Volks Yo-SD questions (wig/shoes/clothes)

Dec 1, 2005

    1. Does anyone know where I can get victorian clothing for 26cm boy-dolls? I found Rosenlied and a few on the Luts site, but that was it then... Dollheart is too wannabe-victorian for me. D:
    2. Smudge,
      I have nothing to do with this site or the items she has for sale but I know that My Own Little World on etsy has some patterns made for Pukifee, Lati yellow and YoSD as well as some other sizes. Often it is a mix of sizes in the pattern. I haven't purchased one of these myself so I can't tell you how good they are or not. But she has a good reputation and would be willing to answer any questions, I bet.
      Hope this helps,
    3. What else is close to a YOSD size?

      Maybe ShinyFairies or Lati Yellows?
    4. ShinyFairies yes, but Lati Yellows are 10 cm smaller than YoSDs (LY - 16cm... YoSDs - 26 cm). Other YoSD-sized dolls are e.g. OceanMoon tinies, Rosenlied Tuesday childs, Ariadoll 5 years, Fairyland Littlefees, Soom Teenie Gems.
    5. That's odd because I have a bunch of different Dollheart Yo-SD shoes, both girl and boy type shoes, that fit my Volks Yo-SD dolls nicely as well as other similar sized dolls I own like BambiCrony Ciao Bella, LTF, Pipos kid dolls. Did you get all of the stuffing out? They do stuff an amazing amount of tissue paper in their shoes sometimes.
    6. Are you looking for fiber or fur type wigs? For fiber: Have you tried Parabox? They make different sized wigs in fantasy and regular colors. Also you can try Audrey's Doll Gallery but you'd have to wade through the styles to find what comes in the size you need. Also ForMyDoll, though they don't advertise, can cut some of their wig styles to 4-5.
    7. Hi^^ I'd really like a Japanese style school bag for my yo ( arriving next week<3) Anybody know where I might find one? Thanks!
    8. Hi, 1mim makes beautiful mohair wigs for a fair price. About $22. She makes them in any size.(and they fit) and a million colors, evenshaded, I've been very happy with her and she is great to do business with.
    9. I have a question for anyone who owns Volks Yo-Tenshi... I recently got one for my mom (boy was that hard!) and we're completely bad at math and converting to mm ~ We've found some shoes she's liked on KemperDolls but we have no idea what would fit her foot. I read 45mm back in the first responses but I'm not sure that would fit her girl. >_<
    10. Hey guys! I'm getting a little Soom Bygg from the Marketplace soon, does anyone know what size wig will fit him? I have found an adorable one thats size 6-7 but I want to be sure before I buy it :)
    11. I use for my teenies gems leeke wig, size 6~6.5inch with silicone caps under them. Also Luts 6~7inch fits well.
      I think that leeke 6~6.5inch isn't properly this size, it's more similar to luts 6~7inch.

      I suggest you to use silicon caps under the wig, they're fantastic to fix the wig and to prevent the stains.

      Hope this help you.
    12. does anyone know if there other sock sizes who fits yosd? does msd fit too? or are they too large? wigs fit both sizes right? what about socks? i want this

      or something like this^^' but in yosd size i only find this http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=8967 thats not exactly what i want =/ are the msd socks only longer or really larger? if they are only longer i see no problem, socks are flexible i think, but i don't know about doll socks ^^'

      could someone help me? thanks in advance~
    13. Thanks LadyHimiko! The wig caps are a good idea, I will get one for him! :)
    14. A couple questions.

      Does anyone know where else I can buy clothes that fit a Luts HDF?

      Do Fairyland LTF clothes fit Luts HDF?
    15. I'd like some aviator goggles for my yosd girls, see alot for the SD size.
    16. ...bump.. for cleaning
    17. KuroKuro, if it is on msd, it is doesn't fit very well, and more short ! !!! becareful !
    18. Hello everyone!
      I was wondering if anyone could help me with Yo-SD shoes question!

      My mother has a Chinatsu 2nd and is having trouble finding shoes that fit her. We tried Luts, but it's too tight with socks on :(
      Does anyone know if BlueFairy Shiny Fairy sized shoes will work with Yo-SDs?
      If you could, please let me know how it feels with socks on/socks off.

      Thank you! > <
    19. I wanted to add my question here just in case someone knew:

      Do angell studio clothes fit Volks YOSD?

      I'd really appreciate the help. :)
    20. I just want to double check, littlefee clothing fit Volks yo-sds right?