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Volks SD girl Mika @___@

Aug 7, 2005

    1. I saw an SD Mika on YJ on my heart is still making its way slowly back into my ribcage. XD
      I know she's a limited along with SD Ken but what else can any of you tell me about her, she's a real beauty.
      How hard is she to aquire?
      How much does she go for?
      She an old type right?
      Where can I sell my kidney? XD

      And for SD Mika owners (if there are any) what do you like most about your girl?
      I think that's it =3

      Oh wait I lied XD Someone tell me what the deal is with SD13 Nicolaus? He looks like Sylvie O__o

      Okay okay that's it for now. =3
    2. Though SD Ken/Mika are limited, there is a Sato exlusive head (F-18 ) that looks just like him/her! Unfortunatly, that's the extent of my knowledge on the subject. Wait 'till Valentine sees this - she'll know.

      edit: for the attack of the random 8) emoticon
    3. She is limited, she's fairly old and doesn't come up that often (although it's not unheard of to spot either a full Mika or a full Ken set kicking around once in a while), not sure how much she tends to go for, yes she is old skin, and I believe there's a shop down the street to the left that'll take that kidney off of your hands. Good luck if you decide to go for her!
    4. She went to bed, I'm waiting on her to wake up XD

      Noo! not the 8) emoticon @__@

      Yay for the shop down the street XD I'm really thinking about her. I need more pictures though. Not just the official ones. =3
    5. Yay for Shan's headmold page of amazingness! (I swear, I live off of her webpage :oops: ) Ken & Mika are down near the bottom, just past SD Nono :daisy
    6. I was just looking at this. I have this page bookmarked XD
      Go Shan go! <3
    7. Hey hey hey, even encyclopedias need some rest once in a while... XD

      Mika/Ken are actually pureskin - they have the "old style" pureskin bodies with the squarish knees. Hard to believe Volks has been making pureskin dolls for so long. =@_@=

      Also...there were some awesome comparison photos posted here a while back to show the differences between the Mika/Ken and F-18 head. Personally, while they do share many features, I think they're too different to recommend the F-18 as a definite replacement for a true Mika/Ken. =^^=;;
    8. Question~~

      I thought Mika was MSD but not SD? *confused* Or is there a SDKen and SDMika and MSDKen and MSDMika? :?
    9. Both.

      MSD Ken (limited release, oldskin)
      SD Ken (limited release, pureskin)
      MSD Ken (standard release, pureskin)

      MSD Mika (limited release, oldskin)
      SD Mika (limited release, pureskin)
      MSD Mika (standard release, pureskin)

      Listed in order of release... =^^=

      It's kinda like how Volks does SD10 and SD13 versions of Megu/Nana/Sara/Kira, Nono, and Mimi, only starting from a younger age.
    10. ::glomp:: Valentine you're so smart! :D

      Those pictures are really good! I'm glad I like the FCS one more, easier to get. x3
    11. *glomp back*

      I'm just a geeeek. XD
    12. I have an SD Mika. She's very cute. ^^ She's definately not at ALL the F-18, though. She's not that hard to get, either, unless you hate Y!J. There's one on eBay right now.


      She wrote the name wrong in the title and description originally. XD

      I love Mika, but she's not bonding with me yet. ^^; I think it's because she's mad that she is currently wigless. XD
    13. Valentine I know I know ^^. F18 looks more like an older Hewitt O_o.. Not even Ken and Mika look alike much, there are some differences...
      And I'm a geek too! Welcome to the club, collect your t-shirt at the door.

      Hieru They grow up fast dont they? XD

      mortimer Isn't she nifty? ^^ (OT: Love your Anias 2 <3)

      Shana-chan I don't hate YJ, I fear it. XD

      I like Ken more. No, not the appliance people X3
      I was thinking of a Sylvie for the villian if I ever get a doll for her. But Ken is kinda pretty XD

      And no one know anything about SD13 Nicolaus? @__@
    14. Nicolaus? One-off sunlight SD13 boy, way before sunlight was available in FCS... Dolpa7/Sylvie head, SD13 boy body, H-02 hands, I think. Cute guy.

      As far as I know, the Dolpa7 and Sylvie heads are the same...or at least, they look so similar that I've never been able to tell them apart. Obviously, the Dolpa7 head existed as an exclusive Dolpa limited head before Sylvie was released; she was probably given that head to "re-release" the head as an entire doll.
    15. *hands you a cookie* you're a genius <3
      They need to make the head a FCS option now :|
      A Sylvie is a rare one...comes up once every four months or so.
    16. Thankee!

      *munches cookie*

      Sylvie doesn't come up very often, but she also doesn't go for skyrocketed prices (like some other limiteds that will remain nameless) when she does appear. It's curious; her headmold doesn't seem all that popular. I've seen some really gorgeous customs, though, including more SD13 boys...

      I might just be biased. =^.^=;;;
    17. The character Livinia is cold and calculating. Looks beautiful and innocent. That's why Ken/Mika's eyes were so lovely to me. I like Sylvie's headmold. I'd make her lips bigger if she was to become livinia however. =3
    18. I have SD Mika and I have to agree that Mika is not the same as the F18. I love my precious girl. Absolutely adore her! I hope you find one. She's just beautiful. I purchased my SD Mika as just a head then got a pureskin body for her--they seem to match perfectly.

    19. val to the rescue ? *laughs*

      here is my tuppence (sterling still best exchange rate XD)

      How hard is she to aquire?
      - she pops up in a sporadic frequent way as in sometimes there are none and at times there are three XD~ 2~3 months back there were about 4 SD Mikas and 3 SD Kens on YJA. I know there were a few on ebay too ~

      How much does she go for?
      - On a rough estimate, Ken goes for about 70k ~ 90k yen for Mika she goes a little higher at about 80k~98k yen give or take if full set with extras etc (y'know...)
      Head only wise somewhere around 25k~33k+ yen depending on faceup etc ~ possibly more... but I haven't seen a lot of custom Ken/Mikas unless you count way back when they were released. Their outfits though, pops up more frequently ^^

      She an old type right?
      - She's one of the first few Pure Skin models but with the old "_n_" knees XD~

      Where can I sell my kidney? XD
      - I think you can donate it to the nearest hospital XD~

      Hope that helps ~
      She's a real cutie ^^
      If you need any pics of her, I could PM you with a zip file...
      (of about 400+ ? more if you want Ken too XD)
    20. Thanks for the info Jay. <33 Do you have pictures of her? ^^

      Yes! <333 Super Val! XD~
      She has the weird knees thing? >_<'' Maybe I could just get the head?
      donate means i don't get any money XD
      I'll be bothering you about pictures momentarily >_>