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What Company People Get Their First BJD From

Dec 30, 2017

    1. So, I was browsing around online and I came across some BJD discussions and I see people discussing/mentioning companies that people tend to buy their first doll. Then I remembered a reoccurring question I have: "What is the most common company that people get their first doll from?". So, out of curiosity, I went onto this forum here on DOA and decided to take time and compile all of the data.
      This data is compiled of responses from over 800 doll owners telling what their first BJD was.
      Just so you know:
      Entries were not included if
      -The doll was off-topic (i.e Pullips)
      -It was a duplicate/re-submission by the same user.
      -It was a hybrid. (I love hybrids but it would make things more complicated.)
      -the post was for some reason complicated to understand.
      *If there was an artist or sculpting team that worked under a company, they were most likely grouped with them.
      *In the charts below, all the companies included in the data may not show up on the chart but they are factored in.
      The Results (As of 12/29/17)
      EDIT: The charts do not list all the companies that were used in that data. You can go to the original spread sheet if you're curious.
      The Original Spreadsheet
      Despite all the hours of work I have put into this, it's still fallible. If you have any tips or suggestions on how to better the data, please let me know.
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    2. This is so interesting! Kudos to you for taking the time to do this. The results are surprisingly not what I would have expected!
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    3. Surprisingly none of my doll came from above mentioned companies…

      Mine were from luts, dollzone and souldoll

      Edit: Oops, didn’t see the 2nd charts
    4. Mine came from impldoll actually:)
    5. Mine came from DZ... I am such a normal BJD buyer apparently... XD But dang, I just love DZ!
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    6. Sorry It doesn't say on the charts in the post. Impledoll took 1%.
    7. When I finally get the money for her, my first is going be from Telesthesia and Dragon. Have to wait for my tax return though.
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    8. Neat data compilation! I added my first two the thread after the fact, but for the record I bought a Migi head first, but had an Island Doll head arrive before it.
      #8 iamkathybrown, Dec 30, 2017
      Last edited: Dec 31, 2017
    9. It is a good snapshot of first doll buying in the last five years (the year that source thread was started). Since people fade in and out of being social on DoA, it misses out on a lot of answers you would have gotten from the first time buyers in the ten years before that. A number of the high ranking companies listed were in their infancy or didn't exist yet. And super old timers might list companies that closed years before.
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    10. Yes, for instance Elfdoll and Custom House were everywhere when I first started collecting.
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    11. Ooh, that's interesting!. My first was from Luts. :)
    12. Yes, my first doll was ordered through Denver Doll and was a Custom House, and my 2nd and third were Elfdoll.
    13. The first bjd I got was second hand.
      She was a Minifee Chloe in tan skin on a moe body.
      The first bjd I got straight from the site was a Lillycat Ellana in pink tan:).
    14. My first BJD was from Little Monica
    15. Proud member of the 3.2%! My Johnny came from Angel of Dream.
    16. Since I haven't answered yet, Dollshe back in 2006 (still have him).

      edit: This got me thinking, I don't have some companies represented in my collection 'cause my space was nearly maxed by the time some of these companies came into being. If I'd started collecting later, who knows what a difference that would make to my line up? It's funny~
    17. My first pair would be hard to place on that graph.
      They were a pair of Delf Shiwoos... So, purchased from Luts. But made by Cerberus Project, which is the group behind Fairyland. :lol:
    18. My first BJD is a Fairyland doll
    19. Interesting snapshot. It must have taken a lot of work and i applaud you for taking the time to make it! It is cool to see whether or not there is a pattern for people's first dolls.

      But I do agree that it is limited to the most recent influx of collectors. Many, many companies have gone out of business and even more have started up just in the past 5-7 years.

      My first doll was a Kizdoll. Hardly anyone has heard of them because they went out of business may be a year or two after they started. And boy do I remember the popularity and downfall of Custom House. So many of their dolls was on my wishlist back then.
    20. I 'm surprised at some of the results, thank you for the survey!!!

      For me, I bought my first doll second hand: Serendipity Noel. While the heads contiune existing at DollNDoll, the company Seredipity does not exist any more. She is an adorable sculpt and still hold a special spot in my collection and heart.