Villitunes -- Mizuki Cyclops, Mimi-chu, Bunnycorn, Etc.

Nov 3, 2016

    1. This is kind of a weird question, but can anyone see the Mizuki shipping schedule on Villitunes' website? When I try to look at the notice, all I get is this:
      I'm just wondering if there was an update that I'm missing for some reason!
    2. I just tired it last night and couldn't see it either (I looked in case there was a mention of a next preorder). I thought it was my adblock, disabled it, but that didn't change anything. I guess maybe that's locked for some reason?
    3. Huh! I guess I could ask her on IG, but it makes me feel better that it's not just me at least :lol:

      Btw, as far as the next preorder goes, she said she was planning to offer Mizuki again in April 2019 :3nodding:
    4. Ms. Villi got back with me, and yes, Mizuki will go on pre-order in April! She also mentioned that the bunny cyclops she's posted a couple of pictures of (Loppy, I think is what she called it for now) will also go on sale next year (probably her later in the year preorder, she seems to do two or three a year). Just thought I'd let you all know that there's another cyclops on the way!
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    5. Hey everyone! I’ve been in contact with Villi a lot and I told her of my plans to bring my Mizuki to Japan with me, and I think she rushed my order to make it happen!

      Here is my darling Snowpetal, who’s packed in my suitcase now and ready to take off!

      (Let me get my photos up, hang on!)

      (Help how do I post pictures?)
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    6. I got in touch with Villitunes on Instagram and she said she would be sending my Mizuki soon! :aheartbea I hope those of you that are still waiting will get yours soon as well! In the meantime... if anyone has some Mizu spam to share... that would be pretty great :lol:
    7. My pink Mizuki showed up just yesterday. Still need to get some silicone to stick her eye in, so it may take me awhile before I can take some pics, but she's very cute. She got here pretty quick, too - I received a shipping notice on the 24th and she made it here on the 29th. I'm in the US.
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    8. If on Flickr, you need to NOT be on your phone. On a computer, click on the arrow icon to the bottom right and choose BBCode. Paste the whole thing directly into the reply. Do not click on the Image Icon. I hope that helps.
    9. That is quick! Especially for shipping from Russia. That gives me a lot of hope :D I haven't seen anyone get a yellow one yet; I wonder if she's shipping in color batches?
    10. [​IMG]
      Mizuki is finally here!! I ordered her on 4/28/18 and she arrived 2/5/2019 so it was about a 9 month wait but she’s worth it cause it’s such a precious little thing! I got one of the Sailor Moon eyes, a wig and an outfit for her! Now to find my putty so I can put the eye in her! Thank you so much for her and the gifts Villitunes
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    11. Ooooh! Pink is so pretty!!!! Love the pink and blue together. Outfit is adorable. Congrats!!! :D
    12. Oh lucky! She is so cute, congratulations! The packaging looks absolutely adorable too!

      Out of curiosity, which parts were gifts?
    13. Thank you!! I'm so happy she's finally here and ahh! she's as adorable as all of the photos Villitunes post!

      The blue eye and the little purple teddy bear charm are gifts :)
    14. That's so sweet! I can't wait to see her all together :D

      ALSO! I got an address verification email this morning! So hopefully I will be seeing my sunshine girl soon!
    15. Ahh yea I got address verification then within a week I received the tracking so it should be soon :)
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    16. I've officially hit 10 months wait and I'm soooooo antsy! My Mizuki hit US customs on Feb 28th and seems to be taking quite the leisurely trip to get here.

      My wife ordered and received a Dollshe boy via layaway before I got my Mizuki! :lol: Has anyone else gotten theirs in the last month? Can you share some pictures?
    17. Oh, dear! That's pretty bad when a Dollshe arrives in less time! Mine took a bit over 6 months to arrive and I thought that was pretty long... Have you contacted them to check on your order? I hope your Mizuki arrives soon! :horror:
    18. I did contact Villi back in February, mostly because I hadn't seen an address verification yet and I was worried my email had eaten it. My Mizuki has shipped already - it's just that this final stretch of waiting for the package has been tortuously long! She shipped on Valentine's day via EMS and just hit US customs last Friday.

      I'm not upset with Villitunes or anything - she's only one person after all, and the last few preorders have really blown up in popularity. And it's not like she can control the Russian post. :lol: I'm just so anxious for my Mizuki to get here!
    19. Oh... Russian Post can take time, it's true. At least it's moving!

      And yes, I think things go slower because Villitunes is an artist-run business. I don't blame them, either. I was just wondering if something may have been lost or forgotten--but it seems that it's just a case of everything going at a slow pace in your case. Things should go faster now that the package is in the US, though! Good luck! :thumbup
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    20. She's here!!

      Meet Sunny Beeps!

      I'm just in love with her! She's so cute, surprisingly solid and easy to pose :D

      The clothes I bought with her are very cute but the fit isn't super great (I bought the pink striped overalls as well and I think they'll need to be taken in before she can really wear them) - but they weren't very expensive so it's no big deal. It just means I'll have more excuses to sew silly cute things for her after all!

      I'll post a full box opening a little bit later. I'm so happy to have her! :aheartbea
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