What are you saving for?

Aug 2, 2018

    1. I’m saving for a fairyland feeple65 Chloe. I just love that sculpt :D
    2. I am saving for an Iple FID Bichun but I also have to pay off what I did get haha.
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    3. I was saving for a Unoa Rowan, but then the budget for our hobby room was exceeded so... There goes my BJD money!
      Then again if the hobby room is done, I'll have a nice big desk for all my doll things with drawers in which I can store them and any accessories safely.
    4. I was saving for Volks Reisner,I want him so much since I had my first doll but he is too expensive.Hope I can own him one day.
    5. I'm saving for the next big sale I'm hoping to get enough to buy a good quality doll with hopefully a free mini or head. But I'm also saving for a new camera (my phone camera shutter speed is ridiculously slow so slight movement= horrible photo)
    6. I’m saving for a second hand Volks Yo-SD. I have a few sculpts that I like, and none of them are fancy or really rare. I fell in love with a friend’s two Yos (a Tanpopo and a Piccolo) years ago when I first joined the hobby, but I didn’t want tiny dolls at the time. Now I’ve had dolls all over the size spectrum, and from many different companies. As I finish selling off most of my collection, I realized that I really want one of those tiny, heavy little things. So, to the Marketplace I go to stalk listings... ;)
    7. trying to save up for the last up coming pre-order of a body i need to complete another incoming floating head! ahhhhhhh
    8. A body for my Ifit SD head from Argonautica.
    9. Outfits and shoes for my current girls!
    10. I would absolutely LOVE a littlefee Pipi but because I live in Canada, they're sooo expensive ;-; I don't adore minifees, but littlefees have captured my little heart <3
    11. I need to save for some new outfits but my large goal would be two cute minifee girls! One of these goals is more affordable than the other orz
    12. Bodies, just lots of bodies. :lol:
    13. The unlikely occurrence that a Lillycat Ninon becomes available! If not Ninon, then Doll Chateau Bella is next on my list.
    14. Saving up for some wigs and eyes. Doesn't sound much, but with shipping, the package is over 100 dollars. Hopefully, I'll be able to order those next month.
    15. I'm currently saving for a VOLKS DearSD Una (Nadeko and Hitagi need their younger sister!)
      but if I come across a SwD Megu head or DDdy Sasara head that I like or VOLKS finally releases SDMidi Megu then I'm jumping on that first...the list is expanding too fast :sweat
    16. Saving for FL MNF Altis + SE head and an extra body for said head, also a DreamRealm Bobi, can't wait to have enough money to place an order for all 3!
    17. It is so important though. I bought a cheap wig for one of mine and i wish I'd just saved like you!
    18. I'm just saving until someone on my wishlist turns up.
      Either Color Theory Ery, Fairyland tan Celine or Iplehouse Tania
    19. I’m saving for a Doll chateau Blanche or a doll by a certain Instagram artist ^^ Blanche fits my character so much better than my current doll.
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    20. A body for a special event head I dyed, modded, and painted! She’s a Minifee Nanuri 18 and I’m going to buy the dream valley 3 arm girl body for her :aheartbea
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