Volks Yo-SD questions (wig/shoes/clothes)

Dec 1, 2005

    1. I managed to get a pair from Leekeworld -- but that was a year or two ago so I can't be sure they would still carry them. But you could look on their website anyway.
    2. Take a look at Leekeworld. I think they might have some. Pipos has adorable cat ears. If you're looking for smaller ears on your YoSD, check out Fairyland's pukipuki ears. I've seen them put on yoSD heads and they're actually pretty cute (it's very understated instead of OH HEY LOOK CAT EARS).

      Pipos, IMO makes the cutest cat ears though.
    3. Would these attach to the wig? Yos don't have magnets in their heads like LTF do, at least none of mine do.
    4. What I was going to do was put a pare of magnets in the head with some eye puddy and do it that way I think it will work if I have strong enough magnets in it.
    5. I was wondering. What common doll types can Yo's share clothes with?
    6. No, they won't. As Leeza-Kat stated earlier, they fit 5/6 dolls like Pukifee/Lati Yellow. Yo-SD is 6-7.

      Liv Doll *clothing* can fit Yo-SD, but I think it depends on the outfit.
    7. Hey Staria, any photos of those cute Ann Estelle shoes you bought? Length-wise they look good to me but I'm curious if they look too wide or not. Thanks!
    8. No worries, sorted
    9. I recently got a 5Star Tong Tong doll that came with a wig, a pair of shoes, and no clothes. The doll arrived just a few days before I was due to go to Central Florida so I took the doll with me. I went to Judy's Dolls and the woman there was very helpful. She suggested Miss Corolle and it fitted Tong Tong pretty well.

      Soon after I returned to Maryland, I attended a doll show in Gaithersburg. I purchased this Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit that was originally made for Berdine Creedy but it fitted my Tong Tong doll perfectly (including the shoes).

    10. hi guys just to late you know that Dear doll size shoes fit Littlefee feet with shocks are best and the LaLaloopsy clothes fit the Littlefee as well. I have a bathrode from the LaLaloopsy and it fits well but you should know that you will have to take the hands off frist.
    11. Does anyone know what shoe size Honey Delf Pie's *Luts* wear?
    12. I've modified (chopped up) a Liv wig to fit MSD, so I'm going to try it when I get my Yosd and see what happens. I'll post a pic if it works out OK.

      I also got some Barbie-sized clothes, but since I have seen examples on this thread I doubt they'll fit. Good thing I kept the receipt. "Why are you returning this?" "It's the wrong size for my doll." LOL.
    13. Does anyone know which company makes nice 4-5 wigs? I'm struggling to find a wig for my Customhouse Bisou...
    14. Hi. I,m Lynne and I am new to DOA. I have about 5 yo-sds and size 6-7 from Leeke World wigs work pretty well. They have a deep wig cap that keeps them on. Of course I just ordered some silicon wig caps for some of my other dolls. Good luck. Lynne
    15. I've been having some shoe troubles with my Chika... She won't fit fairyland shoes, dollheart shoes or releaserain connies! So now I am REALLY confused. What will fit her?! Has anyone else had this problem? I honestly thought dollheart shoes would fit... it's a shame, the ones that I got match her outfit so well too :(
    16. That's weird..the Fairyland shoes and boots I have fit my Yos (including Chika) quite well.
      Have you tried the AnnEstelle shoes from Deb's Adorables on ebay? They are a good fit also.
    17. OOH yay! thankyou so much. I just tried on the fairyland shoes again AND THEY FIT... which is very very weird! I think it must be that I was too timid with them at first. The dollheart shoes don't fit still tho >< I shall try AnnEstelle's shoes from Deb's Adorables :D can never have too many shoes... mwahaha!
    18. Can anyone tell me, do Soom Teenie Gem clothes fit Volks YoSD? I can't find this information anywhere :(