Was your first doll a boy or girl? - Part 2

Dec 28, 2018

    1. My first doll was boy, Tender-Too of DOD. He came to me in 2005 and he is still with me.^^
    2. My first doll was an Illusion Spirit Su XiaoDan. I still have her even though she no longer fits the theme of my other dolls, I can't give her up.
    3. Mine was a BJD boy I plan to get more of the dudes!
    4. My first doll was a girl - a Dollzone Feilian.
    5. My first doll was 100% going to be a girl (Migidoll Jina) I planned her out for over a year. I had every detail planned from the wig to the shoes to the hybrid body, and then another sculpt I’d been imagining was being discontinued and I bough him on impulse. I don’t regret it for a moment. I love my Bernard (Migidoll Sl. Miho). He kickstarted my obsession with sleeping and dreaming sculpts. I still plan to get Jina one day but her character has evolved so much from what I’d first planned for her.
    6. My first BJD was a boy, my minifee Shiwoo, Shiwoo. I still have him. :)
    7. It was a boy, just because the girl version of him wasn’t available at the time!
    8. Girl! MDR Fang was my first official doll, and she is slowly easing into the identity I wanted for her. I seem to be on a lady trend with my current and upcoming planned dolls.
    9. My first was a boy. Since then I’ve collected 16 dolls with only two girls (and one of them was a free gift). I prefer Male aesthetics & clothing.
    10. My first one was girl <3
    11. My first (in my current profile pic) was a boy, and he's still the only boy... And there are 5 girls with him now. Oops. Looking into getting a guy next though.
    12. My first resin BJD was a girl (Cerberus Project Lishe) and shortly after that I brought home a boy (Cerberus Project Shiwoo). My collection is majoritively female as I seem to be extremely fussy when it comes to male sculpts.
    13. My first is a girl, since I purchased her I have had a mix of both genders.
    14. My first doll was a girl (Iplehouse Carina) and, well, since then I bought only girls. Although I'm planning to buy at least 2 boys.
    15. A dude. My IOS Anarmonia.

      Then again, I only have two, and both are dudes. Technically, I have three, but the girl is just a practice head I paid $20 for. ;w;
    16. My first doll was a boy, but I dress him in both girl and boy clothing for some reason. Male sculpts are, in my opinion more varied and interesting. It might be because I prefer strong features.
    17. Android actually :lol:
    18. Actually, it was both. I bought an Elfdoll Lydia & Red at the same time. Unfortunately Red didn't live here very long after I discovered the Souldoll guys.
    19. My first doll is going to be a boy. Ring dolls alfanso! And I plan on just getting boys in the future.
    20. My first was a girl. Since then they’ve been girls.