Volks Yo-SD questions (wig/shoes/clothes)

Dec 1, 2005

    1. Dollmore has an uber cute Narsha boy suit set i ordered for my Yo-Sd. The measurements are very close- i think 1cm off in the chest and 1.5 off in the hips (narsha is bigger than yo).

      I will tell you how they fit once I recieve them :)
    2. [​IMG]
      Heres my Kyrie (Yo-SD Anne) wearing a Leeke sized Leeke world wig and it fits perfect.
      Her shoes are by Dollmore, they are fantstic (such little zippers!, lol)
      The dress is by me, I have Yo sized clothing for sale in my clothing thread (link below if anyone is interested, I can do guy and girl stuff even though I mostly have girl stuff shown)
    3. Pictures to show the fit....



      Deb's have black ones.
    4. OH yes, I can vote for Judy's and Deb's sneakers. My babies would be lost without them :lol:

      They fit perfectly and there's enough room for socks too.

      These are from Judy's:
      Mint Green:


      Notice Judy's sneakers are made of canvas (? is this the english term?) *_*
      and the one's from Deb are faux leather.

    5. Why thank you Yuni, you're so sweet! :)

      The dress and bloomers in the first picture was a Yahoo Japan auction, but I honnestly don't remember the seller.

      The jeans and knitted sweater is actually a Corolle dolll outfit.

      The pink outfits in picture 3-4 are from Amelie Tailor and the last picture is a Cookiedoll outfit. It includes a white skirt and a little purse too.

    6. I just got shoes from Judy and they are soo cute ^__^ I luv how they seem anime like~ or game like~ you know that chunky look soooo cute! I really recommed her she is great to deal with and very fast! (I'll post pics later~)

      Juju's Dolly Mall

      Juju's Dolly Mall @ Ebay
    7. Some Bleuette shoes will be way too small and others will be just too small. Bleuette shoes generally come in 2 lengths, 37mm (for Seeley's body) and 40/41mm (for Global's body). 10" Tonner Ann Estelle shoes (which fit Yo-SDs well) are 45mm.

      A good source for shoes, wigs, socks and tights is Audrey's Doll Gallery www.audreysdolls.com. You can get Monique, Kemper and Global items at 30% off list (40% if you have a business license). Getting something from Audrey's takes 1-1/2 to 2 weeks because Audrey ships whatever orders she's received by Monday on the following Thursday, and she usually ships USPS First Class from South Carolina. She also requires a $25 minimum order before shipping and handling. Order carefully because returns are basically impossible. She's really a wholesaler who does retail on the side.

      Audrey does carry the new Monique "Gold Collection" wigs for BJDs but you have to order them by phone, you can't order them from her Web site. (I don't know why.) I haven't ordered any of them yet so I don't know what her pricing is like.

      Hope this helps ... Cindy
    8. A lot of Ken clothing (as in any Barbie male doll) will fit YoSDs well, but pants frequently have to be altered for length. When I went to FAO Schwarz in New York, I discvoered that Madame Alexander clothing fits really well too. Nice cheap alternatives! I've finally started sewing for YoSDs and will have a few OOAK outfits up soon. I ordered a bunny hoodie from somebody recently for my YoSD, but I can't remember who it was. I think it was Bittenbefore who has some ADORABLE stuff in the tinier sizes.

      I have a question for you all about eyes. What is the best size for YoSDs? I've seen people use everything from 12mm to 16mm. I'm not even sure what size the eyes in my Kasumi are. O_o I want to order her some pale silver eyes - with some white showing as I think she's a bit more mature than Gabriel (YoSD Piccolo). Any suggestions on size and where to get them?
    9. My Kuuta uses 16mm for his eyes, however I realise that different companies often make their iris and pupils bigger. Kasumi will probably take a 16mm, so depending on the company get either 14mm or 16mm.

      You can also measure the eyes also for the size.
    10. I prefer the 14mm in Tinatsu, but I like to see white and am considering 12mm next time...
    11. The Suzuna/Rengemaru sculpts look best in 16mm and 14mm because their eyes are huge. XD I'm not sure if 12mm would work in them. Kasumi's eyes are equally large, so I would assume she would look best in 16mm and possibly 14mm. It all depends in what look you're going for though!
    12. I prefer 14 for Jarek (Piccolo). 16's are just a bit too large for the older look I want for him.
    13. I think my Anne looks good in both 14mm (young/innocent) and 12mm (a little older/wiser). ;)
    14. I'm so glad that I found this thread, because I was about to spend a small fortune on clothes and shoes for my new little girl, but now know that there are so many cheaper alternatives. Thanks everyone!

      I still have a question though. I saw one Bravot brown mohair wig posted that looks like the style I want for her, but I'm wondering where I can find other ones like that in blond or white.
    15. what about eluts wigs? do any of them fit YoSd? :)... I think someone told me that the 6-7 (CDF) fit. I'mf eeling swish cheese brained
    16. Going back to Ken clothes, a couple K B Toys here in Vegas (so maybe some where you live too) are selling a Beach Ken set for $8. You get a rash guard shirt, another brown (cute) beach shirt, swim trunks, and a navy over shirt plus some acc. like a boogie board, water bottle, suntan lotion, and some candy bars( but the c.b.'s are outta scale). Here is a pic of the fit. Sorry it is so dark.

      Outfit one
      Outfit two, and I LOVE the little wallet chain she has on her hip.

      (edited, added another pic and a better shot of the first outfit.)
    17. The wig is just a W-106C-16T / Long with Braids / Cream off the Volks site, I just took the braids out and pigtailed it.

      as for Barbie clothes...

    18. Oh, I forgot to post some pics of my little girl in the Gem Doll mohair Faith wigs:

      Honey Blond

      Ash Blond styled by me
    19. I have done tons of expirementing and here are my findings!

      Shirt: Barbie - doesn't close in the back, so I took out the velcro and replaced it with eyelets.
      Shirt: Barbie again with removed velcro
      Skirt: Barbie - doesn't close completely in the back, but with a long wig it looks fine, plus the velcro doesn't catch the wig.
      Wig: "Josephina" is what the tag says... I bought it here on DoA and I want more! It is very soft and very easy to keep looking perfect.
      Wig: 6-7 Monique Gold
      Dress: Old-style Barbie dress. Still doesn't completely close in the back, but it fits much better than the new Barbie clothes.
      Shoes: Bought from Salina here on the forums.
      On Cassiel:
      Clothes: PJs are acctually from a Dollar Store "Rescue Team" clothing pack. :? How often do you find PJs with machine guns and combat gloves?
      Shoes: Monique Gold Criss-Cross, the nice thing about these is that, unlike the Volks shoes, the toe goes almost to the tip of the shoe. The Volks shoes are much longer than the actual foot. They give a more realistic look whereas these shoes make a cute look.

      On Rhoden:
      Ken clothes, the overshirt needs his hands removed to get on.

      Shirt and pants: Ken clothes! Fit like a dream!

      Another example of the cutie Monique Gold wig and shoes!