Volks "Tokyo Shonen Monogatari" (Tokyo Boys manga)

Sep 9, 2004

    1. Haha, I was going to bump the thread just right now! :D
    2. Mm, he has a lovely spare style, especially with color.
    3. i like the soft colors and the subtlness about it! :D
    4. Omg! tehehe... I just opened up the little pamphlet that came with my Isao Nanjou wet wig, and there's a ltitle comic thing inside. There's something on the other page saying "~The Song of the Boys~" with a whole bunch of japanese text, and a price of 5800 yen. I'm not sure what that means. If I take a photo, would anyone be able to translate it?

      Here's the comic, at any rate - looks like the boys are coming home from a festival with their prizes/purchases and get caught in the rain. ^_^
    5. *snerk* Ohmygosh, how cute. I love whom I assume to be Shirou shaking off the water like a dog....
    6. Yup. Shirou's the dorky looking one with the shaggy hair. Tsukasa has a mask on the top of his head and is apparently wearing his backpack, and Isao is the one with the fish. Tsukasa has some dumplings or something, Shirou has some corn... and I don't know what that thing he's dangling is.

      The little white fuzzball in the pic of Shirou shaking himself IS a dog. XD Tsukasa is offering it a dumpling up on the top row of drawings.

      Here's the text, if anyone can translate for us!
    7. Isao looks all... hot :nosebleed Plus he has a fish, now I have to like him. Unless he mistreats the fish. Then he shall RUE THE DAY--*cough*
      They're all cute, though. Wonder whose dog it is...
    8. At the end there it sort of looks like Isao is just... posing. It's really great looking though. They're cute.
    9. if they came from a summer fair that japan has, it's most likely a baloon yoyo toy. Very popular there.
    10. The Song of the Boys part writes:

      Tokyo Boys Story: The Song of Boys
      Isao's Wet Wig
      (Price info)

      Thank you for purchasing Isao's Wet Wig.
      This item is a special item made only for Isao Nanjo of the Tokyo Boys Story.

      Isao pays a great deal of attention to his hair style.
      This new hair style is unpopular with Shirou, who loves "Icchan's Braids"...
      But Isao himself likes this hard-edged style as well.

      Isao Nanjo, the third main character of the Tokyo Boys' Story.
      He really just wants to be honest and true to his feelings... perhaps that is why he loves the rain."

    11. maaaaaau....! my Tsukasa!! YEAAAAAY!!!

      a comic like this with Shirou and Tsukasa (and the dog) came with Tsukasa's special order backpack, so I bet for each of the remaining boys that they will have a special extra item you can send off for, and if you do, you get a little comic.

      I dont suppose you could scan it larger? I'd like to see their faces and stuff better... <:)
    12. *flails then runs self into a wall* I want! ;_; I hope a whole manga of this comes out, and then I would latch myself to it and kill all in my way! :o I don't even like Shiro and Isao the dolls, but omg! ;_; And Tsukasa and the doggy... *drags them all to her house >3*
    13. Bwahaha, I love how Isao is just standing there, posing :lol:
    14. ::rocks:: This strip does not make me want to get an Isao just to molest him... This strip does not make me want to get an Isao just to molest him... This strip does not make me want to get an Isao just to molest him...

      Oy. @[email protected];
    15. Isaso: Hm. I will screw you both!

      ... I want this manga. If not to make the pain of not having an Isao or a Tsukasa go away!

      But Shirou suddenly seems less serious. How cute ^_^
    16. OMG! New obsession!

      o.o forget bJDs... I love shirou.. Im a suka for mangas XD I had shoujo stuff....
    17. ^_^ Okay, for those that want a bigger version - here you go. I'll link out, so not everyone has to sit through it loading. I actually scanned it this time (Last one was a photo) - my scanner was being strangely co-operative.


      And thank you soooooo much twotone for translating it for us. :D OMG Shirou is so cute! "Icchan's Braids"!!!! :D

      I think you're right Aimee about the comics and the extra stuff. *dances about* oh I do so hope they announce the 4th boy for DP12!!! Actually, what I'm really hoping is that they'll have a special re-release of all 4 of them. *goes off into happy fantasy land* XD
    18. eee thankyou! :D looks like they took a trip to the shrine and bought food on the shops on the way to the shrine. SO CUTE