Using one doll's clothes for another

Oct 21, 2020

    1. I just got Lucy by Ana Salvador. She is 11.5" tall. I was wondering if she could wear clothes made for another doll and what doll would that be? I don't like to sew, so I'm trying to dress her. Thanks!!
    2. Do you Lucy's other measurements (chest size, lower torso/legs/arms/feet length and width)?
      You might want to check out the mature tinies thread
    3. According to Ana's website, Lucy will fit into most clothing made for Blythe dolls. In my experience that means that pieces meant for Blythe, Pullip, and Momoko have a good chance of fitting on her, as long as they aren't meant to fit too tightly.

      Blythe shoes will probably also fit her, although shoes can be a bit of a struggle.
    4. She may be able to wear some clothes made by Mattel for Barbie. My slim Soom Mini Gems have a few pieces that fit decently. Pants and skirts fit more reliably then tops, which tend to look huge on them.
    5. My momonita (similar height) can wear Barbie clothes. The fit is a bit odd, since Barbie has a smaller butt/thighs but a substantially larger bust (she has to wear Ken pants, skirts, or stretchy pants) but the results are good and experimentation is likely to be pretty cheap.

      Silkstone Barbie clothes are relatively inexpensive on eBay and impressive quality (the jeans I found had FUNCTIONAL BELT LOOPS) so that might be something to look for if they turn out to fit well.
    6. This (Quirky Artist Loft: Doll Clothing Buying Guide: Will it fit?) is a great photo guide on blythe, pullip, barbie and more and which clothes (if any) they can share with one another. If her artist says she has similar measurements to Blythe start there and keep her hips in mind as they seem a tiny bit larger than blythe. Blythe also has a much larger head than body so any of her hats and headbands are useless (more MSD sized). Vintage Clothing Lots on ebay that have items from various different fashion dolls are a cheap way to find out what sizes fit and what doesn't and if you have her measurements you can also commission pieces to be made for her from seamstresses in the doll community.
    7. Thank you all so much for all of the information!! I really appreciate it!