Volks Yo-SD questions (wig/shoes/clothes)

Dec 1, 2005

    1. alice, do you have a photo of the outfit? The only white shirt/black pants combo I can remember was the little evening set that came out around the second Kuta release.
    2. Sadly I don’t have one. There was a set for sale on eBay about a month ago, and it was defiantly volks. I didn’t buy it then as I didn’t think I’d have someone to wear it, I’m regretting it now.
    3. I saw madame alexander clothing mentioned in this thread. Can anyone confirm that these fit? I emailed a seller on ebay and the measurement she gave me seemed to be juuuuust a bit too small in the chest for it to fit.
    4. Has anyone tried the shoes from Jasmine's Cottage on ebay yet? The price and quality look great but I was wondering about the fit.

      I tried to order some from Volks and only one pair was available of everyone I tried. Is this the norm?

      I have plenty of shoes on hand that worked for Bitty Bethany and I understand they do fit. It is just they are not what I had in mind to dress my new girl in.
    5. Does anyone know if Bambicrony clothes fit YO SD?
    6. It'd be really hit and miss. I met a bambi at the london thing this weekend and they're MUCH thinner in the chest than my girl DX
    7. I have a feeling that outfit would fit, aquilia. They're originally from Anotherspace, or at least it's their design and they were intended for the Yos. :]
    8. aquilla:I think the outfits sold at BC are specifically cut for BC by anotherspace I would order from anotherspace or leeke. BC specific clothing are really tight on a Yo
    9. I brought my wigs from Kondoll and Kemper dolls at a very good price.

      My clothes are just amazing, even better than Bambicrony an dvolks, I buy them at a seamstress from Hong Kong called Princessa I think and sugarmag dolly.
    10. Webkinz clothes are too big. I mooched them off my kids to check. :)
    11. So no one has tried shoes from Jasmine's Cottage? What about the ones from Realeaserain on ebay? I have purchased SD sized shoes and she is nice to deal with.

      Any other shoe sources?

      I should have my girl next week! Oh Boy!
    12. I bought some converse styel shoes from release rain. They arent here yet tho. Will report back.
    13. My YoSD Kanon's shoes are from releaserain and they're lovely!
      The fit a little big, so your kid can wear socks with them.



      The big chunky platform helps with posing too!

    14. Thanks Aree! I didn't realise they had their own site. They do have it there in specific yo size so I will order it for sure soon.
    15. I took my chances and ordered 3 pair of shoes for Jasmine's Cottage, an ebay store. She says she has 3 Yo-SDs and the shoes fit perfectly. I will let everyone know. I also plan to order boots from Releaserain but I am waiting for my big Narae girls to come and place a large order. I don't want to pay any more postage than I have to.

      I found that my Boneka size 24 fits my Kyra just fine. I have made a few outfits for my Boneka dolls so I can use those until I make new ones. But the ones I bought fit Kyra so I went and ordered a few items that I do not like to make or were reasonable enough that it is not worth sewing. www.letsplaydolls.com has a great selection. I am not sure if this has been mentioned before since I am so new here, having just received Kyra yesterday. I will post photos soon.
    16. does anyone know if rosenlied tuesdays child wigs fit yosd?
    17. The Converse tennies are too large for Yos, unless you like that look (it's kinda cute). Here's a photo of my Yo, Nigel, and you can see the shoes are extra-large:


      The little brown shoes on my BB Jing fit Yos - they're for the 10" Ann Estelle dolls. I now have a few pairs of the Ann Estelle tennies for my two little boys, too. Here's Nigel (in his new eyes and hair) wearing the red ones:

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    18. I received my shoes from Jasmine's Cottage today. They came really fast and wrapped in the cutest little boxes. They are just adorable. I am very happy. I would recommend her if you don't do a big order overseas. She is has an ebay store and prices are great and so is the quality. I will put out photos later.
    19. I think you are correct Kayjay. I remember seeing that somewhere on her site. Great shoes.

      Also a great, great source for clothes for our little ones is www.letsplaydolls.com. Nancy carries Boneka clothes, prices are great and she ships very fast. The size 24, fits Yo-SD perfectly. I sew but want to concentrate on my big girls and knitting so I splurged and got some darling outfits for Kyra. I will post later. The clothes are so well made. Claudia Ionker and her mom own the company. Claudia is a member of DoA but hangs out mostly on the Narae group. I don't know if this has been posted before since I am new.

      Anyway, I highly recommend Boneka clothes, size 24 for Yo's. They do have a few boy thngs.
    20. I got my YoSD Kira today! She's a cutie. Some of the things I got for her are all wrong though. :( The Ange Ai outfit was way way too small. all the 6-7 inch wigs were really tight also, and the Jpop one I have even stretches to fit my MNF Soo but not Kira. She's got a huuuge head!