Volks SD13 Heath discussion

May 5, 2005

    1. Oh, he looks good as a blond, doesn't he?! Wow!
    2. Congratulations on your Heath! He's quite wonderful! Hooray!!! :D :D
    3. Thanks for the info!
      By the way, StephG *points up* posted some lovely photos of her Heath with a Lishe. They look AMAZING together!!

    4. Hi everyone,
      I just recently received my dream Doll, a Volks SD13 Heath Doll. And now I need to buy him clothing:...( , but I don't know where to go for clothes that will fit him well. I am thinking nice classy tailored business suits. I love the Iplehouse clothing, but I don't know if my boy will fit into any of these suits. I see a Saint modeling one of the shirts that I was thinking about getting him and and then another doll modeling another.....Heath is Long Leged, so now I'm just I'm just so confused!!!!!!!!*_* And I really want my boy dress already. Can someone that owns a Volks Heath help me please:aangel:
    5. i think heath can fit any SD13 clothes ^-^ but i would wait and see what the others say.
    6. Most SD13 boy clothing that Volks makes is long enough for long legged boys. A Dollheart outfit I have was made with pants long enough to fit him (though oddly enough the waist doesn't fit and they can't button, huh :? ). I don't know if *all* Cheery Doll clothes are like this, but the jeans I have are way too short and now my Kohya is sitting around in high waters until I get him a new outfit :sweat

    7. lol.... See that is exactly what I don't want. He is suposed to be gorgeous and sufisticated. I think I'm just going ot have to go with the Iplehouse Clothing line. They have great stuff, expensive:| , but awesome.:sweat.... Ohhh I really hope whatever I get fits my Aden like a glove!!!!:eusa_pray
    8. Er well most of the clothing on Volks' site for SD13 boys is rather sophisticated..a lot of it is suits.

    9. Yeah but dosn't it look a bit Ill fitting?:sweat
    10. Heath is an SD13 long legged boy, every suit made for SD13 boys from Volks will fit him.
    11. Awesome.... Nice to know:sweat
    12. ehh, I hate to mooch off of your thread but i'm getting desperateand nobody is givving me exact measurements. I NEED to know the girth of Heath's head! in inches or cm i don't really care. I NEED to make this wig and the girl isn't giving me measurements and NOBODY else seems to know so I wouold REALLY appreciate it if someone would tell me. out of all you Heath owners ONE OF YOU HAS to know! ^_^ Thakn you very much (i'd like to kow like...8-9 or 9-10 wig...simply not SD that's getting me NOWHERE)
    13. All SD13 long leg boys outfit~
    14. i think dollmore.net sd13 clothes should fit right, they are affordable and nice.