Volks Super Dollfie Cute discussion Part 2

Aug 26, 2017

    1. @RamenDoodles Bravo! Thank you so much. This is a big help. It's good to know what the improvements are in the shoulder.

      I was hoping there is something else in the knee or leg cause Sdc girls are know for kicky legs. Volks says new legs are more stable.
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    2. Glad to be of help!

      The knees are completely the same, but now that I'm looking again, there is a slight different in the thigh joints. Here's the 2007 body:

      And the 2017 body:

      It's not a new groove but it's much deeper in the newer body. I couldn't get a good shot of the sockets of either doll, but they're exactly the same, save the depth.
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    3. @RamenDoodles, Love seeing your discoveries about the new Sdc girl body. Interesting about the grove on the thigh being deeper.
      Many thanks for your photos!
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    4. @ginarolo You're right, there is a noticeable hand size difference. I guess it could be hidden with the right camera angle, but I'm still glad I got it just in case I end up getting a SDC boy as well. I'm tempted by that Hansel since he's been sitting in Mandarake so long and I can see him up close very well (he's in very decent condition), but I'm also wondering what the possibility of Volks releasing a new boy - or rereleading an old one is. I'd like to think the rerelease of that hand part is an indication of future plans but it could also just be coincidence.
    5. @Torino I think it's just a coincidence. The optional Sdc hands such as the holding hands were made years ago. Volks releases them every few years. It doesn't mean there might be a new boy. The Sdc boy has a larger wrist ball than the Sdc girl. But with long sleeves you wouldn't notice anything. Hansel is a really handsome head mold.
    6. My Renee, Reese, arrived today <3

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    7. I had a lovely vacation in Seattle this past week, and both Maaya (Renee) and Rica (Mina) got some good relaxation in at a pretty garden.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    8. Hi SDC fans! I just got my first SDC (actually first resin Dollfie!), Renee! The Belling the Cat set. I’m wondering if her outfit is known for staining and if I should be worried. I’m used to Dollfie Dreams, and I know resin doesn’t stain as easily, but I’m still a little fuzzy on how worried I should be. Can any Renee owners (or anyone with advice!) help out? Thank you!
    9. Hi, I also got SDC Renee as my first resin fullset after being used to Dollfie Dreams. They dont stain in the same way that vinyl does - most of what happens seems to be superficial discolouring on the surface of the resin, unlike with vinyl where the stain penetrates deeply. (I have heard of deep stains happening on resin dolls but its less from clothing and more from ill-advised faceup materials such as sharpies)
      That said, I used the socks the outfit came with for a long time and they did kinda stain her (well, his, mines a boy) legs, but again, not in the way a DD stains. The stains were mostly around the joint part of the knees, and after some light buffing with a magic eraser, came right out.
      I didnt have the rest of the outfit on for a prolonged period, but I imagine its similar. If you are worried I would just be sure to check it now and then. But I am also curious about other peoples experiences.

      also @RamenDoodles , Renee is super cute with that hair colour!

      I also hope everyone voted for SDCs in the anniversary poll. I would really like Ryu to get rereleased so I was voting for him every day. I would rather he get a rerelease than buy him second-hand because I prefer Volks recent faceup style.
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    10. @Torino Thanks! It suits her well n_n

      @kellyemm I've had SDCs for over 12 years, and I've never had a staining problem from any type of clothing. My Renee wore the default outfit for a few days, so not a long period of time, but it didn't do anything to her. I've had dolls wear black, red, navy blue, and dark purple - never a problem. And like Torino said, if you do notice some discoloration, a quick scrub with a Magic Eraser will likely do the trick.

      (Off topic, but I'm the opposite of you guys - I've had resin dolls forever, and when I got DDS Sailor Moon, she was my first vinyl! I'm paranoid she'll stain, ack! My boyfriend has quite a few Dollfie Dreams, and he's telling me not to panic, but I feel like a new doll owner and I can't help myself.)

      But yes! Resin dolls, Volks/SDCs in particular, are pretty hardy against clothing stains. I'd be more wary of wig staining, but even then, the stain is under the wig, so it doesn't seem like that big of a problem to me.
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    11. @Torino @RamenDoodles thank you both so much! This puts my mind at ease. Just real quickly, on the topic of the Dollfie Dreams staining, invest in that skintone tape - it really helps. I put a pair of Dollhearts shoes on Sheryl for 3 hours and the red logo stained the bottom of her feet very lightly. Not the worst thing but it can happen, especially in humid climates!

      Thanks again for calming me down - I’ll keep checking for discoloration, but it’s good to know it won’t necessarily happen over night, and even then it’s pretty easy to fix.

      I definitely voted for the SDC! I really love this size. Fits so well in bags to carry around with me!
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    12. @Torino I know I was voting for SDC boys every day! There's no boy in particular I'm dying to own that we don't already, but I'm still heavily invested in new SDC releases in general because I love the size so much, and it's been ages since a release. I'd love to see an updated SDC boy body like the newer SDC girls.
    13. @ekala I’d LOVE to see more SDC boys! When was the last time one was released? Eons ago?
    14. @kellyemm Hansel in 2011 was the last boy released - so by my count, absolutely eons haha
    15. Trying a little navy-black wig I had lying around in SDC size - I’m in LOVE with Renee! She’s just such a cutie!

      [​IMG]SDC Renee by Kelly Murray, on Flickr
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    16. I didn't realize a pt.2 thread had formed! Joining in with my Renee too... This was a test of her Chii wig and eyes I made for Resin Rose. One of these days I'll do a proper photoshoot with my nice camera to show off the full costume.

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    17. She's precious!! Love her whole look and the Chii wig.
    18. Does anybody know Mina's head measurements in cm?
    19. I was about to go looking for my measuring tape but then went DUH my Mina doesn't have her actual headcap anymore :doh (we made a new one out of epoxy since her cap now resides somewhere at the bottom of a river...)

      I was always able to get stretchy 6-7 wigs and smaller 7-8 wigs to stay on her head using a silicone wig cap prior to the accident, if that helps at all :sweat