What are you saving for?

Aug 2, 2018

    1. Im saving for a Luts Kid Zuzu Delf Corni. By my calculations I still have four months of saving before I can even order her.
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    2. Oooh, I've always wanted to get a better camera for dolly pics! Which one are you saving for, and do you have any recommends?
    3. I’m researching entry level dslr so unfortunately no recommedations. Since I’m going to be shooting fixed distance for consistency in the Comparison Heaven shots as much as possible, I think mostly a good prime lens and reliable lighting is what I’m after...and a decent camera body to tack the lens onto :mwahaha, with the kit zoom lens for everything else.
    4. Doll bodies at the moment. I need at least two, and of course the ones I want are both expensive. :roll:
    5. I'm debating on a shell for Stephan. I have a head that was a gift head I've been planning to make work, but in the end, I think there is another doll I'd rather buy to be him. But...I'm not sure because I was also planning to cut back on my crew so it might be fine to leave him as the current floating head!

      But for sure, Luc needs a new wig, and Marley needs clothes.
    6. Dc sexta currently, but I do need to start saving for my other charas too. I also want to get furniture and more clothes. I would love to have a diorama apothecary, but I’m so Lazy!
    7. I am saving for 2 ( Hopefully ) Rosenlied Maret and Miyadoll Poppy! I be going to tokyo in Feb 2019 and i am hoping i can save enuff to buy them! :)
    8. Nothing. :...( I was operating at a loss for a while, and now I need to get my finances back in order so I actually make a profit from this internship. After that's done, I can start saving for bodies for my floating heads.
    9. Marmite sue natural posing body with the ellia head. Ideally with the orchid chest piece, corset waist and ribbon piercing mods.
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    10. Currently I'm saving for the Ldoll festival at Lyon, France in october. I don't especialy want a new BJD but I hope I will find clothes and props for them !
    11. I'm saving for Dollzone Seventeen. He's got such a gentle face.
    12. I think a Popovy Sister but can't seem to be totally sure because I'm not sure I want to pay the $900 or so via bank wire and wait 2-3 months x_x Really, I think it's them not using PayPal that makes me super uncomfortable for some reason...
    13. After a few boring life things (as well as one not so boring life thing) I really want to get a body for my LR Sarang head, which I'm leaning towards a Loong Soul 62cm boy body. I'd also like to buy some ventilating needles and wig supplies so I can start making some lacefront wigs for at least two of my dolls. I'll eventually start saving for either an MSD or Yo-SD sized girl too, but that's in the (probably) far distant future.
    14. What's the difference between a lacefront wig and any other wig?
    15. Lacefront wigs can give the illusion of a natural hairline growing out of the scalp, as opposed to the sort of more blunt hairline that you might get with other styles of wigs.
    16. That's really cool! I guess I'd never given much thought to how hairlines look on dolls. Best of luck!
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    17. Saving for my honeymoon first. XD I'm not allowed to buy a doll until I get back and know how much I've left. After that I'll be saving for a girl doll but haven't decided which one. I got one boy and I've not on the way. So next one will be a girl. :)
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    18. I'm trying to save up money for a Soul Doll Ye Dong-Ha... hopefully I'll have enough money to order him by the end of this year.
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    19. Doll Family H Yue Jian & assorted accessories :)
    20. I'm trying to save up for the 5stardoll 71cm Bright
      And hopefully soon a angel of dreams boy body for a floating head LOL