Volks Yo-SD questions (wig/shoes/clothes)

Dec 1, 2005

    1. I have heard that they do - yes!
      Or at least I hope so because I just bought a fairyland outfit for my YoSD. :sweat

      My question for the experts: I have my first YoSD on layaway, she is a Volks Suzuna on a Yo Tenshi body.
      I was just curious about which eye size looks best on her. I was guessing 14 mm?
      Also just double checking on the wig size.

    2. Hi again, I have another question - does Suzuna wear a 5-6 or a 6/7?
      Thanks! ^_^
    3. Sorry to bump such an old thread, found in the official YoSD discussion thread.

      I'm having trouble with wigs for my Kuuta. Where Angels Lie said the wig size is the same as SDC or a Unoa but my size D Leeke wigs feel like a very bad fit. I wanted a long wig but these are Rapunzel long and they're too heavy for her head! The wigs are also very tight and almost impossible to fit on her head even with a wig cap/velcro.
      Are Leekeworld wigs just very fussy like this? Should I get her a size M(MSD) wig instead if it's too tight? I just wanted a wig mid-back length but her hair is so long that it gets under her feet and I'm nervous to cut an expensive wig.
    4. My Tinatsu/Kuuta wears a 6/7 wig, if that helps. I think mine wears a Customhouse wig, but has worn all kinds of different wigs, and the SDC size at Volks is generally just a little bit loose. There is stretch, and I end up using some pitato wig stop to keep the wig in place.

      If you are using Unoa sized wigs they will be TIGHT. I recommend Monique 6/7 for sizes. You may need to trim a longer wig because of how short the Yo-SD are, but you can get a beautiful long haired look with care.
    5. Thanks for the advice! Yes they were Unoa wigs. They're so tight they pinch my fingers getting them on and they won't even cover the front(thank god for long bangs) I was freaking out over how much bigger her head looked compared to my Unoa head since I read Tinatsu/Kuuta have one of the smaller heads of the Yos. I'll check out Customhouse and Monique!
    6. Customhouse went out of business several years ago I am sorry to say, but I've had good luck with Leeke wigs in the past, Monique wigs, and Volks SDC size with a bit of their wig stop which is really handy; I have a bit on all of my dolls' heads.