kind of small flaw in it. The other company won't take B-grades, so there's no conflict.

      And while it's true that B-grade parts can sometimes have small flaws (usually bits of dust in the resin or maybe a microscopic bubble), the truth is that often our B-grades are the exact same dolls sold as standard grades in Japan. Now, I won't say always because SOME dolls do have small flaws, but generally they're all pretty good.
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    3. @Minda thank you for your reply and for the updates

      I love it when the dealer is excited about the dolls like the hobby people it is not common

      B grades make sense now it sounds bad but in the context you said it seems it is just labeled like that so we can buy them without the contract conflicts haha

      I like her eyes better than her older sister unoss it give her a stoic look
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    4. I'm assuming this isn't Noppin, since they've acknowledged that international ordering has been taken over by UnoAlchemy. It is unfortunate you have to use the "B-grade" label, since it seems to cause (understandable) trepidation in new Unoa fans. Still, so much better than having to go through a complicated shopping service or worse, not being able to get them at all. The difficulty of acquiring them combined with the rise of MNF seemed to be the death knell of the Unoa's popularity for quite a few years.:( Good to see them slowly making a resurgence!
    5. partner and I have been Unoa fans for so long. That's why we actually created UnoAlchemy - we knew how hard it was to get them, and I'm sure she was tired of always being my personal shopping service. My partner already was working with Alchemic Labo at shows, so we just had a meeting with them and asked how we could help them sell more internationally. Then UnoAlchemy was born! We are still fans. We don't even get a commission on dolls or anything like that. We just do it to help out Alchemic Labo.

      I think what we need to do better about a company is explaining the different lines of dolls. Some people just say they want a "unoa" and think it only means Lusis. And for us who have loved them for so long, we already know the history and information about all the different sizes and sculpts and shapes, but new people don't know all that, and are missing out on the more uncommon dolls like the Chibi or the 2.0 or the Elder sister.
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    6. Oh, yes, she is perfect. Prim, is it? Just when I thought my collection was full.
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    7. wow, my unoa-dreams come true ! Found some measurements on flickr

      Unoa Quluts Rowan Metia / Prim
      1/3 Doll Height : 57cm
      Bust Size : 23cm
      Waist Size : 16.5cm
      Hip Size : 27cm
      Wig Size : 8-9in
      Eye Size : 16mm
      Feet Length : 7.5cm/2,9in
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    8. These girls are exciting news! I only hope the cost won't be prohibitive. I remember my early Lusis and Sist cost a fortune.

      The measurements appear very similar to FairyLand's FeePle60 Moe body. Not exact, but close enough they might be able to share clothes.
    9. Oh this brings back fond memories when I had a Unoss, if the price is not too high I will consider getting one of these lovelies.
    10. Thanks for digging these up! I knew they'd posted them somewhere.
      I hope you don't mind if I share these at the start of the thread.

      Also, as for price, I know they will be < $1, they'll be cheaper than the Zero for sure, and easier to get.
    11. Based on the 1/4 Unoas being in the Fairyland price range, I'm going to put my guess on $600-800 for Rowan. Will she be coming with additional faceplates?
    12. No news yet on final price or what she comes with. At this time, only the default and decadent faces exist for her, so there aren't any accessories apart from shoe blanks that Alchemic Labo is allowed to sell. Hobby Japan owns the things like the unicorn horns, spare hands, and elf ears, though they are compatible with her. I think Alchemic Labo might have a few sets they bought from Hobby Japan, so it's possible they'll offer what stock they have.

      Don't pin your hopes on anything under $800. Alchemic Labo has to be careful not to dramatically undercut Hobby Japan's Unoa Zero, which retails at $1000 - $1500 depending on the release. It's got nothing to do with the doll market outside of Japan, and everything to do with how things work inside Japan. Alchemic Labo doesn't really follow the hobby outside Japan, so they don't peg their prices to things like what Fairyland is doing.
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    13. Right, I wasn't suggesting AL is intending to compete with FL or other companies price-wise, just that their pricing schemes have seemed similar.
    14. I think they’ve hit a pretty substantial development limitation by still doing traditional sculpting (which I adore about them). They’ll never be able to compete with companies that develop their dolls with 3D sculpting like Fairyland, iplehouse, doll chateau, etc. Where Fairyland was able to just scale up the moe line feeple, Araki still does everything by hand, and he’s got a few health limitations that make long hours sculpting very difficult for him.

      I love traditional sculpting, since 3D is a bit too symmetrical and uncanny valley for me. But it definitely makes things harder. I remember the initial elder sister releases going for about $800 because they took so much work to develop.

      I think we can only get away with selling the other models for less because they’re all 10-15 years old now. But each Unoa is really more like an art doll given that it’s just Araki and a couple of people at Alchemic Labo (and nobody does it as a full time job).

      Sometimes I dream about what would be possible with a truly commercial operation like Fairyland, but on the other hand I love the personal touch of knowing that my dolls are practically coming directly from the sculptor.
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    15. Unoas do have something special about them that is hard to pin on one thing. There isn't and hasn't really been another super similar soft-girl/soft-boy aesthetic out there. Especially nowadays with everything so super slim and model-esque or beefed out and swole.
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    16. I’m going to be getting a commercial sample of a Rowan girl from Alchemic Labo this weekend so expect a lot of photos!! ✨ there’s an event in Osaka on sunday and they’ll bring her then!
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    17. They're gorgeous! I really like their body proportions. The bodies of the Zeroes are slightly too skinny/leggy for my tastes, so I really like how these girls look. And I can't decide which face I like better...

      I hope they'll be available in the paradise skin tone, eventually.
    18. These new girls are absolutely beautiful! I'm particularly keen on Metia, but I don't know that I can swing her for a while yet--I have my Twigling Elbe on layaway for now, but would be curious to see if we can buy faceplates! I've always dreamed of a Unoss, and I love my stubborn little Sist plate [despite lacking a faceup, she has a ton of personality]. Is there any chance we'll get to see blank photos soon?
    19. just wondering, are the knees still single jointed?
    20. Single knees yep! She’s basically a big 1/4 unoa :D

      What hosting setvices are reliable now? I have some pics of a Metia I painted on my tumblr but I want to post in the thread too!