Volks "Tokyo Shonen Monogatari" (Tokyo Boys manga)

Sep 9, 2004

    1. UWAH!!!! :: falls off chair again :: I love Shirou so much already but this makes it worse!!! and Tsukasa and Isao too T.T :: pets comic :: I saw the other one that I think came with the backpack. Had Tsukasa and Shirou and the dog and I LOVED it...dunno where it was...is there more of these? and is there perchance the tokyo boys story anywhere like for real? I know the dolls are from it, but like....does it exist?
    2. I think what breaks me into gigglefits is the fact that Shirou is STILL bouncing the balloon yoyo even as they're being drenched by the cloudburst. Also, the expression on his face.

      Ahh, this is too cute!
    3. Ah, good! A big version!

      Say... When is somebody gonna scan in the one that came with the Tsukapyon backpack?