Unoa Rowan Discussion

Jan 18, 2018

    1. A question about the Rowan's resin color.
      I read that the fresh skin is the new normal for Unoa? Is it different from the old fresh skin at all?

      Lyntea posted this comparison image back in 2014 and I'm curious if its still fairly similar to the fresh skin now
    2. There is no “old” fresh skin. The color has been the same since about 2010. We call the color before that old normal skin. It’s light with a pink tone. The old skin is a bit more yellow.

      It matches unoa zero resin very well and is the same as all dolls produced since 2010. The casting studio has a formula to keep it pretty consistent.
    3. Thank you so much for clearing that up! Researching the resin was a bit confusing but I understand much better now :)
    4. I just got my shipping notice so others who are also waiting should be getting them too :D I really want to see how you customize them

      I am surprised that is fast, I expected a 3-4 month wait for them to be ready to be shipped. Im so grateful its not a year+ wait for these beauties haha

      Im relieved fresh skin is pale colored, I like the white dolls over normal because blushing looks nicer and Im not tied up to warm or cold flesh tones for a blank canvas so it is more easy for me
    5. I think they originally said 6-12 weeks or 6-8 weeks for them to ship.
      The color seems a good compromise between normal and white so the doll can still look a bit healthy.
      Very cool they are shipping already I got my notice also!

      GreenTeaSlug which girl did you order?
    6. Looking forward to seeing how folks customize these girls!:D I've still got my eye on Prim, but I'm such a sucker for Fairy Skin that I won't have her in any other resin color.:sweat
    7. Yay for shipping notices! I think I'll get my doll next week, I need to pay customs fees for her so it'll add some days to the waiting time. I still don't have clear plans for my Prim :'D I was thinking of a two- or three-colored tibetan mohair wig but that's pretty much everything I've decided - and I'm not even sure of the colors yet.
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    8. Ooh love the legs so cute! that blue cat pinafore is cute too! skin color looks good also.
    9. How easy was she to put together was the elastic cut the right length already?
    10. Aaaaaaaa I'm getting my girl tomorrow! I was supposed to make some patterns for her today but I wasn't able to concentrate on them. So excited for tomorrow!
    11. @TreeLore at first I wanted her with extra faceplates to modify one to turn into my french bulldog, like that movie Penelope with Christina Ricci but then when I saw her face she is too pretty to be turned into that farting shoe thief baby :XD: Shes a Prim, but seeing the faces I think she will change to Metia decadent, its my favorite look, very moody!

      @Uninu I hope customs gives her a pass and not add a charge for you

      @DollInk I like that outfit choice, with legs like that she should show it off all the time

      I have my new guest in a dollfie dream sis outfit, I posted the box opening in the gallery if there is interest

      She is very beautiful and detailed I think people will love her

      For me she needs some work on the neck to help her tilt left and right better, some sueding and maybe sanding to give the skin less shine and more velvet feel and also less shine. I am excited to start working on her and then the blushing, the hands and feet are very beautiful

      There is nothing about her that feels Grade B so Ill just pretend that Grade B means Grade Babe
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    12. Thank you, @GreenTeaSlug ! I paid her customs fees on Thursday. Had I paid before 12AM I would have gotten her on Friday. XD
      I'm loving that outfit on your doll! Also Grade Babe sounds perfect fit for her.
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    13. As the person taking orders said they are all marked B grade (all orders taken by the company these days) it's not that they are inferior. Pity they continued to use that term for these girls. At this price I certainly don't expect anything inferior!

      Any shiny should go when she is sprayed with the UV cut protective spray or similar matt or semi matt I would think? not sure she would need to be sanded... ?

      QUESTION: she came strung!? that is great if so - just looked at your box opening.

      LOL the toe nails! I can see them interfering with shoe fit.
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    14. @TreeLore Strung and with a wig on too! :kitty1

      That makes sense! Ill use my matte liquitex and airbrush, Ill save the MSC for faceups since it took 8 months to arrive to me and I cant really find a close vendor or suitable alternative other than matte varnish lol. I got the idea of sanding from the Unoa Freak books, but i guess that was something I mistranslated. I originally wanted the Unoss but she is just as good and I loved her after the comparison shots posted earlier

      The toenails will definitely be sanded off, I was careful slipping on her socks, Im worried it might rip her clothes since it is pretty sharp. She doesnt fit any of the shoes I have except the unoa slips I got with her, so Ill customize that lol
    15. I had Unoss at one time, she had really large hands and big feet. The only shoes she fit was SD13 boys shoes. The hands on Rowans look smaller thankfully! they seem more in proportion. Unoss was manufactured by Volks and so the resin was volks resin which was a real plus. Unoss also had long toe nails but these look even longer...
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    16. Question: GreenTeaSlug - I see your girl is standing how did you find her upper legs? Mine are very loose! she can't stand, she can fall back and forward while standing hohoho. From what I see her legs are just tied to each other rather than strung up the body which would provide good tension.

      I wonder what I can do about that.... she can sit ok using the back leg lock notch but if it's not in she would just fall back as there is no tension in the legs. I have two of the doll both are the same.

      Anyone else have this issue? she does look very sweet just sitting but it would be nice to have her stand... urgh..
      MINDA any thoughts? I can't imagine it would be easy to untied the stringing and then somehow tie it tight enough to make a difference. Tighter than the people stringing her did. Is there such a thing as stable tight legs with this girl? or is it not possible and all are loose?
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    17. I've been having the same issue (my girl arrived yesterday)
      I've tightened the stringing in her legs quite a bit and they're still pretty floppy but they are noticeably more stable but not as stable as other dolls I've played with (but this is my first SD size doll, so all my comparisons are to MSDs). I'm still pretty new to BJDs but I get the feeling that the way her legs are strung (only through the pelvis and not the torso) is the mainly reason behind the stability issues.
      I'm thinking of doing some hot glue sueding so see if that helps, but I'm not sure how soon I can get around to doing that.
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    18. Well SD's should be no different from MSDs. Volks doesn't have this issue at all for example.

      I have a unoa mini size and she stands fine despite having quite loose stringing overall. These legs don't seem to have anything to stop the doll from floating back and forth. It seems as if the design is too loose between where the top of the leg and the pelvis is also. Hard to describe. I don't think I have ever had a SD with stringing just from leg directly to other leg and I think that is the issue.
      I wonder if hot glue would even touch the problem though.... I don't think so but you could try it and let me know!
      *** I wonder if there is a way to string her not leg to leg... urgh... I never restring dolls so can't imagine how that would go! You would think they would have strung her up differently if it was possible?..

      Maybe unoa zero people have talked about this issue also and found a solution. Anyone here with a unoa zero? maybe they are strung leg to leg also?
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    19. Yes, they use the same leg stringing as the Zero. For me, the Rowan is very solid, but your mileage may vary. You can improve things by wiring the upper legs with pipe cleaners.