Volks Four Sisters eye size?

Aug 22, 2004

    1. Might be your brand.
      The 18mm Volks metallic acrylics leave a tiny space but the 21mm Masterpiece soft glass leave no space, but then they'd be able to compensate. I haven't popped in the 20mm german glass ones yet.
    2. Different brands have varying sizes. 16mm's from Volks HG glass may be different from perhaps Lifelike 16mm acrylics. But I believe the dome heights affect the fit in the eyeholes as well, depending on the shape of the eyes.

      Some brands have more whites for an iris size of 18mm, while other brands have less whites for the same iris size of 18mm. So in order to cover up the socket fully, you'll have to get those with more whites, if not, a bigger eye size. XD; Finding the perfect eyes that fit is trial and error, since even within the own company, the same 18mm eyes may vary.

      As for acrylics and glass, it really depends on what sort of effect you want. Personally, I like glass eyes better for their depth and realistic effect. However, there are much more choices in colours and styles for acrylics, but I don't like some of the acrylics' 'lifeless' look. But there are some acrylics that look wonderful as well! XD;
      Urethane eyes are gorgeous too, they're very similar to glass eyes and have lots of colour choices (Ethereal Angels and Enchanted Doll). :]

      And price wise, Zoukeimura glass eyes are most expensive (around US$120?). There are other types of glass eyes now (Volks HG, German glass etc. which are from US$25 to around US$40) and acrylics are most inexpensive, from as low as US$3?
    3. I'm thinking about getting the eyes from Enchanted Doll and does anyone know of any Megu/four sisters that have those eyes in? I think (if I read correctly) a Sara doll had 18mm ones with a high dome and they looked pretty nice.
    4. I've got 18mm EA Eye Candies for Shouko and I think they look great:

    5. What size eyes would I need for a volks sd megu?
    6. Please reply, I really need help with this.
    7. Please don't bump threads within a short time of creating them, this is a popular message board, but, there aren't experts on 24/7 ;)

      Also keep in mind that with standard dolls, there are usually people who have asked the exact same question before, like here. You can find these old threads by using the "Search" function and typing in Megu or "four sisters", as her head is usually referred to.

      Note, I'm not being condescending, just trying to point out the rules this forum enforces to save space by not having repeat threads :daisy
    8. Oh, ok, thank you! ^.^
    9. Hello~
      I am interested in buying a F01 mold, but I want to make sure I get the right eyes for her.
      I was looking around, and I saw she takes 22mm.
      It seems near impossible to find the eyes I want in 22mm, for being the first bjd in production, hardly any eyes for that size.
      Most seem to stop at 20mm. I found some I liked, would 20mm fit her?
    10. Yes, 20mm eyes work just fine, and many friends of mine even use 18mm in their Four Sisters heads. It depends on what kind of look you want for your girl! With 22mm eyes, she will look very wide-eyed; the iris of the eye will fill almost the entire eye socket. With 18mm eyes, she will tend to look older, because adults' eyes are smaller in proportion to their faces than children's eyes are. 20mm are a pretty good compromise, for me.

      Here's Okaru, my Megu, in 20mm Soom silicone eyes:
    11. Oh! Thanks so much~ It's perfectly what I had in mind.
      Thank you also for the picture, very very helpful.

      Would anyone happen to know her wig size? I feel so... stupid...
    12. Four sisters heads are pretty big! Unless the wig cap is abnormally stretchy, they need a size 9-10 (that is, a wig that will fit heads with a 9-10 inch circumference).
    13. Volks older wig styles usually work very nicely for big-headed dolls -- that's what my Nono mostly wears. Cancan J-series makes some nice 9-10" wigs that I've had great luck with too! I've heard that the "large" Leeke wig size fits too . . . actually, I think they use an F-01 as a wig model, lol.

      And I agree, the 20mm eyes are the best for that mold unless you want an older look. :)
    14. Yay! I just got a 9-10 wig in for my other girl that I thought I might have to sell, but looks like good news because I really loved the wig.
      Thanks so much all =)
    15. Not many use 22mm in the 4sister - 22mm is very big!

      Most 4sister owners use either 20mm for a sweeter look, or 18mm for a more mature look.

      Here's my Yume in Volks 20mm:


      I second the wig size being 9-10. 4sisters have a big head...