Volks FCS F08 eye size?

Sep 9, 2004

    1. thanks a lot everyone!

      lizbet ^^ ur doll is beautiful, her eyes are stunning!and i love illness illusion's make up!
    2. Usually 20 or 18 mm :daisy
    3. Mine wear 18mm. 20 mm is a bit big for her. O_o;
    4. Here is my Lyric with size 18mm :

    5. *-* i love F08 more and more! ur Lyric is incredible!
    6. Awww, thanks so much. She's dying for some clothes though....good thing I have a couple of outfits in the mail to me *watches tracking numbers nervously*
    7. Mine came with 22mm acrylic but I since modified her eyes a bit and now she wears 15mm MPE

    8. Aika has 20mm eyes.

    9. Aika is so cute, I think the bigger eyes really make her look innocent and young.

      MsHatBox, your modification is really good. She looks like she has sharp intelligence or is giving you the bedroom eyes ;)

    10. Ah HA! maybe both!
    11. thank you very much ^__^
      Your girlies is adorable as well! I love her eye color, it's gorgeous!