Volks Dollfie ICON

Jul 17, 2019

    1. Yes, the price point is definitely a big reason why its shocking that the customers should be the ones changing something as basic as the color of the joints. Changing wigs, eyes, outfits is not the same thing as dyeing parts to match. If you don't like a wig, you switch it with another one. If you don't like how your faceup came out, you wipe it off and try again. Even if you botched a mod job, you can fix it up with epoxy putty. Dyeing is a very meticulous and complicated process, and it is permanent as far as my knowledge goes. More often than not, people choose to do it when they have no other option to get the color that they want, and not everyone gets good results.

      I expected better. I'm disappointed.
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    2. While I understand the frustration and disappointment, I respectfully disagree with the assumption that laziness is the reason for the mismatched joints. As someone else pointed out, it is easy for a plastic company to color plastic. It is literally just as easy to put blue dye in as it is skintone dye.

      Also consider, for a moment, typical Japanese aesthetic. While this is not universally true, a lot of Japanese art tends towards subtle and simple. You can see this in the way they traditionally decorate rooms, in the subtle flavors of traditional sushi, or in the elegant simplicity of a good sumie painting.

      While Dollfie Icon isn't a North America exclusive, it was made with North America in mind. North America has been on the forefront of technological innovation since the Industrial Revolution. We've also been big in the development of A.I. (but not the only ones, obviously). If a company like Volks is going to make something with a market other than Japan in mind for the first time, it makes sense to design that product to reflect their views of that market. Hence, the choice to make a robot doll.

      There are only a handful of robot dolls made, and all the other ones that I have seen are so specialized that it's difficult to customize them. It doesn't matter how you paint them, it's still obviously a robot, still obviously the one from X company. Dollfie Icon is different, in that its "robot" characteristics are a masterpiece of subtlety: it is literally just the color of the joints. Therefore, while it's designed to be a robot, it doesn't HAVE to be one. This particular robot aesthetic could really only be done with a Dollfie Dream type body, as it would be difficult to do in regular resin since you have to color all the resin at once.

      They really should have done more market research before launching this line, if opinions on here are any indication. However, I think they were telling the truth when they said that the mismatched joint color was an artistic choice. Unfortunately it's probably too late to change this particular batch, as the manufacturing is probably already complete, but hopefully they will change it to reflect customer wishes in the future.
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    3. Love the blue skin
    4. Nowhere have I seen Volks state that these girls are supposed to be robots.

      I almost wonder if a wider release of ICON will only be in Volks regular skin tones and the skin tones we are seeing now are exclusive to the North American release. A small, limited color release might explain them not investing in coloring the armature as well.
      It still reads as unfinished to me, and not up to my expectations from Volks.
      I am glad the mismatched joints are growing on some people. I do think it's really cool they've done something special like this and always hope for new and exciting releases from Volks but, to me, despite their explanation of it being a design choice it still sounds like an excuse; Especially so since the note from the President only came after the reveal.
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    5. Yeah, there has never been any indication from Volks' end that these dolls were supposed to be in any way robotic/android. That was from the customers' own artistic interpretation. Volks' official explanation was that of "accentuating the ball joints" and literally because its easier to replace if something goes wrong.

      Now that I think about it, they could have only casted the ball joint parts in the different colors, and not the entire frame, thus having less parts to cast which would make it easier. Oh well.
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    6. Icon was never intended to be a robot or even resemble a robot. I'm really confused as to where people are drawing that conclusion from.
      Let's not forget that Volks sold a literal toothbrush as a doll brush for $10. A toothbrush. For $10.
      Please don't make excuses for them. It's up to us, the fans, to make sure they hold up their standard levels because that's what a lot of us love about them. No one needs any stories made up to cover for this bit of bad publicity.
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    7. I agree with @Septunie in that we need to voice our honest opinions, no matter how harsh they may sound. If people just put up with it, it gives them the impression that everything is perfect the way it is and nothing will change and improve. My posts may have sounded brutal but I stick by them. I still love Volks, and I'll still continue to buy from them, but I will also not hesitate to voice my frustration because its a company that I love and respect and only expect the best from.
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    8. @Nell This thread, this post in particular, is where I got the "intentional artistic choice" information. So, no, they didn't say a robot specifically (I remembered that wrong, I admit) but it was likely an artistic choice. The exclusivity/emphasis on North America is on the main Volks Dollfie Icon website/announcement. This being said, I really do respect your (and anyone else's) opinion on the joint color, and hope they update it in the future. While I might still paint it to match if I get one, I personally still think it is an interesting and unique design choice.
    9. Very well said.
    10. While I see where you're coming from, that email was something sent to someone in private who inquired about the joints, and not an official response. It wasn't even their first email response, if I remember correctly. It feels like they don't want to put the money and resources into having different colored frames, because that would cut from their gains. What I personally get from that email is: artistic license (hey, this excuse works!) + it's cheaper to replace parts. If they offered to change the joints to any color from the line, now that would be an amazing thing and that would indeed feel like it's for the sake of art.

