Volks Super Dollfie ~ SD, SD13, SDGr, SD16, SD17 & FCS - Part V

Jun 15, 2012

    1. I found out on flickr when someone I follow opening started saying that they owned recasts.
      I also simply googled a doll one day and the first link took me to a recaster.
    2. The first known Volks recasts were the Forever Dolls, who I believe were mostly MSDs? I know they were the only way to originally get a male MSD because they modded the girl body to be a boy. They were ordered in good faith because back then, the only company really was Volks and people thought they were just a new company finally showing up, and ordering was done completely off line through transactions with people who knew people in Japan. The dolls received were poorly made, possibly toxic with resin loaded with sawdust.
    3. And, also, it's not just new dolls. It's everything, from what i've seen :(
      Basically if enough people want it, it will exist. HOWEVER, if someone wanted an SD13nono, you'd imagine it'd just end up being a.... ryo? whatever the SD10 boy is that's the same head as her.

      and kim, I just saw your comment

      I was actually not directly accused of my SD13 nono being a recast, but when I did buy it, it was for a severely liquidated price, and never being able to find another body like the one she was one... it always made me wonder.

      On that note :/ The reason this is such a huge concern for me is because I one of my photos as once used on a confessions blog for a confession talking about "popular people who own recasts" ......... ever since then I've been on edge :( I feel like people see MY photo and then associate that post with me :(
    4. I'm glad your Nono turned out to be all okay, Knibitz! That's a useful bit of info about older Volks and headcaps as well.


      Quick shot of Maya, my F-17 boy. I haven't taken any photos of him in ages - too much rainy weather and long working hours.
    5. Knibitz : Someone did that? Posted your photo as a recast? D: That's unbelievable. They might not know the difference, but really... They need to ask before pointing fingers. >.>
    6. Confession blogs typically pick a random photo, often of questionable relevance (sometimes the submitter will pick a photo they feel is relevant/pretty/etc). It's not usually meant as a personal comment about the photographer/doll owner, but it's not nice to have your photo involved in something that is often unpleasant and drama-ridden. Most blogs will take the confession down if you let them know you don't want your image used, though.
    7. I did. But one thing tumblr doesn't tell you, is that that doesn't stop ones that have already been reblogged.
      It can actually even worsen the problem, because now, the reblogs link back to nothing. I reported all the reblogs to tumblr and they were removed, but I wouldn't be surprised if a reblog made it out between the time I reported and the time it was taken down :(

      and to keep a little bit on topic. I got a Ryoya Konoe recently ;; his head is stuck in customs *pout* I hope he makes it home soon!
    8. Awww... Congratulations! XD And I hope they release him soon, too. :D
    9. Something wasn't working out with Arashi, so I'm trying to figure out what look I want for my boy. I'm happy with the wig now, but the eyes seemed odd so here is an attempt with blue instead of copper.

    10. He looks good with blue eyes... ;)

    11. My old F-12 girl doesn't have a plate in her head, or even a spot for one. Just a big, bald Volks head. ^^ Inside, she doesn't have a year, but does have some Japanese writing stamped into the resin. It's a four character word or phrase. I don't know what it says though..

    12. Definitely more 'earthly'! :3nodding: That blue is good with his complexion. Love the dark rims, too - what kind of eyes?
    13. Thanks. I think the copper was just too warm and it looked odd when combined with his faceup.
      These are old, old ED 21's. They are almost but not quite a steely blue. My El has some the same color but with a clear rim (which makes them look cold and icy).
    14. I like warm eyes in my Ryoya-- But originally, I really wanted him to wear blue eyes and black hair, because Ryoya reminds me so much of a young Kyle MacLachlan. I think it's the beady cheekbones & the nose & the mouth-corners. :fangirl: Sadly, Mr. MacLachlan's coloring did not flatter Reika at all. Yet that color combo looks so good on Arashi. At least somebody's Ryoya gets to wear it! <3

    15. If you'd like, you could post a picture of the writing and I could see if I can make it out for you.

      Ryouyas, Kyle Mclachlan mentions, and F-17 lips. What a thread! :D
    16. I've seen that before (not sure if we are talking about the same blog) and it is very RUDE. I can understand it when someone post the original photo on tumblr and link back to the original source, but to use that photo and put things on it (written text or whatever) and then put on tumblr, is wrong. It is not your photo to use like that. I've seen it linked back to the original source but the owner of the photo is usually NOT aware the photo is being used like that. In that sense, even if you credit it, doesn't make it right.

      *sharing a photo so I wouldn't be TOO off-topic LOL.

    17. [​IMG]

      My Irvin's wig looks great in real life, but it's the biggest pain to photograph.
    18. really?! that would be great! i will take a photo on my day off tomorrow. ^_^
    19. Hi fransyung...here I am...thank you for the link !

      You are so right : lots of beautiful dolls to admire here !!!

      Once I saw Turbow's super-pretty Lorina "Elyse"...she really blew my mind. Since then Lorina is one of my grail dolls....and maybe she will stay a never fullfilled wish..LOL. But we all need some stuff to dream about, right !? So I will keep on searching for her....
    20. Welcome, Nightflower... ^^ Never say never about a Volks doll...!!! XD It's a back-stabbing spell!

      And... sharing a very old photo of Noel~kun... He never lets go of his hair. NEVER. >.> I tried numerous other wigs, but he stays put with this one. (_ _)