Volks Super Dollfie ~ SD, SD13, SDGr, SD16, SD17 & FCS - Part V

Jun 15, 2012

    1. Oh. My. Word.


      *picking self up off the floor* Mmmmkay, to keep the SDGr theme going . . . I'm struggling with eyes for my Minoru. Found these Coeur Lapin eyes in my box (urk, I'd forgotten I had them), and they're not bad, but also, somehow, not quite right. Anybody have ideas for eye-color families that might work with the default Minoru faceup? I'm terrible at visualizing eye colors in advance--I have to see them IRL in order to know whether they work or not.

    2. oooh, so many stunning boys on the last two pages!!

      jennynemesis: i LOVE your sakaki. he is one of my ultimate dream dolls. and so hard to find! *sigh*
    3. Darn, I've always had a soft spot for Sakaki! *steals yours away*
    4. I know, I only have a few pierced dolls but between them all, there are a LOT of ear piercings here. I just like the zircon stud look for him. The sliced up nose ring he's using is a zircon stud. The stone is a bit smaller than his default, but that doesn't bug me. I just kick myself for cutting the post too short (so I have to glue it in the hole, stupid stupid thing).
    5. Well, I don't have my own drill, so I had to work with whatever sized hole Volks gave him-- and thankfully an over-the-counter jump ring fit just fine. Other pierced dolls I have came with holes too small for ordinary rings. (Iplehouse must have a pixie-sized Dremel kit or something. xD)

      Thank you orphansparrow & fran - I never thought I'd actually get to own my own Sakaki either, so I adored my friend's boy from afar for years. Then one day she sold him, and I was first in line. They sure don't grow on trees. Sometimes I still have to remind myself that Kentaro is really mine! He is a precious thing. :aangel:
    6. So many beautiful boys and so much conversation to catch up on!

      Aves: Your boy is so gorgeous! I love his mod and faceup. Oh, and his hat! :D

      fransyung: Beautiful boys! Love their eyes!

      The only problem with yellowing I've had has been with the heel feet I bought recently! They are so much lighter than my SD13 girl body. It was originally Crystal's body, from 2007 (I think), and these feet are from a 2010 batch, and it's definitely noticeable. But that's all right. My girl is in stockings and shoes 99.9% of the time, so not a big deal at all.

      Now, if I could just get her to stand in her heel feet in Dollheart shoes. Am I the only one who has difficulties with this? x.x
    7. Not having your own drill would make rings harder to find, I agree.
      One of my boys wears jump rings in his holes, another wears actual surgical steel rings (28 gauge? 30? something tiny like that).
      I used to be a piercer, so I have tons of weird stuff and so I have the ability to do a lot of testing for fit.
    8. Thanks krissi ;u; I love him to bits.

      This is my other boy Jango. He's my oldest boy ;u; (please excuse my jina posing with him!)
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    9. Thank you so much... ^^ About feet, I guess that's why Volks create high heel LEGS now instead of just feet? Have you tried putting a silicone kip inside each feet joint (right above the ball)? ^^ If your girl wears boots, it will help her stand upright, but if it's regular shoes without sides to support the ankles, you need to use silicone kips. That's what I use for my girls (non Volks ones).
    10. Wow! I love his style! :D His wig and outfit are fantastic. I wish I had enough style-sense to dress my dolls like that but I'm totally not gifted in that area. He's awesome!

      Genius! I never thought to use kips in that area but I'm totally going to now. I think that'll definitely help, because I do have problems with unsteadiness in the ball-joint around the ankle when I'm trying to balance her.

      I have to take my Lucas' body apart again (his joints are kip-sucking holes of doom) and I'll steal some from him. hehe.
    11. Every joint is a kips-sucking hole!!! I hope one day someone will create kips that stick like Spiderman's hands. >.>
    12. LMAO! I JUST DIED.

      I've never had a volks doll with kips, but my soony came with them and I was like OMG WHAT ARE THESE WRETCHED THINGS o_o
      Constantly slipping into her joints >.<

      I hot glue sued everyone in my doll family XD then that just gets all gunky with lint :P
      no wins for me!
    13. Knibitz~ Your Heath is gorgeous!!! I really pray for a rerelease. I love Heath but would love to see him with a more up to date Volks makeup.
    14. Are they high heeled Dollheart shoes? Because a lot of those, or at least all of the ones I've owned, the heel was too high for the high heel feet to properly stand in and too shallow for SD16 girl heel feet to stand in.
    15. I sometimes wonder if the kips problem is that volks doesn't make the hole that the elastic goes through wide enough, so when the elastic stretches the kips just go along for the ride. :P

      For those with Date's, my boys new eyes arrived last week so I finally popped out his old ones along with the hot glue. But in the bottom left eye there seems to be melted resin. I'm wondering if anyone else has this, meaning it's a part of his sculpt or if it happened when they hot glued his eyes in?
    16. Do you mean there's melted resin inside the eyesocket?.. Like, a gouge? or a lump of extra resin?

      (What I am wondering is how you managed to "pop out" those eyes. Those sumbitches took me an hour to pry out, and most of the glue sorta stayed in the sockets. :X Wotta mess! I used a hot screwdriver to melt the glue-pile enough to pry out the eyes, but it's gonna take a bevel to sand out all that leftover glue. Same thing happened with SD17 Shiro. I am on a crusade against Volks's current brand of hotglue. $%^*&!!)
    17. Oh goodness, I have been away so long. There are so many lovely pictures as usual :) My Aki just received his new body this morning so I thought I would share. I want to get a couple of picture in before I take him apart and send him out to redo his chest tattoo.

    18. And, of course, my only girl...who is a Volks F-01 and my love, Miyashita. :)

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    19. It's like a lump of extra resin. Here's a picture.
      Resin lump by Cloudedmind, on Flickr

      As for getting the eyes out I put the head in the freezer for about 15 minutes and then using one of my curved sculpting tools I then pried the eyes out, with enough force they kind of came out with one pop. At first I thought I would damage his eyelashes but they're just fine.

    20. okay timid. thanks for your offer to help!

      i took some photos of the inside of her headcap. it's hard to see i know, but there is the Japanese writing, and what looks like the letter "e".

      sorry it's hard to see very clear, but can you make it out at all?

      or does anyone else know what it says? ^__^



      here is a link to see the writing close up:

      http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7713836342/sizes/h/in/photostream/

      thank you!