Volks Super Dollfie ~ SD, SD13, SDGr, SD16, SD17 & FCS - Part V

Jun 15, 2012

    1. That's the Zoukeimura stamp, the name that the Volks creative development team works under.
    2. ooh, so simple! thanks Kim. :)

      Do you know what the "e" stands for?
    3. Yeah, I got the freezer idea from Tetradeka actually. I think she mentioned it in the thread before this one. I was going to use paint thinner, but couldn't find the bottle I use to have.
    4. I've always been leery of thinner for eye removal (saw those pictures of that tan Shiro with his faceup washed all down his face ;;_;; ), and also of anything that changes the head's temperature too much (have melted a doll's eyelashes off via hairdryer, and I bloody hate regluing eyelashes :X). Hot screwdrivers have always worked like a dream up until now. But, with this new kind of unremovable Hell-glue, I'm willing to step up my game & try the freezer.
    5. Cloudmind, that looks like just melted hotglue on my monitor.

      I use Windsor and Newton on a qtip and my fingernail to get the hotglue off. It takes lots of patience but it will come off. You just have to be careful not to get it on the face up of course. That glue is a pain in the tush.
      I hate it! I usually try and get all the residue off right before I send them off for new faces. Otherwise, sometimes it can make the eyes hard to get in the well. Im gonna have to get a beveler for some of my girls who I cannot risk face up removal.

      I have several Volks dolls. I have bought some second hand with all their goodies, paperwork ex. I have noticed they all have different head caps depending on when they were made.
      My yo-Sara and my F-01 have the most similar. My F-01 is the only one that does not have her head plate, it was lost by her last owner. She has the date 2002 in her head and I have never seen another doll with a date. She has all the other Volks stamps as well. My Lieselotte does not have the tale tale gate mark, but I am her first owner from Kerby Lane so I know she is authentic. I honestly did not realize how many recasts are floating around out there. It really scares me. I tend to be pretty careful about buying second hand anyhow but now I am going be more so. Here is my Suiseiseki. I think she is going to be named Simone. I tend to change my dolls names often. The pink eyes were just temporary. I have since sold them. I am in the quest of finding the perfect brown eyes.
    6. Just a friendly reminder please keep discussion on-topic and avoid discussing recasts at this time to avoid causing panic regarding the second hand dolls.
    7. Edited:

      I'm so psyched, y'all! I just purchased a FCS 38 boy head. EEP! SO EXCITED!! I've wanted one forever, and I finally got one for a decent price. I think I'm going to have him share an SD17 bod with my modded Heath. Oh, the joy! The rapture! I'm so looking forward to seeing that smirk in person...
    8. Omg!!! Major congrats!! F38 is a gorgeous mould, one of the few fcs head moulds that i truly love! Cant wait for yours to be done! Yay to more f38 around!!

      Haha! Im just as excited as you!
    9. I'm a little late on this, but I was lurking and noticed there was discussion about the old head caps and markings, so just for future reference:


      This belongs to an old SD13 Sara head from 2002. :)
      No gold plate or indent, just a round head and this 'KERO' mark and stamp inside.
    10. You're definitely not the only one. I have heel feet for my SD13 girl too and she can't stand at all in Dollheart heeled boots. So disappointing :(