Volks Yo-SD questions (wig/shoes/clothes)

Dec 1, 2005

    1. Got my Sara, and her default wig is tight!!!!! She is a melon head.
    2. Does anyone know where I can get a nice true green fiber wig for a YO? I've found lots of aquas, or bluish greens but I can't find a nice true green.

      Anyone got any ideas?
    3. Have you thought about dying the fiber wig the color you want? I dye yarns all the time.

      Regarding the tight wigs: I have tried both Jpopdoll size wigs 6-7 and 7-8. 7-8 is too big. So I have a 6-7 size on my Kyra. I simply cut into the clear elastic on the inside of the wig. Be careful not to cut the backing or stitching, just the clear elastic a bit. This allowed me to slip it on Kyra's head.
    4. I thought about dying, but I've tried to dye a doll wig before a couple years ago using a few methods and no way could I get the color to stick. I looked up some wig dyeing threads here too and most people say you can't dye a fiber wig well, if at all. The only other things mentioned are the sharpie and acrylic methods of dyeing, both of which I have already tried and have failed on doll wigs in the past.
    5. aquilla have you tried asking around the marketplace? fining a specific wig for a Yo can be difficult though, i had quite the time finding what i was looking for.
    6. I have a commission thread up but no one seems availible to make fiber wigs.

      However I did find a site that has a really cute blonde bob wig which they say is made from 100% Natural Mohair. So since they say its natural fiber I'm going to get some and try dying them. Hopefully it will work, I've heard about people dying different kinds of mohair before with good results so hopefully it will be ok.

      Its not a bright yellowy blonde either, so hopefully the green dye won't go yellowy.
    7. Yeah I was going to suggest a white 6-7 size wig and some dye :)
    8. Yeah, hopefully it will work. The annoying part is that it'll cost me $21 just to get the wig shipped Dx
    9. :O! Where from?? $21 is way too much.
    10. Its this wig from this company. http://www.mudoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=698

      I've asked if they have any other way to ship because that is so much for one wig >.<

      eta, I'm also going to look around all the wig sites again to see if I can find something similar with more reasonable shipping.
    11. Aquilla, you've probably thought of this already, but have you looked at Tinybear's wig thread? She speaks of cutting, straightening, etc. for an added fee, so maybe you could get her to make you what you want. There's even a green bob in her pics that looks pretty close to the color you posted. And, she's in the UK, so presumably no excessive shipping charges...

      Here's her thread here with info & lots of pics:

    12. Tinybear's wigs are lovely, but I only want to use a fur or wool wig as a last resort really as I personally do not like them as much as fiber wigs.
    13. This is the closest I can get but they don't have 6-7 but a 7-8 and I'd hand-stitch it for a slightly better fit. It's in the US and the cost would be easier as well. You can look at other vendors since it is a Monique wig since Audrey's requires a $20 minimum order.

      The color is lime green but it looks close to the color in your link.

      Short style:
      Long style:
    14. Aquilla mudoll.com is the Glib dealer, I think. You can try emailing the ladies at denverdoll.com to see if they can special order you that wig with their next order, since they sell some Glib shoes and wigs on their website. :)
    15. If you're looking for a fur wig, I recommend Darkmothflame, here on DOA.

      She has a good color and style selection and can make wigs for tinies.
    16. By the way, does anyone know the name of this outfit? The one with the raincoat and boots.

      I'd like to put up a WTB thread in the market place for the boy's version with the little green boots but I don't know what to ask for or label it as. I'm a sucker for kids in wellies <3 I need those wellies.
    17. I have no idea if you're still looking for a green wig, aquilla, but if you haven't checked there already, you may want to try cancan-jseries.net and formydoll.com (the former of which has very reasonable shipping, and the later of which has a group order open). Cancan has a particular green shade available for some wigs that is actually a mix but comes across as a bright emerald green, and FMD has a pretty green shade, though I'm not sure if its the one you're looking for.
    18. It's the rain coat set. I don't know if that's the official name, but that's what I put when I got mine!
    19. Hi Aquilla, I have both the boy and girl versions of the raincoat set--and the boy version is definitely blue boots, not green. Not selling mine, just telling you in case the color makes a difference to you--since you seem to have a thing for green... ;) Little green boots would be so cute, though! I couldn't decide between the pink and the blue, which is how I ended up with both.:doh
    20. Does anyone here use silicone wig caps to keep the wigs on? I just bought a couple from DDE. I haven't tried it on a Yo yet (my Kuuta is being shipped to me right now), but I did try it on my tiny Jaimedoll Ara, and it works great! The wig stays firmly in place over the cap (the cap probably prevents resin from staining, too). You just have to trim the silicone edges to the size you want.