Villitunes -- Mizuki Cyclops, Mimi-chu, Bunnycorn, Etc.

Nov 3, 2016

    1. So glad she arrived! Congrats!!! :D
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    2. Congratulations, @redfeathers! :sumomo: She's adorable! Love the yellow color, too - it's so pretty! <3
    3. Me too! :aheartbea Thank you!

      Thank you! It's funny, she isn't nearly as bright yellow as she appears in photos - it's actually a relatively subdued color with a bit more orange than you'd expect. But she very reliably photographs a much more bright, saturated "lemon". I was a little surprised when I unboxed her but I like it now!
    4. Soooo - can we discuss Mimichu here as well? :lol:

      I've been watching her progress on Instagram but it looks like she posted the preorder info on DoA this morning! Very exciting!
    5. I think discussion of all Villitunes dolls here should be OK! :3nodding: (Unless anyone objects?)

      Edit: I've changed the Title/Subject line. If this thread becomes too big we can split it later--but I doubt that will happen. Most companies only have one thread per size discussion...
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    6. Yaay!
      I have to announce that I have officially ordered my very first Villitunes doll!
      I ordered a Mimi-chu in light grey skin:love
      And hopefully still have enough funds to get a Mizuki in April too hehe:drool
      I'm so excited! These dolls are just so adorable!!!!!
    7. Is mizuki still in April? When I looked at the event board it said july
    8. Oh! Maybe it's in July! I only said April because I saw the earlier comments in this thread mentioning Villitunes will open preorderd for Mizuki in April :XD: Sorry for the confusion haha!
    9. She said at some point that it would be April, but since she pushed back the Mimichu order til now, I bet she changed her plans for Mizuki too. :)

      I ordered Mimichu too! I'm really thrilled I was able to make it happen. I got her in blueberry! :bcupcake

      I'm afraid I might be addicted... even after waiting almost a year for my Mizuki I immediately went back and ordered Mimichu... and I'm already thinking about what color I would want a Lamoon in... :sweat

      Just look at this face though... she clearly needs a big sister.

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    10. She's soooooo adorable! And um yes she does need a big sister (or maybe two! lol)
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    11. Two! I agree! :lol: I'm SO curious what colors she's going to offer when she does another Lamoon preorder. I want a whole rainbow of Villitunes cuties :drool
    12. Sorry for the double post, but I really want to share this cute shirt on Sunny Beeps:
      Banana shirt! :lol:

      It's a Barbie shirt! It doesn't close all the way down her back, but the overalls cover the open part so it doesn't matter.

      You guys, I LOVE this doll. She is so much fun to play with and pose!
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    13. More of this cutie please! MORE!!!
      And a rainbow of Villitunes dolls sounds AMAZING!
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    14. @redfeathers I love how you've styled Sunny Beeps! Do you have any recommended clothing vendors?
    15. Finally got around to taking a pic of my pink Mizuki this past weekend. Here she is in her mouse outfit:

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    16. Thank you so much! I haven't actually found any, sadly. I can confirm that she wears a 7/8 wig. The banana shirt is a Barbie top, but it doesn't close all the way down (so maybe loose-fitting t-shirts would be okay?). Everything else I bought from Villitunes. Now that I'm done sewing for con I'm definitely going to try and make her some things! She needs a tutu at least!
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    17. Hey all! I'm expecting a Lamoon soon, and I couldn't find a specific wig size. Does anyone know what size wig they wear? Thanks!
    18. Has anyone ever tried buying things sized for an MSD and putting them on their dolls? I'm wondering if MSD skirts and shorts might be the right size? (Then again, everything for MNF means they're all too small!)
    19. @Cattwo your pink Mizuki is soooo cute! That chair suits her perfectly!

      @A Wee Tiefling you know, I haven't! I think a little one-cyclops try on party is in order this weekend :lol:

      @Haunted Doll I know Villitunes said she wears "1/4" wigs, so I would guess 7-8? I sure wish she would give detailed measurements!
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    20. @A Wee Tiefling The results of my try-on session were disappointing to say the least! MSD clothes are way too big. Most Yo sized things are also too big, except for a few things that are too small to go over her behind. EVERYTHING is way too long. Maybe a short yosd skirt with elastic would work (as a longer skirt) or Minifee shorts or short skirts? Basically Mizukis needs their own wardrobe. If I find more bits and pieces that fit though, I'll be sure to share with the class!
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