Unoa Rowan Discussion

Jan 18, 2018

    1. Will you be able to use the zero faceplates with the rowan head backs? Just curious to see what hybrids would work
    2. Yes they are
    3. Yes, the zero plates are compatible. They will only work on the zero and Rowan though because of the fluted neck design.
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    5. Oh her body is so CUTE!! Oh no...I was hoping I would be able to pass on it, but it's so close to my beloved Unoss. UGH!! When will we have a price announcement for these ladies?
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    6. Awesome comparison pics! I really like how you can see a little bit of the different sculpts in her, and her body really does look like a refined and updated Unoss or bigger 1.5 girl.

      I'm conflicted on whether to try for the first release or wait for the paradise skin...
    7. I was conflicted too, but then im like.... one of each sounds good~ xD
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    8. You... make a completely valid point that I had not previously considered. :lol:
    9. I hope many people buy a Rowan from the first batch so that AL gets good sales and the likelihood of getting them in tan may rise! *3*
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    10. My wallet is ready, bring on the new girls! :cheer
      Prim is perfect for me, very like my Lusis but this lovely size and shape to be friends with our Unoss, Ariadoll Narvy and VOLKS Kun.
      I'm really excited to order! Good to know about the ears, horns, shoes too, maybe I can have a chance at those accessories for her.
      The new bust is EVERYTHING!
      I bet it would look nice on a Zero girl too.
      I know there are 3rd party head backs for Zero so those plates could be hybrid onto another body, I'm wondering if it will be possible for these too. I've always threatened to knock Narvy's head off to steal her body...:aeyepop:
    11. @mimimontoya Unoalchemy said in Facebook that the faceplates are compatible with Zero, so I think the Buff headbacks should work! There may be some small modding needed though, as there was a small fitting issue with Latea faceplate at one point.
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    12. Thank you! I'm never adverse to extra faceplates, it's one of the most charming parts of loving Unoa...even if poor Narvy might not be thinking so at this point! :vein
      It will be interesting to compare the bodies! I love the full dolls intact but I'm keen on some types of hybrids in addition too.
    13. I absolutely love this body ! It has everything I loved about the Unoa Zero's, minus what I liked less (too tall and boobs to big for my tastes, and I tend to prefer the look of single jointed knees).
      Now I need to find a job so I can afford one OTL
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    14. ...or Fairy skin :love @Minda could this be a possibility?
    15. Yeah, we should have some fairy skin in the first batch of dolls.

      -Corrected to say no, unfortunately. Gonna have to wait on Fairy!
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    16. Could the excitement get any more intense? Welp, it just did! I’m so enamored of this girl, she feels like a kind of missing link in my collection somehow. Familiar but really fresh and lovely all at once. :daisy
    17. Rowan Lottery is up! She's 86000 JPY (about $850) plus shipping from Japan.
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    18. I am rather relieved that her price is so far out of my budget for now. My small Unoa Sist has taken a larger place in my story and may need a reshelling [and Metia would be perfect, particularly with the decadent plate!!], but fortunately for me, this can't happen for a while yet.

      Best of luck to anyone entering the preorder!! Any idea if/when we may have an order for faceplates and such?
    19. Probably not for quite a while, unfortunately. Whether they cast many Rowans or not will depend on how sales do, so it's all up in the air right now.