Unoa Rowan Discussion

Jan 18, 2018

    1. That's too bad--but makes perfect sense too. I guess announcing a parts order before the fullsets sell doesn't make a ton of sense!

      I hope these girls sell well--and I have a feeling they will. In the meantime, maybe I need to look into a Buff Unon headback in case someone's decadent Metia plate needs a new home.
    2. I really love the soft body of Rowan I love her thick legs its very attractive and refreshing

      I think I maybe entering the lottery I like that fresh skin is paler than normal skin but I wish it was fairy white skin so Im not sure 100%

      I sent an email to the distrubotor, also is it Unoa like Uno Alchemy? or is it Unoa Alchemy?

      It was easy to find what the decadent looks like because I searched for the 1.5 pictures since I read it is basically enlarged 1.5 but does anyone have pictures of Unoa Zero hands that can be purchased as optional parts? I tried google but it is surprisingly not there or I couldn't find it easily

      Still I love this body very much its very nice to see thick legs but on a realistic body and style :truffle:chocoheart:chocoberry:cake:
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    3. It's UnoAlchemy all together - just a portmanteau of Unoa and Alchemy!

      I think we have the most pictures available on Facebook and Tumblr. If you join the Unoa Freaks group on facebook, you can see pics of all the optional hands. We don't have all that many though, so we didn't want to advertise them too much.
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    4. Question: Did you do the makeup for the PRIM that you mentioned here? I don't see it? would love to see what she looks like with a owners makeup.
    5. Sure! I've changed it a bit since, and I really want a dark brown wig for her, but here she is. I have a hard time choosing between the two sculpts. I really like them both.
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    6. I ended up having to repaint my Metia because her faceup chipped, so here's yet another example of what she looks like ( I think I am subtly preferring Metia, but Prim has been most popular by far).

    7. I think Prim looks a younger maybe that's why.. Lusis was more popular than sist I think.
    8. 4 more days >.<

      Im on pins and needles waiting for results lol

      I liked Prim initially, but Im leaning towards Metia now

      She has really beautiful hands
    9. The finger nails definitely want to be painted ! I can picture a French manicure.
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    10. I’ve been trying to post my girls for a while now but had troubles pulling dhareable files! I’m starting to feel old
      [​IMG] here’s my Metia!
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    11. And here’s my Prim

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    12. Different styling of Prim with the same faceup ❤️

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    13. @DaggerChan and @Minda, your Rowan girls are so lovely~ I can't wait until there are more owner pictures for me to look at until I can get one of my own.
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    14. I just got the lottery results and I won the right to adopt one :shudder:celebrate

      Very excited but this will be the last doll for this year too much shopping :doh

      Who else here got their confirmation? I hope everyone who wanted her gets to have the chance

      I hope I get the invoice soon Ill be traveling on thursday night and Im worried about being locked out of paypal because Im abroad when I log in to pay >.<
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    15. @GreenTeaSlug

      I got my confirmation email and I won the right to purchase too!
      I've never gotten an Unoa before (I'm still pretty new to the hobby) but I just adore the Rowan body! :D
    16. Another lotto winner here! I'm pretty passionate about painting unoas so this is super exciting.
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    17. Me too, very happy i’m able to adopt one <3
    18. I got one too! I'm getting a Prim with all optional hands. <3
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    19. I won my Metia (with decadent prim) and all the hands~

      So excited to stick her between my unoss and zero~
    20. Another winner here, with some parts and options. I will reveal all when she arrives, wooo-hooo! She's so stinking cute I can't even stand it! Maybe one day Mr. Araki will offer a painted Prim faceplate, I can dream right? :aangel: