What Company People Get Their First BJD From

Dec 30, 2017

    1. @idrisfynn That is really interesting. I wish there was an easy way to factor in dates and the rise and fall of company popularity. I'm going to think on that a little bit. And thank you!

      @HoushiChan Thank you! It took a lot longer than I expected. A little more time than I'm willing to admit. :sweat I want to find a way to factor in stuff mentioned above. If I have an epiphany or something, I will continue the research. It's kinda fun.
    2. My first Resin was a Resinsoul, my first from company purchase was a resinsoul and my last order from Junkyspot was... My Bobobie Isabella. All three from the same companies. What can I say? I love RS. XD
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    3. Mine was a volks Nana. I’m surprised - it seems like not many people like volks these days. But I’ll always be a fan!
    4. That's interesting. Honestly I expected lower priced companies like Resinsoul and AoD to score higher. I guess more people save up and take the plunge on the doll they've fallen for rather than cutting their teeth on a more affordable but maybe less desirable doll.

      For my part, my first doll was Impldoll - I think they would score higher if hybrids were included as it's only more recently that they have raised their head sculpt game - and their focus is on their larger 65cm+ dolls who are harder to buy clothes for than regular SD13 sizes which may put people off a bit if they've done their research.

      I definitely eased into it gently! I had two SDs and a YoSD and I bought a second hand Dollzone Baby Raphael before committing to buying my Pukifee, my first "big" purchase as I wanted both face plates, painted, extra hands and a wig.

      It'd also be interesting to see how many people went direct and how many went through a dealer. Because I was a nervous noob, my first were through a dealer but since then I've honestly found communication direct with the company to be less hassle.
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    5. It’s very interesting to see how certain companies rank when it comes to initial BJD purchases! My first BJD was ordered from Crobidoll.
    6. My first was Doll Chateau MSD. Originally, I wanted Resinsoul Long but after I learned how tall he is I changed my mind. I was only into collecting smaller dolls at the time. I thought I wouldn't be comfortable with any dolls taller than 1/4 ones.
    7. This is super cool to see in this format! Thank you for taking the time to do all this consolidation work and giving us this data! :abow:
    8. Me too! <3 Amir is the first version of Chen wayyyy back in 2007! They’ve modified the sculpt a few times since then, so I feel lucky to still have him after all this time.
    9. I'm so happy that BlueFairy made it to appear in the chart, hahaha. <3
    10. My first was a minifee from Fairyland and wow nice statistics! :Ddd
    11. this is amazing! I can't imagine how much time it took to get all the data!
      I got my first from Granado, my second and third from AE, and the last ones from DZ
    12. Very interesting! I'm a statistics nerd so I love this. I'm not surprised to see LUTS is so popular in the second chart for first-timers (not just saying that because I'm a LUTS superfan, hehe). My first BJD was from Luts. I think their prices are really fair for newbies given the quality, they have a pretty big selection and restock quite frequently from my experience, and the interface of the website is really friendly to those who are international customers.
    13. This is really interesting. Back when I was choosing a first doll I was initially going to go for a LUTS doll because, at least way back then, people on YouTube used to say they were the perfect first doll, I didn't end up going that way (I got a Dollshe boy instead because they did the whole discontinuation thing), but I still love LUTS dolls. The top picks definitely make sense and for the most part looks a lot like the first dolls I considered which is interesting since it's been almost 10 years now.
    14. Iplehouse.
    15. I love data like this! What I find most interesting is that no one company clearly dominates the market- even Luts at #1 doesn’t quite reach 10% of the total.

      I bought my first doll all the way back in 2007. I think that because there were relatively few companies back then, Luts and Volks would have had a bigger share of the market. It’s nice to see so many new companies. :)
    16. Yep, mine came from Luts.
    17. I got my first doll in 2005 and he was a BlueFairy Tommy, and I still have him. He's beautiful and he makes me so happy still to this day ♡

    18. Mine came from Little Monica and Elena was my first doll.

      <--- She is in my display picture!
    19. That's a really interesting chart! It'd also be interesting to me to see maybe how it changes over time, too... (Data can be pretty fun after all). My first was a Bobobie, which I think has waned in popularity as a "first doll choice" since I got him over a decade ago.