What are you saving for?

Aug 2, 2018

    1. Mehehehe yesssss more Yue Jian love <3

      I'm currently saving to get some nice urethane eyes. I already know the eyes that are coming with Crispin are not the ones I want to keep her in. Also wigs and probably some shoes, because I really don't want to fight with trying to make decent shoes right off the bat.
    2. @Arteria Right? I think we need more DF-H love in general I think. Their sculpts are so unique and accessible! Yue Jian has such a cheeky expression though I couldn't help but fall in love with him lol
    3. I am saving for when a certain artist that's banned on here does her next preorder for her doll, which will be like $500 (eep), but that won't be for a few months.

      More immediate I am saving for a Doll Leaves Pepper, which I will have saved enough for in a couple weeks so I hope to be quick enough to order before the end of the summer event. I'm also saving to buy a MNF Sarang if/when I see her for sale second hand.
    4. I'm saving for, er, six more Popovy. I'm just about ready to place an order for three of them...just need to make another doll sale or two!
    5. Right now I'm saving for two 1/3 bodies for my two floating heads.
    6. currently saving up to actully start buying my crew <3 my first being aTD LARGE QINGDI <3
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    7. I’m currently saving to pay off my layaways AND buy bodies for my two incoming floating heads :XD: but I also want to buy lots of shoes and wigs sooooo I need to save a lot harder!!!
    8. Right now I'm saving for a Doll Zone Eugenia. I love her cute little face and how tiny she is! I also love the ballet feet that she can come with. She's a 19cm mature tiny.
    9. Bodies... it's always bodies.... and I'm also trying to save up enough to send my Souldoll Onulharu for a faceup with my favorite artist when he comes. In regards to dolls I'm working towards a Souldoll Seo Jeong-U and/or Peakswoods Little Lottie.
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    10. As much as I want to save for another doll, I'm having a baby so I'm really saving for that. However, I think I'm going to save up a little bit and buy some new clothing for a few of my dollies. I have been trying to make my own wigs but I just can't seem to figure out clothing!
    11. I never thought Id have to save for BJD stands but right now I need like 20 of them. Lol
    12. Well I’m saving to pay off my two layaways and then I want to save for Volks SD Leiselotte and another SDGr girl body.
    13. I am saving up to buy a doll from Iplehouse through doll choice other than that just making many plans.
    14. I'm currently saving for a Little Monica Muse Harmony Eric head and a Luts Tiny20 body to make my first hybrid.
    15. I almost have enough saved to get my granado evol body. After the body I'm going to save up for cloths that my crew can share. Im sure the sharing part won't happen cause it never works out that way :thumbup
    16. I'm currently saving for a minifee! I'm not sure about the sculpt yet, but I really like Rheia so far.
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    17. I'm 259$ away from paying off Doll Chateau's Hathaway A :...(
      Hopefully after that I can take a break from spending...but Charm doll's Joyce would look great on my desk :sneaky
    18. I've got my eye on two heads from the marketplace - saving up for their hybrid bodies will be a whole other project, but one head is limited and rare, and the other isn't available separate from the company, so I need to pounce!
    19. I recently bought a one-off Volks Cecile, who came on an old-school SD13 body. As much of a melon-head as he is, I think he'd actually look better on a taller SD17 bod... So that's the next target when my "fun money" account is back to a decent balance. Operation "Get Kyran a Body That Matches His Giant Head". :lol:
    20. Right now I am saving for a male body, but my list is growing rapidly and I think I should stop browsing for a bit looool