Unoa Rowan Discussion

Jan 18, 2018

    1. I did! I've been checking here since yesterday to see if anyone had gotten their emails yet. I got mine this morning!! I'm getting default Prim with the black cat set and the extra Decadent face :dance now I have to figure out how to tie her into the story with my other AL dolls
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    2. Congrats!:)
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    3. Can anyone tell me if a Rowan faceplate will fit on the buffdolls Zero headback?
    4. Ok I can say for anyone else looking that the Rowan does not fit the Buff headback out of the box, but Buff has offered to mod the headback. So just send them a message through etsy before you buy!

      And in case anyone else wondered about the similarities and differences between Rowan Prim and Zero Latea:

      [​IMG]Unoa SD size Faceplate Comparison by t4124, on Flickr
      Left: Unoa Rowan Prim
      Right: Unoa Zero Latea Decadent

      They are extremely similar but not the same. Rowan is "juicier", like her features are a little bigger and plumper in almost every way, including her nose. And they both definitely fit the Buff headback differently and require some minor modding (again, looks like Buff offers this service but make sure you ask first!).

      [​IMG]Unoa SD size Faceplate Comparison by t4124, on Flickr

      [​IMG]Unoa SD size Faceplate Comparison by t4124, on Flickr
      Left: Unoa Rowan Prim inside marked 012
      Right: Unoa Zero Latea Decadent inside marked LA-3
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    5. Left: Unoa Zero Latea on Ariadoll body
      Right: Unoa Rowan Prim in paradise skin

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    6. Seems like alchemic labo has their own site for selling to overseas costumer now its this

      I don't know whether they ship internationally yet, their last ig post said that its suspended but it was in May
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    7. @maigune Would LOVE to see your photo! Could you get it to show up again?
    8. Just click on the link (the names of the dolls). I’m afraid that I don’t know how to get the link from Flickr’s App that shows the image.
    9. @maigune Ah! Worth the look! Fabulous faces, great outfits and the lighting is perfect!
    10. Another picture of my Prim with her new wig:


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    11. @maigune Your "correct wig" looks perfect!
    12. I recently accessed this link and attempted to purchase an assembled Prim which notified Alchemic Labo of this barely used international webshop lol... they have since closed it and took my orders via email instead.
      So I now have an unpainted assembled fairy skin Prim and Chibi Roron on their way to their preferred Tenso proxy service!

      Hope I still know how to paint faceups as I have been out of the hobby for some time, but am very excited to return with these ‘new’ girls!
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    13. My fairy skin Unoa Rowan Prim and Chibi Roron arrived 5 days ago right before Christmas! They are so beautiful and Roron is so cute I can’t believe I resisted getting the Chibi size for so many years.


      I’m now trying to give Prim a faceup but it has been slow going... have also ordered some Enchanted doll eyes for her.
      Looking at her measurements, she seems to be exactly the same as the Volks SDGr for chest, waist and hips! So many clothing options for her. Just the shoes are once again going to be difficult.

      Though I did get a pair of custom SD16 sized feet for my old Unoa Zero many years ago, I can’t seem to find a similar make now. It was so useful as so many pretty girl heels are in tht size.
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