Volks Four Sisters eye size?

Aug 22, 2004

    1. She is SOOO cool. Alishia did a BEAUTIFUL job. She has lots of attitude and she's beautifully painted. "SQUEEE!" I hope she makes it to me SOON!!!
    2. I prefer 18mm in Shouko, the 20mm make her look too sleepy. If your girl has attitude, I recommend 18mm!



      These are soft glass 21mm... You can probably tell from both pictures I prefer them slightly upward-positioned.
    3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm your girl is a beauty!!!

      I'm going to try 18 (cuz that's what I have at home lol) in mine and then maybe just get some 20 artistique... I like them to look a little older too and using more white achieves that. Esp since my girl is going on a DD body (big hooters!) she needs to look a little older.
    4. I prefer 20mm as well. This is my Megu, Lavinia, with 20mm Life-Like eyes:

    5. Thank you Sher! And I expect to see pictures when you do! :grin:
    6. Hi guys! :) I was wondering if the four-sisters' SD13 head could hold 20mm eyes, or if they could only use 18mm. Any info would be great! :daisy Thanks! :aangel:
    7. I've been debating about if mine could... my 18mm seem a little small sometimes, but I got my SD13 Megu used, so I'm not sure if she's been modded or not... I just ordered some 18mm silicone ones to try, and see if they work better than my glass ones... unfortunately I have no 20mm around here to test it.
    8. Yes they can, but I prefer how they look with 18mm myself.
    9. 20mm is really big. You could try using a bevel to make them fit if you want but 18mm really do look much better in this head mold.
    10. Ok guys, thanks! :) I saw some pictures of a lovely SD13 Megu and I thought she had 20mm eyes. But I can't be sure because I'm not very familiar with this headmold. I think I'll take your advice and in the future stick with 18mm, then maybe experiment with 20mm afterwords. :daisy Thanks again for your help!! :cake:
    11. I am about to order a Volks SD Megu, and want to get extra eyes for her, but nowhere on the site does it say what size eyes she takes. Does anyone know? I thought it would be safe to say 20 mm since most of the other SDs take those, but some of them take 18 mm. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

    12. :) Her defaults are 22mm, but 20 fits her just fine too! 18 also look good, but any smaller than that and the white part won't be big enough to fill the whole eye.

      Congrats!! Megu is a fantastic doll!! I hope you'll be happy with yours! :D
    13. Since I will be getting one soon and the site doesn't say. What size of eyes fits her?

      Also could anyone tell me the difference in the eye types? Thanks.
    14. I'd say 20mm eyes would fit her. :] You can visit Atashi no Beibe's website to see some of her gorgeous four sisters girls in 20mm's.

      And what do you mean by the difference in eye types? o_o? As in eye sizes or glass eyes/acrylics?
    15. She's 22mm. Her eyes are HUGE. I tried to change her to a 20mm, but they just didn't fill out her eye sockets right. She needed the 22mm.
    16. well for me my girl has the default. whatever they may be cause i have no idea. im going to say 20 or 22mm. But when i look at her, the whites in her eyes dont show enough and my mom says she looks like an alien ^^;;;! so people suggested 18mm.
      I sent you a PM too !
    17. Yep, the default eye size for Megu is 22mm ... the pupils pretty much fill up her eye openings ... very little white left showing. You can certainly go for smaller eyes, but 18mm leaves a lot of white and makes her look a little beady-eyed.

    18. I like 18mm with the metallics and weird colours. If she's going to look otherworldly, then why go half way;)

      I have 21mm green hazel Masterpiece in Nana now and more white shows than with the 22mm acrylics. I might try some 19mm masterpiece at some point.
    19. Oooooo I love them in 20mm eyes. Thanks Yoake. And what I wanted to know the difference in glass eyes/acrylics. I figured out the sizes but I wasn't sure which type of eye I should get. :?

      Edit: Also about nancy60304's doll and the 20mm eyes not fitting, was it just her doll since I've seen pictures of them with 20mm ones?
    20. ... The 20mm looked OK at first, but if you looked at her closely, from an angle, i could see a gap between her eye and her eye socket -- just an empty space that looked funny, so I went back to 22mm eyes and the space closed up.

      Could be the brand of eyes of was using, of course. It was just a simple acrylic pair that I liked the color of...