      They've been promoting Dollfie Icon more like angels (because Dolpa is in Los Angeles) in social media. They haven't said robots or androids anywhere.

      You can like their look, but the way they're refusing to handle it publicly, while a large portion of their fanbase is telling them we feel ripped off and disappointed (because we're used to higher standards from them)... It's kinda sad.
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    11. I think I’ll come back to this thread after LA Dolpa... Hopefully by then the discussion will move more toward the dolls themselves than just cries of unfairness.
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    12. i think you hit the nail on the head about the global release being in the normal colors, and the NA being these fun funky colors. hmmm... i honestly dont know what to think but am still excited to see them.
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    13. Having bought dolls from Volks since 2000 and having met their staff numerous times at different events, I can say that the different color joints is certainly NOT due to laziness or lack of caring about their customer base. Volks is all about catering to their customers and artistic integrity. I think it is an artistic choice decision. Did they take into account production processes, etc. - of course they did. If they wanted to make the joints the same color, they could have done so. I’m not sure why there is so much blame, shame, and hate being dumped on them for this new release. It’s something new they are trying, that’s all.
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    14. The only upside to pile-on threads is that they help me expand my Ignore List.

      The ICONs are no more to my taste than any other DD-type doll, but I think it's always interesting to see new developments in vinyl or resin, whether I love them or not. Granted, I'm old and tired and short on patience for Internet outrage, but I don't understand the need to post either melodramatic accusations of bad faith or baseless speculation about Volks's in-house design or manufacturing processes. Saying "I don't like the different-colored joints and I won't be buying an ICON" would send the message to Volks that you don't care for their new idea, without sounding irrational. Or, hey, even simpler: just don't buy one.

      Honestly, people, would you go into a SOOM, Iplehouse, or Dollzone discussion thread (for instance) and start bashing away at the dollmakers like this?
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    15. Criticism isn't hateful bashing. People who are unsatisfied with the product can voice their opinions just like the people who are satisfied do. I don't know why it is being perceived in such a hateful, spiteful way. Every community/hobby faces criticism, and dolls or Volks are no exception. Other companies have also been criticised when quality was not up to standard. I've seen my fair share of people who were unhappy with Fairyland's quality control way back when, even if it was something very insignificant and I personally didn't think it warranted a complaint, but to each their own.

      People have been asking for a proper explanation to the joints since their release and we've only gotten one private email response from Volks and nothing else. Its also in the way they're handling customer frustration that is disappointing.
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    16. I was lucky enough to welcome a Dollfie Icon at yesterday's LA Dolpa! Like many people, seeing them online I was kind of on the fence about the Icons. Once I saw them in person, I was really taken aback! They are gorgeous! I got romanic glance Terra! She has the most beautiful faceup and there's this subtle really pretty shimmer to her face. She has such a cool expression and I totally get a kind of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure vibe from them. (Maybe I'll turn her into Trish or Jolene!) Yes, the mismatched joint colors still bugs me a little bit but it's only visible on the wrist and elbow joints which are easily hidden if you'd like to. Here's only a quick phone photo but I plan to take more shortly!

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    17. Congratulations! I also was able to get ICON...I got violet. Honestly I can see them giving the option down the line to have replacement joints if needed. But I love her...

      Oh here is a quick post of my new ICOn...FYI the color is violet, she is a purple not a blue. I wanted Mint too...but had to stop at one (actually I wanted them all) Sadly I have to figure how to post a picture...but I will post one when I figure it out.
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    18. The more I see of these girls the more interested I become. Mint really has my attention.
    19. Mint was my second choice. I though she was amazing they all were. Honestly I have never been that excited over vinyl till seeing Icon. Certainly worth having in my book and the way the skin glows.
    20. Seeing them in person was awesome, they're all so lovely. I'm so happy I got to bring home a Terra! My sister got a Lilac, the iridescent vinyl is so cool. We're both still in shock.
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