Volks Dollfie ICON

Jul 17, 2019

    1. I was able to bring Serra home <3

      At the panel on Saturday, Volks staff said there would be option hands available for Icon. It sounds like the 4 released skin tones will be available again and possibly as more of a regular item.

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    2. Wow! They're so pretty! I'm happy to finally see some owner pics!
    3. Here's another photo of my romantic glance Terra. :)
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    4. :dance:danceI brought home Romantic Glance Terra also. She is my first vinyl BJD. I loved the Icons and walked around their table at least six times trying to figure out which one wanted to come home with me. But they were all shouting at me! So I finally decided to look at the girl whose number matched a special date for me. Yes, she had many qualities that spoke to me and sure enough - I screamed a little bit when they drew my name.
      Since BJD joints bothered me a bit in the early days, I knew I could live with these different colored joints. I am so proud to have been able to bring home this girl. Proud and happy. Thanks to Volks for making this possible.:love
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    5. Congrats to everyone who got to bring these girls home! Terra's coloring is gorgeous. I hope we'll be seeing owners pics of the other two types as well!
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    6. Congrats everyone! They are stunning and it's great to see everyone's pictures. The head sculpts are definitely growing on me, especially with white pearly skin. It's so shimmery :D
    7. I like the green skin color. I always think volks should produce a kind of new doll conbining dd body with sd head. This new product line makes my dream come true. I hope the company making more new faces for this line.
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    8. Then you will have to come see mine, El!! :mwahaha:mwahaha:mwahaha:mwahaha
    9. I'm so excited to see what people do with these dolls; at first I really didn't like them but I think I just have an aversion to their styling. The more I look at the dolls themselves the more I grow to like their features; I can't wait to see more of their potential through customization.
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    10. Same here! I find them beautiful but not what I would buy for myself because I’m not that into the fashion doll look. But I’m hoping we start to see custom faceups to explore icon’s full potential :)
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    11. Gorgeous! Congrats!
    12. Managed to figure out what was bothering Flickr so I could share a pic of my girl! I love her to bits.
      [​IMG]feather_04 by allie strom, on Flickr
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    13. I really hope I can get ahold of one someday!
    14. Wow! They are gorgeous! Any idea if it will be available in Japan and in other parts of the world?
    15. @be.enzo Volks USA is doing an after event including a lottery for these, but only for NA residents. I haven't seen anything indicating a wider release as of yet.
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    16. Your girl is so pretty. I bought the romantic glance version of this doll. I love mine to bits also!
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    17. Lovely girl
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    18. After Event started today, who all is taking part? I put in for Clover, wish me luck!
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    19. Good luck @Audrina Mystique (and anyone else who is going for an Icon)! I hope you are able to bring one home~ :cheer