Volks Yo-SD questions (wig/shoes/clothes)

Dec 1, 2005

    1. All the angels come with their own, unique wings.:aangel:
    2. Yes, Yuh's are very similar to the optional wings #3 (I call them the little bud wings ^_^) and Kasumi's are slightly bigger and more spread. I'll try to take a picture of all the wings later on and post it.

      Interestingly, Mamu's wings turned out to be smaller than the others, which is good, because he can actually stand fairly stably when wearing them. Poor little Yuki just tips over.:sweat
    3. Thanks Kellyhime.

      I should be getting my Mamu in a few days a great friend helped me get her on Y!Japan. I've been told that the Volks wings could be a bit large and cause a top heavy problem.

      I have the momijii wigs in #2 but didn't have a doll to try both wings on. I got the cherry in #2 and #3 because someone said wings #1 was very large and heavy.

      My new goal is to get one of all the wings.

      My next save up is to try to get a Yuh.
    4. Congratulations for your one! My little boy came on Tuesday and I love him! I'll have to post his arrival story here, since I only have it on my LJ now.

      Here's a pic of my wing collection with labels:

      Obviously, I'm still missing #2. Someday...

      I've managed to get my Yuki to stand in #1, but they are very heavy. The others are a bit better, but still take some balancing. Mamu's are definitely the best for standing so far. Also, he has one of the Kips disks between his head and neck, which does seem to help with posing.:)

    5. Welcome, Shinyan!:D

      We're so glad that you like our little ones' clothes. I think that a lot of us buy our clothes from places like Volks, but it is also easy to make clothes for Yo-SD, since they are small. I made a basic bodice pattern by just holding a piece of paper up to half of my little girl's chest and tracing around the neckline, armholes and across the shoulders and waist. Add 1/4" to the outer edge for a seam allowance and you can make just about any kind of top you want by either having it open in the front or back and by adding sleeves, collars, etc.. Or sew some gathered fabric to the waist and you've got a dress. I hope that this makes sense and helps. :)

      This is a dress I made for my little girl using my own pattern:
    6. I had a lot of questions about the porcelain doll dress that Peony stole for her arrival photos.

      My mom found out today that there are some cheaper bisque porcelain dolls at the Dollar General store for $3 each! And their dresses fit BC perfectly! They are slightly wide in the waist, so I'd think they could fit YoSD dolls as well.

      Thus, we made a quick trip to the Dollar General and bought an armload of dolls for under $10!

      Here are some pictures of Peony next to the doll she stripped a dress from, and three more of the dolls in their boxes. (pic links were dead so I deleted, but left the text. sher)

      The dresses fit (even over the hands!), and so do the bloomers. The shoes and some of the hats do not. Some of the dolls come with accessories that are probably a good size (like bags and parasols).

      The above dresses fray easily and aren't perfectly made, but they are nice for photoshoots and just sitting around in. You just have to be careful putting the dresses on and off. The socks could probably fit, but as you can see in the pics, they are not made well at all since they originally had shoes covering them.

      The bloomers that Peony is wearing in the above pics (probably can't see them), came from a more expensive porcelain doll that was about $10 and came from the Florist where my mom works. The dress in the picture below came from a Russ Birthstone doll that's the same size as the above dolls. It's a bit better made than the above pics, hence the higher price.

      The parasol is a christmas ornament that I got from GardenRidge.
    7. I have 1 boy home and 1 boy comming
      and I have the same problems ...shoes

      Outfits Im fine , ...I to tend to sell a lot of boys clothes ,

      Luts shoes ...although too large ,normally , I knit thick socks for my boys so the shoes now fit
    8. I got the black Yo shoes from Releaserain - they are too big on BC but might fit Yo better. The shoes seem to be a bit too long on BC but a lot too wide in the front. I know Yo's feet are longer (4.3 cm vs. BC's 4.0 cm). BC's foot width is about 1.7cm at its widest. How wide is Yo's foot at the widest point (likely toward the toe end)?

    9. My Yo's foot is 4.1 by 1.8 cm. Maybe they would fit Petite ai?

    10. FANTASTIC !!!
      they arrived today , the orange boots are wonderful , and the white shoes fit to perfection ...the boots blew me away
      love them

      100% happy , they are even lined so there is no coloured leather touching the resin

      Im so impressed I went and bought some orange 4ply cotton and some black yarn to make Dom` (my Puff) an outfit for when he arrives

    11. I dug out my old toy box and my old Ken stuff (late 70's/early 80's stuff) fit fine. It is a bit snugger than the new stuff but still workable. :)
    12. Okay, stupid n00b question time! XD

      Do Cutie Delf clothes fit Yo-SDs?

      (Yep, that's the whole question.)
    13. They are a bit big, but I have a couple that work fine.
    14. Okay this sounds stupid but where does everybody buy socks? I think I've got shoes figured out but somehow my brain is just not getting socks.
    15. I just bought a whole bunch of LeeAnn shoes/socks and they fit great! :)

      Don't get Lenny's stuff though....it's huge...actually fits my Unoa and Narae better than my Yo.
    16. I have a bunch of patterns I made for the 10" Ann Estelle dolls, and would be glad to share them with anyone who wants them. They are a good fit, and easy to make. I've made them for Lati Green, CustomHouse Petite Ai, Luts Delf Cuties, and Dollzone BBs. The only alterations are in length on the pants and skirts and sleeves.
      PM me if you'd like them!
    17. Can the following doll types wear yo-sd clothes?

      Bambicrony (Ciao Bella)
      Leekeworld (D)
      Pocket Fairy (Doupt it, but might as well see)