wanting a BJD thats your body type?

Oct 1, 2016

    1. I'm an apple shaped person , with very broad shoulders,and I'm also pretty chubby, so it's hard to find dolls that have my body type lolol.
      But I do enjoy seeing chubby dolls, and I have a doll with a pear shaped body. If I saw a doll with my body type I'd definitely buy it! The novelty alone would make it interesting, plus I'd want to know how that would work engineering wise (it probably wouldn't lmao)
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    2. I used to think it would be awesome to have a doll that looks like me but over the last two years I've grown a gross, jiggly belly and would not want a doll with that lol. Definitely when I lose weight and get in shape I would want a doll like me.
    3. Nope. I want my doll to look nice.
    4. I don't seek dolls whose bodies are physically similar to my own. When I look at my collection, I see plenty of Iplehouse dolls both males and females because I love their proportional bodies. If I could look like an Iplehouse doll, I would be a gorgeous!
    5. I DEFINITELY wouldn't mind a doll with my pre-baby body, but I would rather not own a doll that has a body like my current one. :/
    6. I think I would like to have a doll with my body type. It took me a long time to find confidence in myself and accept my body. So it would be nice to see a doll with my shape. It would be like a reward for becoming comfortable with myself. :3nodding:
    7. One day I was wondering to make a doll kind of like me... I was working on it when my husband came in, saw my work and said: "oh, darling, finally you start working on a boy doll!"
      No, I don't want to see "mini-me" anymore :lol:
    8. Hahah I've read a lot of funny comments here! When I started looking for my doll, I honestly had no idea what I wanted, and I ended up with a doll that is exactly the opposite as me, lol! I'm short, small chest, small waist, wide hips and thick thighs, and my doll is an Iplehouse EID, basically a perfect strong tall big busted valkyrie. I'm a brunette with dark brown eyes and she's a redhead with freckles and deep blue eyes. The only thing we have the same is the skin tone and the gender. They say we always want what we don't have. But it's not true, you can have it... in a doll!

      Edit: I found a doll that would definetely look like me (not the headsculpt, though), and it's Atelier Momoni's main doll. I'd really like to have her someday, and it'd be definetely very funny to create an always-young-mini-me!
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    9. I do like very slim dolls which reflects directly on my body type. I'm skinny and tallish with boobs that look out of place and a tiny waist with hips that match my boobs, so a stretched hourglass. There's not really much out there like that? DC would have to be the closest with their new Y06 youth body and serenade doll are a close second and I do happen to like both of these!
    10. It was a hard search but I do want a body that is very similar to mine,and thankfully found which sculpt -I- am! Have not found one for purchase yet but my body shape is near identical to a Unoa Flat chested girl body,and it took half a day to figure out what was the closest,I was planning of having a twin like doll to myself but it might be a little too complicated.
    11. I do lean towards liking female dolls with my body shape a lot but I don't really think about it. I have a pretty curvy body with a decently small waist (I would probably like to shed a couple pounds, though). I just love curves in dolls and I find big breasts, small waist, and big hips very apealing in a doll. But I love the human body in general and think that's it's great on how many different body types you can have for your little dollie. I'm not a fan of small breasts, though, for a doll. By small breasts, I mean when they almost don't even have any at all. Almost like a boy chest.

      Speaking of which, I know there must be plenty and I would probably find them if I would actually look harder but does anyone know of dolls thay are very pear-shaped (nothing Doll Chateau)?
    12. I'm a bit obsessed with this pear-shaped body girl lately, Atelier Momoni's main doll: Momoni. And now they have Momonita (the small version). I find her really cute, but I kind of like her body more than her face.
    13. It would be very hard to find a doll with a similar body shape as mine, but to be honest, I wouldnt see myself buying one. I dont know, it would just be a odd seeing a doll with a similar body type.
    14. Not really. I look for dolls with more unique body shape than mine; like Popovy dolls or Atelier Momoni. Though, my first doll, Fairyland MiniFee Chloe, doesn't really fit this...
    15. Well, i never was a fan of tall busty girls, neither was i of tomboyish/anorexic/chubby, but this doesn't mean i like female dolls of _my_ body type - because mine is quite average and common, if we compare with basic doll body types (small chest, visible waist, average hips), and not good enough for dolls if we say in general (i'm just an average human, with legs too short for a doll, not as amazingly slim and delicate as all of them are)))
    16. I would love to find a doll with a body shape like mine. Most female dolls I see have that "ideal" curvy, soft body you see everywhere. I'm skinny, but muscular with a broader chest, small bust and pretty much nothing in the hips/butt department. Personally though I like the shape of my body, and I would love to see an older girl doll with that physique. I have some interesting tastes in clothing that I don't have the money or motivation to get for myself, but I would love to make them for a doll.
    17. I'll stick to dolls that DON'T match my body type. I'm tall and overweight, and there's a world of clothing out there that won't fit me. However...those same styles that don't fit me will fit my dolls perfectly, so I live through them! If these dolls were shaped like me then they'd be stuck with jeans and T-shirts like I am!
    18. I don't think it's weird at all to want a doll that has a body type similar to your own!

      I even wonder if that's what drew me to Granado Female Nuevo, M sized bust. I don't know if she'd be my height, but if she were my size, we'd have similar bra measurements, as her bust/underbust/waist/hip ratio is similar to mine. (If she were my size, she'd be 1-2 cup sizes, so 1-2 inches, smaller at the bust, so...what did I say before...something like a 28HH--UK sizing.)

      Another doll (Supia 60cm, small bust) is more like my sister. My sister is narrower than I in almost all measurements but her underbust, waist, and hip (larger underbust and waist, same hip), and more willowy--she's got the very stereotypical model body.

      The Supia body also has a similar breast size--probably 30-32D/DD or so (so small), if she were my sisters size, which fits. The only issue is she's much taller than I, and this body is smaller for SDs!
    19. it'd be nice to have a doll that looks like me, but considering I look like a lumpy sack of potatoes..... probably not possible.

      That being said, I'd love some softer-looking dudes. Most of what I see always has some weird ultra-definition in the torso department. I want a doll where I don't see their abs or ribs!
    20. I would love to have a doll shaped like me, but that's also just because I want a plus sized girl doll XD